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  2. 'Gangsta jihadi' Denis Cuspert killed fighting in Syria

    Ba bye. Perhaps he had difficulties with identity issues. Denis is a feminine name. The male version of that name is Dennis. Just saying.
  3. D.V. lottery games 1/19--1/20 2018

    From, Mega Millions numbers drawn for 01/19/18 are: 03 17 23 49 66 MB 23 megaplier 3X. Sorry, we had no winning matches here tonight. Better Luck tomorrow!
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  5. Baby it’s Cold Outside

  6. What goes around comes around in this life.
  7. Post-work: the radical idea of a world without jobs

    Not new. hippie community. no one wants to do the dishes. Common sense people, and a few pirates run the world. ya don’t work? Ya don’t eat!
  8. Wow great pic of the two stooges! even better Shimp!
  9. D.V. lottery games 1/19--1/20 2018

    MegaMillion #'s for 1/19..............11 24 27 41 50 MB 05 PowerBall #'s for 1/20 ............ TexasGranny 06 10 14 26 47 PB 17 Jetman 19 27 46 57 59 PB 11 babycakes61 12 24 26 33 50 PB 24
  10. D.V. lottery games 1/19--1/20 2018

    MM 01/19/18 : 14 32 44 56 61 MB = 11 PB 01/20/18 : 04 12 27 47 62 PB = 20
  11. Im not quite sure if the author of this article is a little confused or not because the law that i read back when it was passed was that it would be made up of old politicians after they left parliament and such and that they would help in areas of the government as needed but no where did it say that they would be able to escape any kind of corruption charges or anything else. Nor did it say that it would be made up of certain individuals and that it would go as far back as the transitional government. The house cannot make laws they can only enact and they cant even at this point amend laws unless any of it comes from abadi (council of ministers first), so i cant see abadi writing a law and sending it to parliament that would have this language in it. As usual we wait.
  12. You need this upper legislative branch of the government or the government is not complete constitutionally and you will never see an hcl, or the law of the provinces fulfilled.
  13. D.V. lottery games 1/19--1/20 2018

    DV, Good luck to us...Keeping the faith!! 1-19 11-20-32-45-54 MB 7
  14. ***/// #ReleaseTheMemo Call your member of Congress at (202) 224-3121 now & tell them to release the FISA Memo ! It's time to shut down the REAL COLLUDERS - who behaved like a bunch of cheap 3rd world s--thole dictators and used illegal methods to violate American Citizens and tried to manipulate our Electoral process ! Why do you suppose the left doesn't want The American People to see this Memo...? And are trying to keep it from being released for all to see? What are they hiding...? THE TRUTH is what they're hiding. they don't want The American People to know how filthy, dirty, deceitful & underhanded they are ! They know this Memo can expose them completely ! Now they must face the wrath of The American People and REAL Justice ! We've all had enough of the desperate leftist liars pushing US around.
  15. These people are in your face corrupt and they don't care ! They spend more time finding ways to create, cultivate and skirt the system. Lowest form of scum around. Maybe shooting them is to quick. These people need to suffer in the Public Square. I reckon it needs to get positively Medieval, huh.
  16. ***/// Build that wall ! And release the Drones, too ! Send our Troops to the border. Lock the Golden Door . We must deal with the massive problem of the illegal invaders already here, stop Chain Migration, cease the Immigration Lottery and deport the Law breakers. If we don't start enforcing the Immigration Law already on the books, even a wall is for naught. .
  17. D.V. lottery games 1/19--1/20 2018

    Powerball 1/20/18 14 - 27 - 49 - 55 - 67 - pb -19
  18. Trust

    Hey Pitcher, play nice with your fellow DV members I think it might be alright to bash some political's, but not fellow not dinarians for their views regardless whether their's are liberal or conservative ..... we're all in this together. ..
  19. D.V. lottery games 1/19--1/20 2018

    MM 14 22 45 65 70 MB 05 PB 02 10 22 31 56 PB 08
  20. This looks like the last ditch effort to avoid punishment. Maybe that religious guy Sadr should bring his followers back to the street.
  21. Is that the same Nobel that gave Global Warming Nut Al Gore and Obummer a Nobel prize for doing NOTHING?? I put a lot of faith in that organization, oh Yeah!!
  22. D.V. lottery games 1/19--1/20 2018

    Mega Millions 1/19/18 09 12 29 43 44 MB 05 Power Ball 1/20/18 01 50 53 56 63 PB 15 🍀
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  24. Mega millions 1/19 09 38 47 58 68 MB 01 Powerball 1/20 08 10 30 45 65 PB 13
  25. Trust

    “The meetings were held in an atmosphere of trust and understanding and formulating a number recommendations” This could help to resolve the HCL and Art140
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