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    I am a believer. I am also weary of the roller coaster. So in daily prayers have asked for guidance. Did anyone else see the breaking dawn this morning? It was shaped as the hand of God. It was majestic coming from the east. Each finger, thumb, palm, and wrist clearly defined. I hope am not the only witness. Perhaps others saw this too. Please don't bash. I subtitled this correctly to ensure your reading wasn't a waste of time. I also had to share this. It was spiritually moving.
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    In a news conference yesterday Maliki was asked about the revaluation of the dinar. Maliki said the process to revalue the dinar has to do with the economic condition of Iraq which has to be strengthened. Maliki said the dinar has every reason to grow stronger thanks to the increase in revenues and developement of the economy. Maliki said the GOI will not rush the RV of the dinar as to guarantee the measure a success. The CBI has been intrusted to draw up the plans for the coming RV of the Iraqi dinar and will present its finding soon. IMO the CBI has already done this and is ready to RV when given the go ahead. It gets better all the time. More later.
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    From someone whose been on this ride for several years, I think it should be said that the entire October - December panic we are currently experiencing, is nothing new. Each and every holiday season the guru's kick it into over drive with hopes of appeasing everyone's desire that it will be THIS YEAR. Anything that does not line up with the RV happening right away is labelled as a smoke screen, and every new moon is a brand new reason for the RV to take place. Remember all the panic last year regarding the new year and how the RV MUST happen before 2010? Remember all the panic over the contracts being signed and how the RV MUST happen before? Remember how the RV MUST happen before the election? It's the same story each and every year, but much worse the closer we get to the holidays. I am bringing this up for one simple reason. Each year around this time several people who are in genuine need begin to count on the RV to help them out of very real problems. I understand because with all the supposed intel and secret information the guru's claim to posses, it seems as if the RV is only a matter of a few days away. Four years later the new and improved guru's are telling the same story. (I personally think it is incredibly irresponsible for the guru's to lead people on when they know in their heart that they really know nothing more than the rest of us, but that is a topic for another discussion.) So to all of you out there who are newbies, or those who are counting on this to solve very real problems, listen to a voice of reason and even though everything is very exciting right now most of what you are hearing is nothing more than hype. Nothing more than one guru trying to out maneuver another in order to be the first to a troft that hasn't been filled up yet. Here is to the RV (when it does happen) and to putting down the RV pipe until it does.
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    I am new to this investment and spend most of my time sifting through the positive and negative posts here. I really enjoy the positve ones! I knew when I invested that this had the potential to be huge, but that it could go a couple of different ways. Like many of you, I prefer evidence! I like to see proof in the form of a link that I can go to in order to verify the post. Even then, there are those who say that we can't trust everything that comes out of Iraq because it may be a "smoke screen". Confusing stuff!! So, after much reading it hit me. Instead of reading too much into the news....I should pay attention to the behavior of those who are closest to the situation. There are people who are risking everything to get their hands on large amounts of dinar. Why would they do this? Why would anyone break the law if there weren't something really big waiting on the other end? The example that keeps coming to mind is the one of the Major who attempted to send 17 million in dinar home to his wife in Killeen, TX. This was an officer who was in country....he is the person of whom I would love to have a conversation. What possessed this man to risk everything to get that money home? He has been sentenced to almost two years in prison for this crime and I feel sure his military career is over. In addition, there have Iraqi citizens who have attempted to commit similar crimes.....most of these have been bank employees. I am no Scooter.....I have no idea what will happen for all of us, but I do know human behavior (psych nurse) and we are seeing people risking arrest in order to get their hands on enough dinar to make themselves millionaires. So, IMO there is something driving people to do this......history shows that the love of money causes people to basically lose their ability to think rationally. I plan to continue to read everything I can, but will pay particular attention to the behavior of people. Words are nice....but I think action speaks LOUDER. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO RVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV!!!! This of course is just a theory of mine and hope I don't get bashed for presenting a different way to look at is definitely not based on any expertise in is all about watching what people do.
