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  1. Actually, this is my post from PD. My team came up with this opinion, and it has now been plastered everywhere as other peoples opinions. I don't mind if my material is posted here, but do not try to take credit for my team's work. By all means, I share my info with anyone who is an investor no matter what site they call home. I'm not even going to say "give credit where credit is due." I just don't like it when people take someone's material and call it their own. You don't have to give me credit, just don't TAKE credit for something you didn't come up with. KME
  2. Mr. Parrot, I'm still rolling on the floor from that!! Bob, you won't hear or see anything in the news. You won't hear a lot of anything from any credible agency about it. The reason why......... The RV HAS NOT happened yet. What is going on is a backdoor, IMF approved method of getting a boatload of "000" notes out of circulation. When the actual RV happens, you will hear about it. Again I say, the big event has not happened yet. Deuces, KME
  3. Don't be discouraged, my friend. Something really big is happening right this second. This will all be over in a few days. This is the greatest night I've seen in the 2 years I've been invested. It's a good thing I'm working nights right now, because I sure couldn't sleep!! Deuces, KME
  4. I'm not trying to burst anyone's bubble, just want you to know what's going on. I came across that converter back in September of 2010 and it showed a $3.10 rate back then. Everyone quickly replied that this certain converter has been wrong for several months even before then. Like I said, I'm just passing on the info. If I were at my computer (instead of on my phone) I'd post links to all of the broken converters I've come across. We are in the final hours. Don't get your hopes up for $3.10, because it will be HIGHER than that!! Deuces, KME
  5. Maybe they uplaoded the new pictures of the Lower Denominations and exceeded the bandwidth limit. Here's hoping, KME
  6. My brother has a brother that isn't my brother!! Sounds crazy, but it's true. My stepdad's son's mother's other son. I still count him as a brother though. KME
  7. No matter what Jack Nicholson says, he makes it sound cool!! Deuces, KME P.S. The answer is "As Good As It Gets."
  8. The reason I said that it wasn't a RUMOR, is because it didn't come from someone's dad's uncle's wife's pool cleaner!! There is an article, which I posted. The question is "How much truth is there to it?" We all know how reliable the news sources are that come from over there, but again I say, this didn't originate from someone's sick mind in the basement of their mother's house just to hype us all up. To answer/comment on the issue that you stated, I don't believe this to be THE reason to speed up the RV (even if this source, and the "thinker" were 100% verified to be true.) It would help for us to know what kind of timeline Iraq has to pay the reparations to Kuwait. My thoughts on Kuwait's influence: I'm not totally fixed on Kuwait actually influencing the RV at all. In fact, I really don't think they have much of a hand in the game of "dates." I do think that Kuwait KNOWS what Iraq wants to do, and they want to come out as far ahead as possible. Kuwait wants to benefit as much as they can from what their neighbor, and once enemy, is about to pull in. Kuwait wants them out of Chapter 7 because they know that less restrictions Iraq has, the more of a chance Iraq has to jump into the world economy. The way I see it is that if I had a neighbor that broke into my house one night, and stole some of my junk, I would watch him and learn him. I bet Kuwait is doing the same thing. They don't justify what Iraq does "in their house," they're just watching through the windows to see if they're planning anything!! Hit me back, KME
  9. I see what you are saying. I understand completely. My comment was way more simple than you took it, I believe. I will try to knock it down to bare minimum. I find the wording of this article to be somewhat cryptic. Specifying that they want "IRAQI cash" just sounds strange, being that everyone in the world knows that they use USD. In your theory, they could've avoided confusion by saying, "The only way we'll settle is with advanced payment, or lump sum payment." The US Dollar DOES NOT belong to Iraq, so why would they be applying ownership of the USD to Iraq? It was really 100% a "think piece." It was not supposed to go any further than, "Hmmm, that is interesting." I am in no way saying that Kuwait is absolutely going to have to be paid in IQD. In fact, the rest of the paragraph in the article I linked said that "Zebari denied that Kuwait is demading advance payment." What we're going back and forth on is hearsay from anonymous speakers!! Like i said, it was never supposed to bring anything more than, "That's strange." Deuces, Know Moral Eyes
  10. I am open minded to all opinions, and look into them further. I wanted people to open their minds to what I was saying. Which is simply this, in analogy. I know that you have USD in your pocket, because that what you use. If you owe me money, I will simply say, "Hey dude, do you have that money?" It would sound strange if I said to you, "Hey dude, do you have that American money?" IQD is not internationally tradeable, meaning it most likely won't be traded to another country. I get what you and Bigfoot are saying, but I want you guys to get what I'm saying as well. I just want you guys to look at that small sentence, and think to yourself "Why did they specify 'Iraqi Cash.' IQD isn't tradeable like that, so is there a hint in there saying that Kuwait knows something?" I am not trying to say that I'm 100% right. I just like to keep my mind open, and think of all possibilites and make sense of what I've been given. I also want to say TO YOU, that I apologize for insulting you. As it's been said by other members, I don't normally act like that. Let's work together, bro. My mind stays open, Know Moral Eyes P.S. JMW, for you, I'll give you some sound advice and tips to save you lots of money. By way of apology for my insults. PM me.
  11. Thanks, my brother!! I'll sign off with you. Deuces all, Know Moral Eyes
  12. It's because they know that they'll be cashing in soon, and people from the streets will be bringing in loads of dinars!! So, they're just getting ready for the cash in!! KME
  13. That sounds like good news to me!! Hopefully, they're prepping. They know it will soon be a MAJOR currency!! Deuces, KME
  14. No, I don't act like that elsewhere, because people don't answer your theories with rudeness. I don't fire until fired upon. When I saw someone ask Viper for a link, it set me off. Viper has NEVER needed a link to prove himself. Yes, I admit that my reply was a bit uncalled for. If you talk to me "off the boards" you know that I give plenty of info. I give more info in PMs than on the boards for several reasons, and this is one. When you get to the other place you've seen me, hit me with a PM, bro. I'll tell you more. See you there, Know Moral Eyes I actually don't account myself as to being bright at all. There are several other people that rely on me for information, but I see myself as an ordinary individual who has done an extremely large amount of research into every aspect of this investment. As I stated in another reply in this thread, I do admit that my reply was uncalled for. If the person that reply was directed toward meant no harm in their reply to me, then I formally apologize for my candor. Also, as I said, I only fire when fired upon. I'm actually a very peaceful fellow!! Slapdowns... yes. Name calling... no. I don't name call. Accept a public apology from me to all who were offended. I apologize. We're all in this together. Know Moral Eyes
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