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  1. Hamels, I think you're on the right track. After today's nose-dive, the charts look horrible on the metals. They could continue a short term dive, but when they do find support, and they will, I'm jumping in. Silver has always been more of a roller coaster than gold, but it could also be more profitable long term. Metals are not for those who are "risk-adverse". Scary ride, kind of like IQD! But fun too! Stansberry has a credible record. And hey, apart from a massive adjustment to currency exchange rates, AND international debt forgiveness, the world is absolutely headed for a global depression IMO. But with an enormous shot of cash, (like from an RV), and IF, AND ONLY IF, the stupid, greedy politicians in the world who are practicing Keynesian economics for purely selfish reasons, would get their heads out of their rear ends and quit spending money they don't have, and balance their budgets, there may yet be time to save the world from possibly the worst economic cycle in history. (But what are the chances of that?) HO, HO, HO, Merry Christmas and Happy RV!!!!!
  2. Obama talks about democracy, but acts as a socialist dictator. What he's doing with these executive orders is wrong. He doesn't seem to get the fact that what he calls the "dysfunctional" Congress was ELECTED BY THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. I don't care if he thinks they are dysfunctional or not. The US electorate is transitioning from liberal back to more fiscally conservatvie. We're right in the middle of that transition. The fact that it's not allowing him to do what he wants should be his problem, not ours. So instead, he's bypassing the Constitution and the Congress, to re-cycle his failed spending policies to try and stimulate a failing economic recovery. The fundamental problem here is simple. Governments don't create jobs, BUSINESSES DO! Sure, governments can hire people, but they become part of the problem, not the solution, because they are not productive, sustainable jobs, and they become part of the spending problem and the tax burden that keeps businesses from being able to fund and create productive, sustainable jobs that ultimately grow the economy. Socialism doesn't work. It's been tried for centuries, and it ALWAYS fails. Keynesian economics doesn't work. It's been tried for a century and it ALWAYS fails. We need to shrink the government, shrink the spending budget, shrink the tax burden and regulation on businesses, and give the capitalistic system that made this nation the greatest empire in the history of the planet a chance to work again!!! And if we, as a people, are stupid enough to re-elect this man, then we deserve the economic collapse that will be forthcoming.
  3. It's time to wake up, and understand a little more about human nature and big business. Businesses will do anything that's legal..........PERIOD. They will do anything that is legal. They have to in order to survive. That's what publicly owned corporations do, so they can compete, and employees and shareholders can prosper. You're never going to change that by protesting the corporations. They are LAUGHING right now. You can only change what they do by changing the LAWS under which they operate. It is the greed and lack of character in the politicians that we elect that allows corporations to operate the way they do. Lobbyist money, politicians that care more about the next election than they do about the country, and "leadership" that does not value the constitution of the United States, and selfish human nature, are all at work in the corruption that has brought us to this place. Unfortunately, we also have a generation of "entitled" young people that would rather protest, complain, and/or cry about the injustice to the 99% than to work their a$$es off to become part of the 1% and change the system the right way instead of being lazy-butts and try to get someone to share what they have obtained at least "legally" if not "legitimately". If this nation would return to the principles written into our constitution, (which clearly acknowledges the sovereignty of God and our accountability to the principles of His Word), limit the terms of office of ALL elected officials so that re-election is not a deterrrent to ethical behaviour and beliefs, limit the size and scope of the national government, and if our "entitled" generations would care more about a candidates qualifications and character than what that candidate may accomplish for them personally, this nation could be restored. I contend that if the White House, and the Congress were filled with men and women that were honest, Christian (in DEED, not in WORD), and loved this country more than their own paycheck, our nation would change drastically and very quickly. That's the CHANGE that I'm praying for in this next season. And as Forrest Gump would say..............That's all I have to say about that.................
  4. The two groups who own most of the debt are: 1) Private investors, many of whom are retired on fixed-incomes, just like Americans who own T-bills and savings bonds, 2) Other banks, both private and central. This is where the crunch comes. When Greece defaults, other large European banks, who are already hanging by a thread from a capital standpoint, lose billions, and then when they default, the American banks, who are already hanging by a thread from a capital standpoint, lost billions. And at some point, there's nobody left to bail anyone out. Elderly get hosed. Banks get hosed. People and businesses can't borrow so the economy can't grow. Tax revenues go down. Governments go broke. And the whole cycle starts over again. Apart from massive currency exchange rate adjustments and international forgiveness of debt, we're all in trouble. Sorry, but let's wake up and smell the money burning................
