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    From someone whose been on this ride for several years, I think it should be said that the entire October - December panic we are currently experiencing, is nothing new. Each and every holiday season the guru's kick it into over drive with hopes of appeasing everyone's desire that it will be THIS YEAR. Anything that does not line up with the RV happening right away is labelled as a smoke screen, and every new moon is a brand new reason for the RV to take place. Remember all the panic last year regarding the new year and how the RV MUST happen before 2010? Remember all the panic over the contracts being signed and how the RV MUST happen before? Remember how the RV MUST happen before the election? It's the same story each and every year, but much worse the closer we get to the holidays. I am bringing this up for one simple reason. Each year around this time several people who are in genuine need begin to count on the RV to help them out of very real problems. I understand because with all the supposed intel and secret information the guru's claim to posses, it seems as if the RV is only a matter of a few days away. Four years later the new and improved guru's are telling the same story. (I personally think it is incredibly irresponsible for the guru's to lead people on when they know in their heart that they really know nothing more than the rest of us, but that is a topic for another discussion.) So to all of you out there who are newbies, or those who are counting on this to solve very real problems, listen to a voice of reason and even though everything is very exciting right now most of what you are hearing is nothing more than hype. Nothing more than one guru trying to out maneuver another in order to be the first to a troft that hasn't been filled up yet. Here is to the RV (when it does happen) and to putting down the RV pipe until it does.
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    The only thing different this year than the other years, is that SHABIBI himself said their removal of the 3 ZERO notes and introduction of the smaller denoms would begin in the last quarter of 2010 and continue into 2011. Also the video of educating the Iraqi people on the smaller denoms only came out in the last month or so. So that points to this being a better chance of happening soon. Let's see what happens after the GOI is seated, and by all indications their FEDERAL COURT just ordered the parliment to end the "open meetings" and get back to work to elect the officials on TUESDAY. Now I am no GURU but I can read the "signs". And they all point to something happening that hasn't happened in the past when they were yelling "RV!RV!" SOooooooooo.................I say it looks positive that we are closer than we ever have been, and maybe even right around the corner, according to SHABIBI's time line.
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    Looks like the GET team to me.........
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    he hasn't said much lately except buy my books
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    Thanks for a fitting end to an already sh!$#y day. I'm going to drink now.LOL SEmper Fi !!!
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    Nassar al-Rubaie: blocks in front of two choices: either to agree on the three presidencies or the dissolution of parliament Said a member of the National Alliance Nassar al-Rubaie said the political blocs have become today in front of two options, either to be elected speaker of parliament and President of the Republic and to assign the largest bloc to form a government or dissolve parliament in case of long issue, explaining that the approach is to form a national coalition government of national partnership real.
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    Eagleman, I have been waiting for someone to post something to this nature. There is more truth in what you say than many people want to hear. While there are great people on this site, the truth is, nobody, and I do mean nobody knows when, if, or how this is all going to happen, everything is speculation. For every reason it will, someone can counter with a reason why it will not, but those people are quickly bashed, sent packing, or their post banned. If one is in this investment because they NEED it to happen, I empathize with you, but you are in the wrong place, this is a long shot and there is no telling when or how this will happen. If you are one of these people, this site has posted many times, DO NOT SPEND MORE THAN YOU CAN AFFORD. This means food, mortgage, car payment and so on money. While not being in this investment as long as some, I have done my homework and have read more than I care to admit. Once again, as we are told we are close by those we trust, through their posts, people are buying more and more, hoping it happens tomorrow, not wanting to miss out on the big payday. However, as you said, it is just another season of crazy speculation. I do believe this is going to happen, but I have no idea when or how. In my opinion, this will happen we all least expect it, otherwise, speculation has the possibility of getting out of hand. Therefore, as we push to the holidays, I wish all the very best. As far as this investments goes, do not lose any sleep over it and if you cannot afford to lose it, take the advice of the many people on this site and do not buy it or buy more. If you have some, be happy that someday it may be worth far more than you paid for it. Remember, it is far better to be on the side of the winning team in a small way, than to be on the side on the loosing team in a big way. Take Care, J
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    Good point and that is why everyone is on pins and needles right now. Thanks for the post!
