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  2. D. V. lottery 11/17 & 11/18

    From, powerball numbers drawn for 11/18/17 are: 17 28 31 32 39 PB 26 powerplay 3X. Sorry, no winners here tonight.
  3. develop new financing opportunities. lets do it thanks
  4. I have been slumming.

    Yeah no kidding. Bring him down here. Islandgirl as well.
  5. Silly Smiles

  6. Silly Smiles

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  8. I have been slumming.

    Hey Bac Doc, We will let you speak. Without jealousy. COME ON DOWN. FWD GO RV One day closer
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  16. Silly Smiles

  17. Silly Smiles

  18. Silly Smiles

  19. RV in January, and then “Iraq Finance 2018” Conference.
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