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    I remember there was news where they talked about financial benefits...this carries with it purchasing power, we call this our rv...and this is all going to happen in this financial inclusion.
  2. CBI News 04/24/2018

    Putting sunglasses on this nice weather...just enjoying the day while waiting for this to pop...
  3. Man, can this get any better. Financial inclusion kicks off tomorrow to eduacte the public..and oh yeah..depsit those high n bad notes to get the lower o man
  4. CBI News 04/24/2018

    Yahoo..all i can say
  5. CBI News 04/24/2018

    Looking really good PP. Sandfly PP
  6. CBI News 04/24/2018

    "...and others." Wow o wow. Come on iraqi citizens, turn your high n bad notes in...and get ur lower denoms. CBI, you have 3 days to show that rate change. Wow...excitement is building up. Laidback, ur friend maybe right about really soon...this is it man.
  7. Open Banking System After Elections

    End really sandfly LB
  8. CBI News 04/23/2018

    There should be more good news (pregnant of good news with regards to to the dinar n exchanges, then the rate.)coming out of the CBI prior to the 27 (friday of this week).
  9. I would like to add also that this statement(s) made by the CBI is a forewarning and addtionally part of an education process before exchanges hit the public.
  10. And it is also illegal by choosing to accept only a certain banknotes because all are legal tender
  11. Yahooo...of course it is illegal not to accept despite how bad the conditions these bad notes are..and it is punishable by fines for those companies that do not accept such banknotes at such conditions because they are legal tender, with the exception, of course if such bad notes are counterfeits. Smiley...
  12. The Recovery Of The Iraqi Dinar !

    Things are looking up...from bad notes n lower denoms to resumption of payment for compensation to Kuwait. Market rate is now almost same as the CBI rate...expect the change of rate when the market goes below the cbi rate. I stand by what i said in my previous expect rv before the financial inclusion.

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