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    Actually what Scooter said was there was 195 billion reasons for them to RV in OCTOBER....not 2010. OCTOBER. He was very specific.
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    (Nov 2nd) Went next Tuesday to determine a date for the resumption of parliamentary sessions Congress excluded to take place in the event no agreement is reached on the «deal three presidencies BAGHDAD - morning At the time of the reported information to determine the direction for next Tuesday as the date for the resumption of meetings of Parliament, the Congress ruled the House of Representatives in the event of not reaching a deal to distribute the positions among the presidential political blocs. Welcomed the Vice President Adel Abdul-Mahdi, the court's decision to resume the meetings of the Council. He stressed in a statement issued yesterday, on «the importance of expediting the implementation of this resolution and to end the open meeting in preparation for the sessions of the Council of Representatives and an end to form a government», indicating that «the issuance of this decision is a victory for democracy and system of Representatives of Iraq, despite the disruption and delays that occurred, which hit the country and our political system badly .. We believe this resolution meets the demand for which we launched our initiative in 08/24/2010 and consider it has achieved the desired results, which leads us to suspend our initiative, and we await the first session as soon as the things return to normalcy of constitutional and natural ». He said Abdul-Mahdi:« We declare our support and our joy in this resolution that called for by the masses of our people and strength of different, and comes responsive to the initiatives of the Libyan, especially the institutions that worked under the title of the civil initiative, as well as the initiative that we launched on 24.08.2010, which demanded the convening of the House of Representatives as the center of the political system in the country as stipulated by the Constitution », adding that« this initiative reacted slowly, and was welcomed and supported by a large number of members of the House of Representatives, and the number who attended them at different times reached more than 80 deputies from different parliamentary blocs, in addition to widespread support for this initiative Agents references bones and Friday preachers and political leaders and by the unions, and scientific figures, academic, media, and cultural, occupying an important aspect in the political movement and in the media, through seminars dialogue within and outside parliament, which discussed the fundamental issues concerning the citizen's life, present and future, such as Security and the Constitution and the role of the Council of Representatives Legislative and regulatory, health, education, media, economy and investment. As stated «We stress again the need to expedite the convening of the meeting of the Council of Representatives, and an end to the open meeting, as a matter of constitutionally binding on the President of the Age, Dr. Fuad Masum, as well as to all officials and political blocs in order to pave the way for ending the political crisis facing the country, and speed up the convening of meetings House of Representatives and to form a government of national partnership, which let it since the early days of the announcement of election results ». indicated that the MP Hanan al announced that the President of the Age of Parliament Fuad Masum, received yesterday evening, the first Federal Court decision Basinav parliament sessions. The Fatlawi: he «is expected to announce the infallible date of the hearing in two days, as of that when he took the decision of the Court will announce the date of the meeting». For his part, President of the Constitutional Review Committee leadership in the Islamic Supreme Council Hamoudi: The «Federal Court decision to end open meeting of the Parliament and the resumption of work confirms that abide by the constitution is the solution and beyond the sign of the country Bmtabat far from the public interest ». Hamoudi said in a press statement issued by his office yesterday: The« Federal Supreme Court considered in its decision of 24 of this month that the absence of the work of one of these authorities indicates an imbalance in the pillars of the republican regime of Deputies, so I invited the President of age to comply with the decision by calling the House of Representatives to convene, as we have seen the significant role of civil society organizations and the Iraqi people in this decision «. stressed Hamoudi that« this initiative reveals that abide by the constitution is the solution and overcome or circumvent or interpreted in a political servant of this or that party, will sign the country and everyone in the pitfalls of keep them all for the public interest, which is the goal of everyone and make the country in the maze and confusion blame where some of the other ». He pointed out that« the Court well done when I decided and imposed on everyone refer to the Constitution and the strict adherence to deadlines constitutionally compel all those dates and times are constitutional, and thus the pressure factor real prevents the political pressure of the blocks that can be lost in the country and the future », pointing out that« the decision stressed