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  1. Thanks Yota I'm guessing the next time we see these guys in the news not concerning the elections will be when they are headed to prison.
  2. Thanks, I'm sure things have changed since you've been here. I'm in the Kaiserslautern area
  3. Ya'll can count me in the number, as well, of the few that have told few. I don't like beating dead horses. They don't tend to move......worse that donkeys, I tell you.
  4. I didn't see a Request by the IMF...... I read a Demand! Iraq is on a short stick......and all parties know it......this thing is about to explode One Way or the Other......
  5. Thanks Yota....... Soon and very Soon
  6. Let's get to the real, 'Meat of the Matter' Why are we (America) in so much debt? If we (our government) would and could of controlled our spending, we wouldn't be in such a mess. I'm not saying or taking the Left or Right-side. All involved are guilty of squandering the Nation's wealth. Yet, we continue to criticize another nation's buying of our debt? What's wrong with us? I'm just wondering out loud.
  7. The HCL is the largest stalled Law. So, let's put that one at the top of the list!
  8. CBI News 01/29/2018

    Thanks Yota
  9. There are a whole lot of people who are sweating upon hearing this news. They danced to their own tune of corruption now for a new song........It's Time to pay the Piper. I'm actually beginning to enjoy yhis ride more ans more. It's more exciting than watching General Hospital when Luke and Laura were in their prime. Thanks Yota.
  10. It's looking more and more like when my parents used to tell me and my one leaves the table until all have finished their meals. They are under the Gun ( I know......that's not the PC thing to say) and they will all eat together before they can get up from the table. It's about time Go RV
  11. I'm no type sure anyone rightly knows the answer to your question Snowglobe but I think, if Abadi goes down that path he will meet too much resistance and a greater divide. Things seem to be pulling's better IMMHO, that Maliki gets caught up by the UN. That way, Abadi won't look as if he is doing this under his own political agenda.
  12. Goodbye, Adios, Auf Wiedersehen, Chio, Good Ridence, Adieu, Au Revoir, Sayonara, Despedida and however else it can be said to Barzani..........

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