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    Joe, I too have prayed many times for this. One night, I sat looking at the stars. I prayed for a sign that the RV was coming soon (won't divulge the timeline.) The sign I prayed for was a shooting star. Within one minute, a star streaked across the sky. I then asked for confirmation by another, so as to disprove fluke. Within one minute more, directly above my head, another star streaked across the sky. Two nights later, as I was happy and bouncy, I asked God for one more confirmation star. IMMEDIATELY, another shooting star graced my eyes. The RV is coming soon. God told me so. Know Moral Eyes
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    Copied from an email I received: Congressional Reform Act of 2010 1. Term Limits. 12 years only, one of the possible options below.. A. Two Six-year Senate terms B. Six Two-year House terms C. One Six-year Senate term and three Two-Year House terms 2. No Tenure / No Pension. A Congressman collects a salary while in office and receives no pay when they are out of office. 3. Congress (past, present & future) participates in Social Security. All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the Social Security system immediately. All future funds flow into the Social Security system, and Congress participates with the American people. 4. Congress can purchase their own retirement plan, just as all Americans do. 5. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise. Congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%. 6. Congress loses their current health care system and participates in the same health care system as the American people. 7. Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the American people. 8. All contracts with past and present Congressmen are void effective 1/1/11. The American people did not make this contract with Congressmen. Congressmen made all these contracts for themselves. Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, serve your term(s), then go home and back to work.
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    Okay, here we go!!!! I'm currently working as a carpenter and just recently hired on a new helper. He is not invested in IQD, but, his uncle is and he knows that I am. He hears me on the phone, daily, talking dinar.... Well, it turns out that his roommate is a manager at a Chase Bank branch here in San Antonio. He asked his roomie to check Chase's foreign currency listings and see what it had for the dinar. After checking, his roomie told him that Chase was not currently dealing in dinar, BUT, it was listed on their screen at $3.66!!!!!!! Anyone else out there heard anything similar??? Seems to me that it is - RRRRRVVVVVVVV T T T T T T T T I I I I I I I I M M M M M M M M M E E E E E E E E E
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    The Iraqi List and Maliki's Coalition have been in contact. Maliki and the Iraqi List are talking and trying to pave the way agreeable to the Iraqi List to participate in the new government to be formed. Allegedly many problems have been resolved in a requested private meeting between the two top winning blocs. Maliki states the Iraqi List will announce soon its intentions to participate in the forming of the new GOI. Added to that it has also been reported that two thirds of the Iraqi House of Representatives are ready to vote on the formation of the new GOI. Sounds like its coming together. More later.
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    Leave it to Terry to pull $16 out of his azz. What a joke,
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    Everyone…Take a Deep Breath and relax. I believe that we need maintain a proper perspective as to what is happening so that we don’t lose our minds or our hope. Although it is possible that technically and legally an RV could happen before the government is seated, IMO reality says that for stability and credibility reasons the RV will not happen until the government is seated. We have three major factions (blocs) that are at work here, the Malaki group, the Mahdi/Allawi group, and the Kurds. If it helps call them the Casa Nostra, the Godfathers, and the Goodfellas (ranked in order of how lovable they are) Each of these groups has their own media support group and news agencies that spin things in their candidate’s direction (surprise…surprise). In fact I'm under the impression that Malaki even owns some of the media outlets. This leads to a lot of the confusion that we are having to deal with. After the election, the Supreme Court (probably Malaki backers) rendered a decision that threw this election into a stalemate. This has produced several months of posturing and blustering by all sides trying to intimidate the others to no avail all the while the Iraqi people are having to put up with this. It could be worse though they could still dealing with Sadam Hussein. Both internal pressure and external pressure from those who have a vested interest in (and the power to not let this fail) Iraq has forced these Bozos to the table to make a decision before someone comes and makes it for them to keep the country from imploding. What all this has boiled down to is that the Kurds are in the driver’s seat. They are the “King Makers” because they have the deciding votes in their bloc to push things in one direction or the other. The Kurds have been the “Red Headed Stepchildren” in Iraq for decades and are now in a position to regain their place as a player in the government because they hold the trump card. Ask yourself, ”What you would do”…exactly! They are going to get everything they want and maybe then some because they have both Malaki and Allawi by the short hair. This is probably a good thing since the Kurds seem to have more sanity and a better vision than the others. And remember they know what it is like to have been on the bottom (after all, there is still justice in the universe). Within the next few days there will be a meeting with all of them in one room so that no one can play “he said…he said”. JMHO but I believe that unless Malaki can pull a rabbit out of his b—t, he will be sweating bullets. Once the deals are cut and everything is decided then the Parliament will meet and vote to make it official. After that business can move forward. Not being a pessimist, because like everyone else I want this to happen yesterday. But I believe that the earliest that all this can happen (parliament in place to move forward) is two to three weeks (downhill…with the wind). I certainly hope it can happen sooner, but the way things happen over there, I don’t see how. For what it is worth: My prediction (JMHO) on the rate will close to that of the Kuwaiti dinar. I have my reasons. But, to me, it is the only thing that makes sense. VOTE CONSERVATIVE!