  5. Well, I certainly don't know about the 2 or 3 week time frame, but there's absolutely no doubt that the sovereign debt crisis in Europe as well as the US will ultimately implode the system. Greece will default. Ther'es no escape for them at this point. The rest of Europe has used up all their available chips to prop up the PIIGS nations already, and yet they're in worse shape than ever. The other mega Euro banks are going to lose billions each on the Greek default. When they do, the other banks will likely require bailouts, or crash themselves. But there's no one left to bail them out. So, either the bondholders will get tossed under the bus, or the banks themselves will crash. Unfortunately, I've read that the US megabanks own nearly a combined total of $1 Trillion in bonds of the other Euro megabanks. And our banks are not healthy by a long shot, and anyone that says they are is lying thru their teeth. Anyway, this is not a "SKY IS FALLING" story. It's very real, and very devastating. But again, the 2-3 week time frame is a little agressive IMO. The RV would obviously impact the time frame as well. But an ultimate crash will still be in the cards at some point. Sorry!
  6. I was shocked and disappointed when I saw the interview with Morgan Freeman. I'm disappointed that Samuel Jackson cries racism to a nation that has made him a multi-million dollar celebrity. Does he think that only blacks watch his movies? Has he not looked in the mirror? I'm shocked that there is such a thing as the NAACP, when the nation would be in an uproar if there was an NAAWP. I'm shocked that there is still a celebration of "black history month", when the nation would freak if you suggested a celebration of "white history month", even though "hispanic history month" would be OK. I'm totally shocked that a big-mouth bone-head like Al Sharpton can have his own TV show, when the whole nation knows that if he was white, he wouldn't keep 10 viewers. Some of my best friends are black, and for the most part we share the same opinion about this junk. How many more generations have to pass before ALL colors can get over the sins of our forefathers? My prayer is that Herman Cain is just one of many blacks, hispanics, and asians that come to the forefront of the Tea Party movement so that even these aforementioned racists can comprehend that the Tea Party is NOT a racist movement.
  7. Med is alright. He doesn't sell koolaid, talk about INTEL from make-believe contacts or sling RV dates around. He provides commentary on articles, kind of like Bondlady, and adds his opinions mixed with his own personality, which takes a little getting used to. Same with mailman. But he has stuff worth reading. And he actually does have one legit contact, Lanachy, that he gets a "heads up" from once in a while, about an article or meeting taking place. Overall, I'd say he's one of the good guys.
  8. At least these particular guys are all more into research and reason instead of BSers slingin' $6 and $8 crapola around.
  9. Some of you people make me want to throw up even calling yourselves Americans. But, in at least a semi-free country, you have the right to be ignorant wimps if you want to. This country is the most powerful empire in the history of the world. You don't get to that place being a pansy. You don't get to that place waving a white flag and whining about the big bullies you have for neighbors. You don't get to that place without whizzin on a few wimps. Canada is our friend to the north because they're rich, and we're powerful. They're rich because or their natural resources, and they don't have to fund a military. They have us. They depend on us to secure their nation, and if it wasn't for us, they'd all be speaking Russian or Chinese instead of English and French. But collectively they have selective memory about that. We have 700 military bases all over this planet. We are the world's police department. And we give more money and do more good for people around the globe that hate us than the rest of the world put together. Are we perfect. No, we're corrupt. Put this much power in the hands of any humans and you will see corruption in all directions. But, when you deal with humans, you take the good with the bad, and hope the one outweighs the other. If you can't handle that, move to Canada, or France, or Somalia for that matter. George Bush isn't a perfect man. He's a good man. And he dealt with a lot of crap that you and I have absolutely no knowledge of. But some people still think they could do a better job as president. So RUN. Quit being a wimp. Do something, besides cry and complain, you liberal pansy. You think if we put all our guns away and start waving peace flags that China, Russia, Palestine, radical Islam, and every other wacko on the planet is going to say, Oh, good, now we can put our guns away too! Grow up. Or start studying foreign languages.
  10. I think most of the guru's live in a parallel universe, the Whacky-Way Galaxy, and on the other "earth" Iraq has already revalued several times, and continues to revalue every weekend. They simply forget which planet they're on frequently because each time they transport through the black hole that connects the two universes it takes a while for their brain waves to catch up with their bodies. We're all just so synical. We don't even try to understand the complexities that they have to deal with. Your mind........don't leave home without it.
  11. Warren Buffett's $5Billion is a drop in the bucket to what BOA is on the hook for in derivatives. And frankly, even the US Treasury doesn't have enough money to keep BOA afloat if the economy goes to he!! in a handbasket. And personally, though the RV will give all the national banks a big capital boost, it won't mean squat compared to their potential liabilities. This is one case where I think Warren should have had a V8! He's obviously making a small pile right now, and a much bigger one with the RV, but in the long run, I wouldn't be in this position at all. JMO. He's got a lot better record than I ever will, but.......
  12. For the record, Beitling never said any of these things, and anyone that says he has is either a liar or not too bright!
  13. With the last name of "Boots", this was a family favorite!
  14. So, do they have to read this 3 times and vote on it, or just read it once and vote, or do the hokey-pokey and turn themselves around it, or what?
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