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Adam Montana

Adam Montana Weekly 11 October 2017

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On 10/12/2017 at 3:45 PM, Stayclub said:

Adam have you not read the news today Iraq forces are now marching on the Kurds, civil war is next on the cards mate the RV ain't going to happen for many many years yet, in fact I doubt it will happen for another 10-20 years to be honest, as for the HCL that's just a made up term for parliament to convince the word there doing something that justifies there huge salaries 


Most Kurds are anti-West but the US deep state does have a hold inside the Kurdistan region of Iraq. That said, its a house of cards but never the less it must be addressed. Kurdistan region is part of the Iraqi Constitution of 2005, but its also in the plans by the deep state to orchestrate their "Greater Israel' scheme to control all oil in the M.E.


Iraq is going to claim hold of the Kirkuk oil and bypass Kurdistan region transferring the oil via Turkey to Ceyhan port ~ so the deep state again is left floundering ~ this is a very good move for Iraq.


Iraq has just increased its supply of Oil to China by 30% and to India 23%.


The financial measuring stick is transferring from fiat derivatives to finite gold/silver. China, India, Russia are all about gold/silver backing the exchanges in yuan/ruble/rupee. JP Morgan at the CBI is in a sweat box ~ there are clouds on the horizon for corrupt bankers.


Soon Iraq will be free.

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