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    While I did not see it. I thank you for sharing. MANY believers are involved in this investment opportunity, so it helps to know what others are "seeing" & "hearing". Might I suggest that you visit NDC where we share such reports openly. Thank you for "posting" as in chat your intent might have been misunderstood. GO RV NOW !!!
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    He's in the RUMOR section. He gave us a link. I don't care if he is a newbie. Get a grip tykmoore. Since when does sharing something legitimate warrant such low class bashing just because you don't want to hear it?
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    BANE, I have read all the posts in this thread before I signed on to tell you that in no way did Melanie ever tell you what to do with your money. You seem to have some issues my friend, I have seen alot of your *** for tat's in this forum. And I really think that alot of them are right in suggesting that you are a little boy. Do your parents know you hijack their computer? You should be sent to bed without dinner kiddo.
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    Military Quote Of The Day "When I joined the military it was illegal to be homosexual, then it became optional. I'm getting out before Obama makes it mandatory." GySgt Harry Berres, USMC
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    WALK NAKED IN AMERICA DAY Don't forget to mark your calendars. As you may already know, it is a sin for a Muslim male to see any woman other than his wife naked and if he does, he must commit suicide. So next Saturday at 1 PM Eastern Time, all American women are asked to walk out of their house completely naked to help weed out any neighborhood terrorists. Circling your block for one hour is recommended for this anti-terrorist effort. All patriotic men are to position themselves in lawn chairs in front of their houses to demonstrate their support for the women and to prove that they are not Muslim terrorist sympathizers. Since Islam also does not approve of alcohol, a cold 6-pack at your side is further proof of your patriotism. The American government appreciates your efforts to root out terrorists and applauds your participation in this anti-terrorist activity. God bless America! P.S.. It is your patriotic duty to inform others. If you don't send to at least 1 person, you're a terrorist-sympathizing, lily-livered coward and are possibly aiding and abetting terrorists.
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    I can't begin to tell you boys and girls how proud I am of to hear the quality of responses to this question, with one exception. I guess that's a good sign. We all have read the most amazing patriotic posts, only to be followed later with tax evasion or tax deferred strategies, such as buying foreign gold and other selfish ideas. If we are truly patriotic (not political) then help our great land by paying whatever the legal taxes are. That money is needed to keep our freedoms, keep our great systems in place, keep the controversial systems in place until they can be improved, and reaffirm our country's place as a economic giant. Yes, the tax amount is controversial and yet to be determined, but it is what it is. I will be ecstatic with the windfall. And politics aside, if it wasn't for the congress, none of us would own dinars and reap the blessing about to happen. How can anyone have so much tunnel vision and greed to forget where and from whom this blessing came. Paying taxes later puts me, your siblings, your friends, your neighbors, your coworkers, your enemies (i am now on that list), your etc having to carry more burdens. Has it crossed your minds that those who monitor sites like this and hear tax rhetoric, are trying to get legislation passed because of it? There is zero doubt in my mind that powers that be, whomever they are, know who everyone one of us are. Through the purchase, or enrolling on these sites, or clandestinely...they have my real name and address. So...I will cash out at Wells Fargo through my personal banker who CONFIRMED that there is no De La Rue machine in their system. I will drive immediately to my CPA, the same day, and stroke the check that day for all due taxes. If it takes three days to credit my account then the check will be given the day funds are released. There is an IRS office is almost every city and your CPA will deliver the check personally. I know this wasn't just the answer to your question...there are a lot of personal opinions. I simply couldn't answer your question without a passionate plea for everyone to participate in the needs of our great country. I personally can't wait to buy 20 $1,000 dependable cars at auction, go to the local homeless shelters and hand out keys to those in need. I look forward to paying one years lease of an apartment for 10 random souls that God introduces me to. I am ready to work at a soup kitchen and slip under their dish a hundred dollar bill. I am so eager to drive for meals on wheels and pay someone's electric bill because their funds are too low. There is so much more to do and we will. Hope I didn't PISS anyone off. I do hope that someone woke up to this post and just made the decision to gladly pay their taxes immediately. If I were Phoenix, I bet I would get horrays, but I am not. Could get bashed...really don't care. I do appreciate his post above. It was far more succinct than mine. Best.
