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  2. So , we have an unspoken and unknown statement .From the CBI .Now printed in the Gazette. That is now law ? That's crazy .
  3. markb57

    D.V. lottery pool for 5/22--5/23 2018

    MM 5/22 15 27 32 59 63 mb10 PB 5/23 06 26 49 56 57 pb15
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  5. TexasGranny

    D.V. lottery pool for 5/22--5/23 2018

    MegaMillion #'s for 5/22 01 12 17 26 54 MB 14 PowerBall #'s for 5/23 TexasGranny 06 20 31 37 63 PB 25 Jetman 10 15 32 35 66 PB 08 babycakes61 04 08 12 49 66 PB 06
  6. Agreed Laid back! I’ve heard many Venezuelan’s have turned to crypto currencies and silver to try to hedge inflation. Couldn’t imagine living in those conditions
  7. Hmmm indeed. I wonder if this could this be about the return of torn and worn dinar. Very curious. If it is about this then it would be an offense to not return the dinar in such condition.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Developing private sector and diversifying the economy. Go RV Go $1:1
  10. Do that here USA. They need to pay for being a DUMB***. They keep getting away because everyone let’s them.
  11. MegaMillions (5/22/18) 01 17 45 56 59 MB 15 Powerball (5/23/18) 08 24 31 44 55 PB 23
  12. Venezuela is under dictatorship .... Inflation 18,000% last control since 1983.... Today official rate Bs34,674.91 per $1 Black market rate Bs810,274.88 per $1.... Difficult to find food and medicines....2 million people eating from others people trash.... Goverment controls everything.... Rampant corruption ......fraud in the elections... Almost 4 million people leaved the country.... in the last 19 years between Chavez - Maduro $1.5 Trillion dollars are gone.... Two Redenomination of the currency in the last 10 years, iraq is golden compare to venezuela Go Freedom Go democracy Go Justice
  13. i dont know . but the most important kurdistan and iraq need to united to get international. Imf have mentions before their need to fix problems issue with kurdistan . If you read news kurdistan going okay with new iraq gov then you can see everything will going shine also rv .
  14. mr.unlikely