that the people and civil society organizations were more aware of progress and far from the narrow interests when logged initiated a lawsuit against the President of age for the House of Representatives who served as dictated by the masses of what he called an extension of the open meeting, despite opposition from her people and some political figures. He also said Hamoudi that «the people's initiative through their representatives in civil society organizations and the success of the lawsuit has strengthened in a clear and strong people's exercise of his powers in the face of decision-makers, in addition to the Constitution with him has provided him with this power, Hama by the Federal Constitutional Court». A number of civil society organizations The last August filed a lawsuit in Federal Court against the President of the Interim Parliament Fuad Masum on demand to cancel the open meeting and shall be obligated to resume the meetings of Parliament, the election of a new speaker and two deputies. Article III of the Ninety of the Constitution provides that the terms of reference of the Federal Court is to control the constitutionality of laws and regulations window, and the interpretation of provisions of the Constitution, separation of issues that arise from the application of federal laws, resolutions, regulations, instructions, and procedures issued by the federal authority, and adjudicating disputes that arise between the federal government and governments of the regions and governorates. as provided for in Article 94 of the Constitution that the Federal Court decisions High binding for all authorities, and formed a court formally under Law No. 3 of 2005. The Federal Court decision to cancel the open meeting and to commit the Interim Chairman of the Parliament of the resumption of parliamentary sessions during the two weeks to confirm, according to observers, the importance of reaching the political blocs to an agreement on forming a government and choose the three presidencies. in those Meanwhile, back on the National Alliance, a coalition of state law, Abbas al-Bayati, the Federal Court decision to end the open meeting of the House of Representatives «binding on all parties and enforceable». Al-Bayati said in a statement carried by news agency Nina that «the Federal Court decision can not be politicized, because it is a decision the highest judicial authority in the country, nor can it survive a constitutional institution task such as the House of Representatives are disabled during this period». He also expressed MP Mohammed Saadoun Chihod was surprised at the attempts by some politicians who he said were: «trying to politicize the Federal Court decision of ending the open meeting of the House of Representatives». He said Chihod in a press statement: «the claim to resume meetings of the Parliament was one of the priorities of a coalition of state law has been called on several occasions to the need to end the open meeting, and did well to Federal Court by responding to a lawsuit filed by civil society organizations and called for an end to the open meeting». In turn, explained the legal expert Tareq Harb that «the President of the Age of Parliament Fuad Masum may select more than one date for a meeting of Deputies in the absence of a quorum during the period specified by the Federal Court». He was the head of the Iraqi Accordance former president of the parliament Iyad al-Samarrai was revealed yesterday, about that infallible told him by telephone of his wish to call for the meeting next Tuesday. He said the war in a statement carried by the agency (Voices of Iraq) that «any meeting of the parliament, requiring a quorum is achieved constitutional, a majority of the members, which must be the presence of 163 members, at least for the Opening of the meeting », indicating that the President of the current parliament« must be confirmed at the beginning of the session as «still open, and did not mention it means a second hearing, and the second session may not be elected by the House Speaker and two deputies because the election must be at the first meeting». In part is connected, announced the Federal Supreme Court that its decision on the cancellation of the parliamentary session open and give a deadline of two weeks to hold a new session of parliament is not subject to discrimination or appeal. According to a statement of the Federal Court yesterday, said that «the Federal Court decision is applicable from the date of issue». Middle of this picture, ruled out the deputies of the different masses of the parliament sessions in case no agreement on a package distribution governing positions, but was told deputies from the coalition and Iraqi forces and the Kurdistan Alliance, the difficulty of resuming the open meeting with the survival of the current crisis, stressing's »Sabah» They look to the meeting Irbil as an important opportunity for agreement between the blocks for the convening of parliament.
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    TOO LATE!! I'm already addicted to the fix of the info. I try not to look every day, since every day is the same with a different date (tomorrow, next week, next month, etc). But I just can't help myself. My bills are paid, food is in the fridge, Dinar in a safe place......but I gotta have my DV fix daily.
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    Dangit I was gonna do that one!