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    Well, I served my country during wartime, so I think that was pretty unselfish. I would also like to open a home for battered and abused women & children.
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    The only thing different this year than the other years, is that SHABIBI himself said their removal of the 3 ZERO notes and introduction of the smaller denoms would begin in the last quarter of 2010 and continue into 2011. Also the video of educating the Iraqi people on the smaller denoms only came out in the last month or so. So that points to this being a better chance of happening soon. Let's see what happens after the GOI is seated, and by all indications their FEDERAL COURT just ordered the parliment to end the "open meetings" and get back to work to elect the officials on TUESDAY. Now I am no GURU but I can read the "signs". And they all point to something happening that hasn't happened in the past when they were yelling "RV!RV!" SOooooooooo.................I say it looks positive that we are closer than we ever have been, and maybe even right around the corner, according to SHABIBI's time line.
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    I would like to make a comment about a post I saw on DD. I am sure you are all aware of its reputation! There is a post that lumps Scooter with the likes of Terry k and the GET team! Now I want every one to understand I am not in favor of hero worship of anyone...Not Scooter ...Not Sonny1 ...Not Viper or any of the people I think highly of who moderate or post on this sight!! But I also do not like to see a persons reputation besmirched or tarnished in any way and that's what I think the post does! Please read the post and reply to it however you see fit! I am sure Scooter is above all this but if you read the post and feel the way I do please at least reply to it! If it were me and my reputation on the line...I would be ripping them a new one! Thanks.... Ann
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    Here's the response I posted on the other site, although last I looked it was still being "moderated". Beanie/nsdeanna/dea…..I think it is absolutely offensive to even put Scooter’s name in the same paragraph as “made-up predictions”. 1. Scooter never predicts anything. He has spent hours upon hours of his personal time researching this investment and has been generous enough to share all of his hard work with us to help us better understand this investment. This is something he does not have to do, he just does. 2. If you start censoring everything on these sites, then you take away people’s ability to form their own independent thoughts and draw their own conclusions. 3. This is a highly speculative investment. I believe all of us are smart enough to figure out what is based on reason and what is simply outlandish. 4. We are lucky to have the internet to help us learn more about this investment and lucky to have people like Scooter who are willing to share their vast amounts of research with us for absolutely nothing in return. We are all adults and should be able to use these resources wisely…just sayin!
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    Thank You God's faithful one... This is the great wealth transfer according to the Word of the Lord Proverbs 13:22...As a servant of God, while in prayer the Lord confirmed to me that this blessing will be a double portion blessing, and the Re-value rate will reveal it soon...Continue to pray, and thank God for this end-time wealth transfer as he prepares our heart to be a blessing to many....We will join together, and turn our economy around...Many will start businesses, and bring the employment rate down...We will bring hope to many that are hopeless through our ministy resources... This is the Lord's doing, and he is worthy to be praised, and honor... In God's Love, and Mine Pastor Blakely
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    l am moved to tears by these posts.May Lord God hear our prayer. l thought l am the only one in this mode. Thank you all
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    Re-read paragraph 8 ... that is not what is being said. These two banks have been in the Iraqi news periodically and for good reason. It is NOT about the GOI nor is it about the RV/RI in paragraph 8
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    I have seen it, and i know its true, and real....... my last comment on this......
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    3.66 is ok, but if it goes to 6.66 I'm getting out
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    Looks like the GET team to me.........
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    It is NOT a coincidence that the majority (probably an extremely high percentage) are believers. HE is going to use this to further and grow his kingdom in ways that we cannot imagine. Can you imagine the missions that will start just from this investment? Not only overseas but here. One thing I pray for is that when this RVs everyone acknowledges WHO provided this for them and that every believer or not, gets on their knees in thanks and prayer. And ask for wisdom and guidance on how to use this GIFT to further His kingdom. NOT OURS. As much as we all want this soon, we know that it WILL happen eventually. But this should be on HIS watch and time. Not ours. God Bless and GO RV
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    I thank God daily for involving my wife and I in this opportunity. He has a reason and a time frame, don't be surprised at his rate when it is revealed. He has put us in a position to help our brothers and sisters, He will not short change us. Remember I AM is in control.
