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  1. See ya, another one is taking his ball and going home.
  2. The last time Okie said it was done and it wasn't he claimed that his account was hacked, I expect we'll hear the same story tomorrow. God I hope for once he is right but I'm not counting on it.
  3. Thanks for bringing this over, not really good news but doesn't really discourage me at all. Everyone has an opinion including me. I'll stay on the path and see were it takes me.
  4. Bondlady has good insight and doesn't predict a RV every-week like some people. She sticks to the new articles and just gives the facts.
  6. Just another day in the world of Dinar investors, good or bad something is about to go down.
  7. Great job, looks like you caught their hand in the cookie jar.
  8. Screen shot no good, do you have a link?
  9. Are we really now resorting to friends that are "physic" for our Dinar news? REALLY???? :huh: Thanks for the post and your time to write it up but I'm not putting too much into this post.
  10. Okie says every Monday that we are going to cash in. :blink:
  11. Looks like this is from 1947,
  12. Drez


    I guess all the pumpers are doing a good job then,
  13. And this brings me to my next point kids..... DON'T DO DRUGS
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