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    Zuccaro, I totally agree. Scooter has given us nothing but his very best intel and research. He has put alot of hard work and time into his research and understands this situation way better than me and most of the others on this site. If it weren't for Scooter, Viper51, Phoenix and a few others, we would all be lost children in Dinarland. So, many many thanks to the true gurus that help us understand the facts and give us hope!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers, cjmac
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    This reminds me of when we were all little kids & had a loose tooth that just needed to come out ... it was hanging by a little too much skin to pop out by itself, but was definitely loose enough to drive you crazy because your tongue wouldn't stop playing with it. After messing with it for hours (it seemed), the decision was made to get some thread & yank it. First you had to build up the courage to actually do the deed. Then you got a LONG piece to loop around it ... but it had to be long enough to tie onto that door handle, too. Drum up a bit more courage ..... hold your breath & close your eyes ..... Pray it wouldn't hurt too hard ..... then SLAM! that door shut!!! Then, open your eyes with such a feeling of letdown and frustration. You didn't grab your mom's GOOD thread ... you know, the J & P Coats DUAL DUTY PLUS. You grabbed some cheaper off-brand AND IT BROKE! Arrgghh! You know you've gotta do it all over again ..... or find something else to pry that tooth out. (My kids favorite was the feet of their Barbie or Ken dolls. I think three teeth in one weekend was our dubious family record. It definitely put a different twist on playing with the dolls afterward. LOL!) The one thing to remember --- Each one of those teeth DID, ultimately, come out ... whether left alone or helped along. The same will happen with the seating of the government. In the meantime, GO RV ... we'll hope & pray for sooner over later!!!!!!!! And make it BIG!
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    Unfortunately, there are hateful people out there, that are always going to talk down about other people, even if they dont know what they are talking about. Obviously they have never been in a chat with Scooter, or read his info. How many times have we all been in chat with Scooter, and probably about 16549846132168 times he gets asked, "when do you think the RV will happen, and what will the rate be?", I know we have to all kinda giggle under our breath when we read it, but Scooter is alway respectful in his reply, clear to state, he does not do dates and rates. But I tell you what....He has gone above and beyond the whole "research" aspect. It allows us as members of this site, to read, and take in what is given, and make a determination of our own. I mean come on...who saw the post about Terryk's chat...$16.00???? We all know better, we know when we are reading BS and when we are not, or when we are simply taking in information. WE LOVE YOU SCOOTER..WWWOOOOOHHOOOOOOO...lmao. Thanks for the post Ann and nsdeanna, and yes, I totally agree for you, and good for you for speaking up!!
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    Posted: October 27, 2010 Arbil, 27 October / October (Rn) – President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani on Wednesday in the resort of Salahuddin in Arbil, a U.S. delegation a high, included both Tony Pellnkn Advisor Vice President Joseph Biden, NationalSecurity Advisor and U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Jimmies Jeffrey and the commander of U.S. forces in Iraq, Gen. Lloyd Austin and several other senior U.S. officials. The former Prime Minister Kurdistan Regional Government, Vice-President of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Barzani, Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq Ruz Nuri Shaways and Foreign Minister of Iraq, Hoshyar Zebari, the President of the Presidium of the region, Fouad Hussein, among recipients of the U.S. delegation, according to a statement posted on the official website of the Presidency of the Kurdistan region. The statement that “the Adviser Vice President for National Security Affairs, delivered a message of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden to the President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani, expressing their pledge to the American administration to protect the stability of the region and support from the political and development and reconstruction.” The members of the delegation’s commitment to their country, support the political process in Iraq, declaring that Americadoes not support a party politically appointed to any office in the new government and we do not have any red lines on any of the candidates, but want to form a government of national partnership established in Iraq. For his part, expressed the region’s president expressed his thanks to President Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden, for their commitment to preserve the security and progress of the Kurdistan region, and highly appreciated the efforts of Vice President in the formation of a genuine partnership, without exclusion of any component or party. And highlighted Barzani light on the latest developments on the Iraqi political arena and the results of meetings and meetings held with political parties, asserting that “the intensification of efforts to form a government within the framework of the initiative that we presented,” adding that “bilateral meetings will turn into a quadripartite meetings, in order to reach common points and address points disputed. “ He explained that there are some important issues to be resolved before the formation of the Government, namely the concept of national partnership and how to manage the State depending on the constitution. He noted that “we do not have red lines on any person or any party, it is important to us is the principles that must be agreed upon, such as partnerships and organization of the authorities and the political program and abide by the constitution.” On the decision of the Federal Court to cancel the open meeting of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, between Barzani: “We will abide the decision of the Federal Court, at the same time emphasize the concept of consensus on fundamental issues.” The adviser explained Vice President for National Security Affairs Tony Pellnkn, Washington familiar with the attempts by President Barzani to accelerate the formation of the government, on the basis of true and solid, highly praising his efforts. He added that “the formation of a strong government on the basis of partnership, to include all components of Iraq, will contribute to the development of relations between Iraq and America in all areas.”|en&u=
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    Ok, I have held onto this investment for 4 years. And had a dream the other night about the dinar for the first time. I can actually remember the rate in it. It was $1.20 or something in the 20s. Maybe this thing will be pegged to Euro.