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    It is obviously everyone's own choice what to do with their money. If you choose to keep it all to yourself, that is your prerogative. I think the "piece of work" she is referring to is the way you put how you would keep all your money, after everyone said how they were going to share theirs. If you want to talk about reading between the lines, there was ALOT of selfish attitude in the way you put it., and "reading between the lines" sees that as throwing stones at them and mocking them for saying they were giving to church and charities, etc. You;'re right, no one is your mom or dad here and can tell you what to do with your money or how to use it. But it seems to me that alot of people here feel negatively towards you, and IMO, it is not without merit. I am not going to be one of these that get in a "*** for tat" with you, and I think it's way past your bedtime little boy. YES, I am saying I think you are an immature "BOY", you don't have to read between the lines for that.
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    I like all thing i would change is term limits...12 years is far too long for a citizen legislature....6 is plenty, and its less time for possible corruption
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    I think the point behind this thread was to share how we intend to reach out and help our community, our country, our world. If that's what you want to do, Bane, to use this blessing to pad your own wallet, and benefit your own life, that is your prerogative, it's your life, you do what you wish.....just remember, I've never seen a U-Haul behind a hearse...
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    This is what I posted on their site after her chat. It was immediately removed: TiaC: Maliki will be PM. As far as the rate goes, you have to be joking. Common sense dictates you are way off. Don't know where you get your information from but unless you want to be continually wrong, you might want to look for another source. You are the laughing stock of the dinar rumor world.
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    Economic : The mission of the new Iraqi dinar is to raise the price in the currency market Dr. Saad Al Hassoun Hayali The deterioration that took place in Iraqi dinars since the early eighties of the last century as a result of economic policies random non-scientific, which followed the Iraqi political system before, Who pursued the policy of broad consumer spending Bcatrih military and civil cause of the deterioration of the Iraqi dinar to the bottom so that the purchasing power of the Iraqi dinar today fils Iraqi equivalent prices in 1988. That monetary policy Iraqi conscious exercised by the Central Bank of Iraq's current political circumstances, economic, social, very difficult, and hanging over the fact of the bombings and the destruction of infrastructure, but the Iraqi Central Bank was able to achieve balance and stability of the Iraqi dinar, to maintain the cover of the Iraqi currency (reserve currency foreign and gold) in spite of government pressure, the use of this balance in public investment, but the Central Bank of Iraq has managed to fend off these pressures, and work according to the contexts of the global central banks The issuance of the new Iraqi dinar should not be designed to delete the zeros, but must be placed a price equivalent to the U.S. dollar, the fact that the Middle East regions of the dollar, it must be new dinar equation: New Iraqi Dinars IQD is equivalent to 1220 and added to the cost of issuing one new dinar. And be here the issuance process meaningful is not the deletion of zeros, but the withdrawal of currency excess of the market and therefore absorb part of the inflated prices, and facilitate the process of trade, and improving financial control of the governmental apparatus, and to facilitate the feasibility studies for investment projects, and raise administrative efficiency. And reduce the phenomenon of administrative corruption.
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    No problem Ratatap, Just so we are clear, I pay my taxes for one reason and one reason only not because some government says pay it. I'm with you Ratatap, the Gov. blow our money on the stupidest stuff,...however by greater athority I was told at Matthew 22:21 Then Jesus said to them: “Pay back, therefore, Caesar’s things to Caesar, but God’s things to God.” I also like my freedom my friend this wind fall is big enough for everyone. I will divert as much of my money as I can legally to charities and non-profits but at the end of the day after I have done all I can do legally I'll pay the full taxes. I will however have Lawyers on my behalf showing me every "Legal" loop hole there is. Good night all it's dinner,.... zzzzzzzzz,
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    I do too. I just used $.86 as an example for simplification. I could have used $1.72 (2 x .86) and then you would pay 12.50 dinar for an item that used to cost 25K dinar. Or I could have used $2.58 (3 x .86) in which case you would pay 8.33 .... etc. What BUSTERH85 said that he was told by his Iraqi subcontractor doesn't contradict what Adam said. He's not talking about a lop. Read it again. He's saying that the explanation we've been given that the 000s would be removed from circulation and the new lower denominations would be introduced is correct. In other words if the dinar RVs at $2 the prices in Iraq will be adjusted to reflect the new rate but the purchasing power won't be affected for Iraqis. We, however, will receive $2 for every dinar we turn in. A 25K dinar note would be worth $50,000. Ali is from Pakistan. He's not an Arab. Pakistan's languages are Punjabi, Urdu, and English. Again, this isn't a lop. BUSTERH85's account is consistent with what we're being told by Phoenix, Sonny1, Scooter .... etc.
