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  1. I have a solution Saad.....go after the stolen funds from your crooked politicians and then go knock on that great BIG Door of the CBI and tell them to RV or RI your currency thst you recovered.... How 'bout it?
  2. What forming? The votes are counted, the parties are set, the blocks have negotiated with each other.....and someone is claiming it won't be done until November? Yeah, I'll buy that bridge(Brooklyn) and tower( Eiffel) with all the dinar I have. There is no truth to this article. I call Fake News! Just my opinion and you can shoot the messenger if you want. We're too close to the finish line and I believe we here at DV are not the only ones waiting impatient for them to get a move on.
  3. Flamtap


    Thanks FrostyJack. I hope you didn't bite that bad apple 🍎
  4. Sounds promising. Thanks 6ly410 Adam.said they have done 98% of what that had to do to RV. Maybe Abadi is signaling they are now at 99%.
  5. Flamtap

    CBI News 07/24/2018

    I second that motion and Emotion!
  6. ChuckFinley, you know Maliki doesn't like the use of the word Hang! Lol
  7. No matter what the train has left the station. The RV is set for a specific date and time which none of us common folk know. So not matter what we see it's moving forward and I believe the switch will be pulled at the appointed time. It will not be much longer.....Adam is right to be excited. Just as we have a lot of fake news and shenanigans going on inside our own government mostly against President Trump. Fake news, protest, etc. Love him or hate him Mr. Trump is still on track delivering promise after promise. I believe PM Abadi also has his hand on the pulse of the situation and is not shaking in his boots (sandles). Maliki is trying to stir the oil pot but his fate is sealed and he'll be out of the picture soon enough. Just as with any snake you have to know where to grab them so you won't get bit. The closer we get the worse it seems but in my most humble opinion, it is not as bad as it appears now. Keep the faith DV and have a Blessed Day all Flamtapping out......
  8. I fully endorse and support this movement ( with my best Eddie Murphie Grin)...just looking for more(much more), in the same direction mind you. Thanks Thug
  9. The things that (really) make you go..... Hmmmmmmmm Thanks Yota
  10. At least it's headed in the right direction. Thanks Yota

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