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  1. southbeach

    Fox News

    Just saw it on Fox. He held dinar over his head as he accused firefighters, etc., of stealing money out of his house.
  2. southbeach

    Re-tiling the streets of Mosul

    Is Hanwah Co., from South Korea (who built Bismahya just 10 kilometers west of Baghdad), also building this second project?
  3. southbeach


    I read there are 3 to 4 million investors in the US.
  4. You are not "in faith." You cannot mix God and unbelief in the same sentence. Blessed are you though because He is faithful (consistant) and will bring this to pass as written in Rev., chapter 18 so you'll trust Him moreso. Faith "is" the currency of Heaven.
  5. Weather you know it or not you just operated in the spiritual ability called the word of knowledge. Thank you Holy Spirit through Jesus.
  6. Thank God. Buy RTN (Raytheon).

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