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    why does someone give me a (-) for asking a question???? you guys are way out there...what the heck???? ok that's ok, I just un-negatived your negative so there! :lol:
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    If I knew that this was a sure thing and knew the rate and date............I would sell everything I own and put all of my money into this.................
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    Don't forget that Maliki is going to say what you/we want to hear. He is a snake in the grass politician.
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    I never said we live forever if we give our money away. My only point was that we die the same way we are born: naked and penniless.
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    LAST NIGHT I FOUND THE VIDEO I THOUGHT EVERYONE HAS BEEN LOOKING FOR. IT WAS TRANSLATED BY BUSTERH85....THANKS. TODAY I HAVE ANOTHER TRANSLATOR...A NICE YOUNG SOLDIER THAT JUST RETURNED FROM THE MIDDLE EAST...HIS MOTHER HAD HIM TRANSLATE. THANKS TO BOTH OF YOU. IT IS MUCH APPRECIATED. KEEP IN MIND THAT THE SITE SAID THIS WAS AIRED ON OCT8TH AND 22ND, ALTHOUGH THERE ARE NO GAURANTEES THIS WAS THE BIG BUILD UP VIDEO THAT WAS NEVER SEEN. POURITFORWARD Sent: T ue, 26 Oct 2010 17:10:43 -0000 (UTC) > Subject: Re: FW: Hey Zach.. this little video is in Arabic.. can you translate? > Hey mom. this is about all I can do: > News broadcast discussing economic issues of iraq, especially with currency. > Begins by summarizing that parliament is trying to tackle the complex issue > of the currency having a lower street value than the actual value printed on > the money. Goes on to say that the ministry of finance has been implementing > a plan of gradual currency replacement of the old currency with a new one. > Several positive results were initially expected from this plan: > - > gives the new currency a high value > - > this would increase trust between (currency) dealers inside (the country) > and abroad. > - > Assigns a cash value of pieces/fractions of the new currency to the old > dinar – this will help make transactions and internal (iraqi) exchanges > smooth. (example; 1 old dinar worth 1/1000th of new dinar). > - > Reduces widespread circulation of currency, giving more flexibility when > working with it internally (in iraq) and abroad. > - > Eases bank transactions in the government and private sectors when > organizing funds in accounts. > These positive economic effects, when “passing through the door of economic > implementation,” are being found to create confusion and upheaval in present > times. > 1st guy interviewed: current economic works are causing a violent shaking > and troubles in the economy currently. Hard to understand the rest; I > believe he is talking about the difference between what a new currency > should do (help the common working man) and what it is doing (causing > economic chaos). > 2nd man interviewed: this isn't the first time currency has been changed. > Some countries have seen 6 or 3 or 2 currency changes. The main thing is > whether this currency change is beneficial and strengthens the value of > money. I think that currently, the economic climate, because of the chaos, > and the collapse of economic policies and economic works, I think that there > is a field (a whole bunch of) of talking/words about the possibility of > inflation of prices. The main question is: in these present days, must the > revaluing of currency continue? Now, yes inflation has decreased, but this > is a result of cash policies; financial policy is still fixated on > increasing consumption, and increasing consumption inevitably leads to > increased prices. We've already seen it during Ramadan, when everyone is > buying and the prices for everything go way up beyond the normal rate. > Basically, to me, the current economic policy is still causing inflation. > 3rd man interviewed (government rep): sounded like idea of exchanging > currency for higher valued currency directly in banks (taking 3 thousand and > giving back three and telling the person that it's the same value) has been > raised but isn't being seriously considered, as it would not help the > economic situation of the average guy in iraq; it would only benefit people > in the financial sector. [i may have understood this part wrong; his use of > negation is difficult to differentiate from certain verbal nouns]. > 4th man interviewed: ?? slurs his speech badly. Speech impediment? > Concluding remarks, basically that nobody knows what's going to happen yet; > in need of a solution that benefits all parties.
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    Here is the link that may help. Phoenix has commented many times on this and it is positive. I hope it helps. God Bless!
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    I'm going to serve my family by raising them out of the poverty we've become all too familiar with over the years.
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    Why are people like this allowed on here? This is not a public forum in the sense that anyone anytime can say anything they want and get away with it! Mods can you block the ones that only come on here to see how many negatives they can get? It really leaves a bad taste in your mouth to have these kinds of IDIOTS on here!!!!! If they can't GROW THE HE!! UP just kick them to the curve!!!!!

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