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  1. Congrats..My best round ..6 birdies in eighteen holes..backed by alot of ugly...Beware best round of golf usually followed by the worst....LOL
  2. Getting to be alot of it out there . The more of it out there the less its worth..They are printing it like makin popcorn.Plain and simple. If they dont do it soon it aint never gonna happen..........$.34
  3. What do yoy think the yen will do now ?......take a dive? Thier infrustructor is demolished. The country is literally washed away. Its gonna take alot of years to cleanup that mess. IMO the yen is gonna take a huge dive and then come back but it maybe slow.
  4. I had a friend who's uncles nephews sisters friend had a friend who's cousin........ Actually one of the guys I rent a room to has some dinar and one night started talking about it.He said he has been in it for about 7 years. My other renter and myself each bought some .Since then I have bought more .How much does one actually need? I think I will call my sisters friends uncle's cousin's friends nephew....LOL
  5. An Irishman went to confession: "Farther"' he confessed, "its been a month since my last confession. I had sex with Nookie Green twice last month. The priest told the sinner "You are forgiven. Go outside and say three Hail Mary's. Soon another irishman entered the confessional. Father its been two months since my last confession. I've been having sex with Nookie Green twice a week for the last two months This time the father questioned "Who is this Nookie Green? A new woman in the neighborhood the sinner replied. Very well said the priest ..Go and say ten Hail Mary's At
  6. I live in The Williston Basin...The oil activity is absolutely crazy here. people coming from all corners of the USA to work,finding no place to live with tent cities appearing in the city parks during the summer months. I am renting the two extra bedrooms in my house to three guys from Idaho. A father and son in one room and one of thier friends in another. I am getting $300 a month from each of the father/son and $400 a month from the other guy. They are getting off cheap as others here are renting rooms for $700 a month.There is work for anyone here. if you can swing a hammer or flip a burg
  7. Been so long since I had a date of any kind....i will take the date
  8. RUMOR has it that RV wont happen Monday unless the Packers win the NFC Championship game and win the game with a 99 yard fumble recovery return for a TD and lead by 14 points
  9. Noticed today Ali dropped buy back price from $1,000.00 per millin to $940.00 per million for uncirculated notes but still is selling them for $1260.00. Must of had to buy a bunch back?
  10. Looking at my 25K notes..the serial numbers seem to start with RV....LOL
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