    Iraq launches its major development plan

    Iraq sets a date to announce the launch of a five year plan to announce the date of the launch of the five year reconstruction plan. the date of the announcement will be announced ... SOON, and on that date, the date of the launch date will be announced. (MEANWHILE, BACK AT THE RANCH, UNCLE JESSE WAS COOKIN UP SOMETHIN SPECIAL FOR BOSS HOG.)
  15. Cabinet are those who were nominated by Abadi within the last 4 years, then voted on and approved through parliament (HOR). Their term ends officially on June 30th, at the same time as Abadi's and the rest of the parliament members. If I'm wrong, someone chime in please.
  16. More than likely most of those FatHeads won't be around Soon.
  17. Mega millions 5/22/18 01 10 17 38 56 MB 03 POWERBALL 5/23/18 02 39 41 45 48 PB 05
  18. Kuwaiti Investor Returns to Iraq with a Project of Date Palm Groves, Natural Reserve Tuesday, 22 May, 2018 - 08:30 Palm trees belonging to a Kuwaiti investor Abdul-Aziz al-Babtain are seen in the port city of Basra, Iraq May 11, 2018. REUTERS/Essam al-Sudani Southern Badia (Iraq) - Asharq Al-Awsat In a territory that witnessed the Gulf War in 1991, deep into the desert of southern Iraq, Kuwaiti Investor Abdul-Aziz al-Babtain is looking to cultivate 100,000 palm trees and build a natural reserve for ostriches and deer. Few Kuwaiti companies have resumed business in Iraq since Saddam Hussein invaded his neighbor in 1990 and the liberation of the country a year later. Abdul-Aziz Babtain, is dedicating $58 million into a date farm project in the southern Badia, about 150 km from the port of Basra, officials said, according to Reuters. “We hope to have 100,000 (trees) in the next five to six years,” Reuters quoted Diyah Sharadeh, Babtain’s representative in Iraq, as saying, adding that the dates would first be sold in Iraq and later exported. So far 5,000 date trees have been planted. A sign in Babtain’s office showed that the businessman started working on the farm in the 1980s, but Iraq seized it after the invasion of Kuwait in 1990 and turned it into a military zone because of its proximity to the Kuwaiti border. In a bid to turn a new leaf, Iraq returned the farm to Babtain and granted his business tax exemptions, Reuters said. “This will be the first private (date) investment project in Iraq,” said Ali Ghasseb, head of the Basra Investment Commission. “It was a farm, then became a battlefield and is now again a farm.” According to the agency, the farm has created about 50 jobs in this devastated area, and will need about 500 workers when dates production begins. In a second step, Babtain plans to create a nature reserve to import ostriches and deer, Sharadeh noted, as quoted by Reuters. Relations between Iraq and Kuwait remained tense even after Saddam Hussein was toppled in the US-led invasion in 2003, but they have improved since, with Kuwait hosting a donor conference to rebuild Iraq in February. But Kuwaiti companies are still reluctant to return, demanding guarantees that their activities would not be seized again. According to Reuters, trade has picked up in recent years as foreign firms use Kuwait’s port to ship goods to Iraq due to its better security. Up to 200 vehicles cross the border at the Safwan post every day, an Iraqi officer said.
  19. The five-year plan has doubled the demand for investment in Iraq 23/5/2018 12:00 am Implementation of the private sector is subject to the availability of capital Baghdad/Suha Al shaikhli Recent five-year plan focused on partnership with the private sector by 40% of the investment volume is equal to 88 trillion dinars 60% for the public sector and equal 132 trillion dinars, as contained in the plan's assurances that the private sector could achieve this percentage will Increase, knowing that the Government have already announced two years ago to develop the private sector until 2023 to enable private sector development leadership. Private frequency. Competent economic host said businessmen Union Hussein Rahim fyp "perhaps the private sector reported a timid or reluctant to work under the plan due to non-payment of all financial dues for periods The former ". He continued in the interview for "morning" and "the other reason is administrative and financial corruption in some government departments, the contractor when he comes to work is hampered by this fact, added to the hamper interventions cause delay completion and fines for delay." Rahim said "there are other reasons as routine, in order to complete the transaction and investor proceeds to work a long way from reviews that can change prices of raw materials in production or wages during the period of review, what might cause a loss to the investor." Bank liquidity and investor Why private frequency between the "private banking liquidity or investor if it was large and held in one of the State banks will suffer from the problem of determining the amount of clouds and there is no pull open", stressing the need to provide facilities for overdrafts, because the current banking system conforms with Advanced stage compared with global banks, aware that private banks have more flexibility in dealing with its counterpart "Government. "The five year plan, which is supposed to begin early in 2018, if started at the end of this year will be a partial work, however if I started with implementing Decree of the year 2019 to 2022 would be a significant role for the private sector, 40 percent of the private sector and 60 percent of the public and will be between Namely, the possibility of the existence of In common. " The success of the five-year written Raheem felt that "the success of the plan depends on the possibilities for their implementation at present, besides the financial possibilities available which will in turn depend on loans and grants from other countries whether or not , Indicating that the amounts of the Kuwait Conference for reconstruction has not received any amount until the private sector Now ". Rahim said that the private sector is ready to work on construction projects and reconstruction of ruined cities and even in Baghdad being need several units to dispose of Slums. " "We have companies willing to build a vertical housing units are marketed through loans for citizens to benefit from these units to the construction activity means reducing the proportion Unemployment ". Private stages reviewed by saying "was a distinct role for the private sector by year 2003, by the 1970s the economy , There were factories and plants produce as it flourished in 1970s electronics and electrical industries, covering the needs of the Iraqi market In the 1980s, started factories and plants, causing deterioration in Government and industry sector .
  20. Looks like a bunch of FatHeads.
  21. Jeepguy, have to agree with you...n in doing so, Iraq is feeling the heat(with Iran being sanction)...and this is why probably CBI is making this happen now...and all because of Trump(and behind his decisions is his son in law Jared Kushner who went to Iraq and made all these dealings.
  22. The last Central Bank Law passed by Parliament was in November 2017 ( The Second Amendment to the Central Bank Law) Law of the Second Amendment to the Law of the Central Bank of Iraq issued by Order No. (56) of 2004 on the Coalition Provisional Authority (dissolved) November 14, 2017 2591 Views Supervisory Committee: Finance Committeeقانــون-التعديل-الثاني-لقانون-البنك-ا/
  23. Floridian, If this is true then they should burn to death like they did to others. I have NO mercy for them!!!!
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