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    Total agreement! Time to set sail w/Capt. Morgan till I reach the RRRRRRRRVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV!!!!! hahahahaha
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    The "plan" was always said to be around a 7 year timeframe and it was launched in 2003. Lots of things happening in Iraq that weren't even on the radar a year ago. As Scooter said there are about 195 billion reasons for them to RV this year.
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    Like a nervous bobber in the water getting a nibble. C'mon, take it!
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    AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is not some "guru" or "he said, she said". This is straight from the camel's mouth. "You WILL meet on TUESDAY and elect the House Spkr. and TWO Deputies, and you will NOT DELAY it to a second meeting." The FEDERAL COURT is putting their foot down and they cannot "politicize" or "appeal" this decision. So it is WRITTEN. So it is DONE! If they don't come to some agreement with this open meeting before Tuesday, too bad!!!! This is the result of a CIVIL LAWSUIT and cannot be UNDONE! The Chickens have come home to roost! Annie bar the door! The IRAQI PEOPLE will have their GOI. And then WE will all have our RV! AMEN and AMEN AGAIN and AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
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    Why post when theres nothing new to post? just sayin!
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    We dont get news unless we are VIP and thats too costly for my budget.
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    Is this some sort of subliminal message to get Americans to vote Republican so that we get an RV sooner? The party of "NO" expects you to believe that there is someone in Iraq named Jamal Watermelon who wants you to vote Republican for the betterment of Iraq. Wow!!! However you choose to vote, I hope its because you want the BEST for America, not because of the RV or what others may say. Besides, this message was posted on the Currency Newshound over a week ago. I just never imagined that anyone would take this seriously enough to forward this into this forum.
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    I see nothing!.... nothing!, says Kernel Klink ....oh wait, that Shultz
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    If I was that Donkey I would damn sure not be getting in the water with the fat naked guy. This picture is just wrong all the way around, poor Burrrro....
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    They should save the ink & energy & make the statement ALL REMAINS THE SAME. I think it's smoke too. stop BS-IN. Thanks for the post
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    America's position is weak? ROFL!! No matter what Obama says, I guarantee he will do an about face and do the exact opposite of what he promised before we lose Iraq. Why? I believe there is an agenda in place for Iraq and he was tasked with this responsibility. wed.
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    Will someone PLEASE get Terry K off here???? Let Maliki deal with him. This is a f---- waste of time.
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    It's interesting that's why I started this thread. I have seen a lot of people saying there going to donate money to churches or charities: If you donate money to a church: would let everyone know you did it?, Just tell the Preacher or Priest? or Anonymously? My answer for church: Anonymously My answer for charity: Anonymously Glorifying yourself for good deeds, in my eyes is wrong. You should help because its the right thing and no other reason.
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    REALLY,would somebody just shut this guy up permanently
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    +++++++++++++++++++++++++ Department of Justice doesn't send the ballots, each state/county is responsible to mail them on time. DOJ is responsible to enforce the law that says they have to be out on time. If you have an issue with our troops getting their ballots, take it up with the local state and county governments that can't seem to get them out on time. Appears there are several to choose from!
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    The next line is irrelevant. To even suggest that they can afford an RV of $16.61 is absurd. And buckwheat, the person who gave you the neg might be a terryk fan.
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