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  1. CBI News 12/03/2017

    Wheresmyrv?, i knew about bitcoin and iraq dinar back in 2010. I now invested in all 5 investments which include the dinar and 4 cryptos
  2. I expect to see the rv a month from sat when Abadi announces Iraq free from isis war....second week of jan 2018
  3. CBI News 12/03/2017

    Bitcoin will probably hit 15000 today...just checked a few minutes ago, it was at
  4. CBI News 12/03/2017

    Mr unlikely, bought thousands of electroneum months ago and got lots of bonus. It is going to go up even more when the wallet opens. It was at 2 dollars plus when the launched on nov 1 but had to shut it down to security.
  5. CBI News 11/08/2017

    The Central Bank adopted new instructions and models for buying and selling foreign currency effective early AUGUST order to facilitate currency sale procedures and activate verification and control mechanisms for the daily selling operations ensuring their non – violation of.....hmmm
  6. CBI News 10/26/2017

  7. CBI News 10/26/2017

    People are so focused on what that message meant. Do not focus on that...focus on what the message meant outside the box. The CBI is actually not letting these people (i.e. isis..) to parcipate on what is coming. CBI is preparing this event(the 'RV) to take place. They might even throw some news later on that will discourage everyone to sell off the dinar because...yada yada yada. Dont believe in that. Do not be discourage...because out of nowhere this RV will snake up on u like u been hit by a ton of bricks...
  8. CBI News 10/26/2017

    Sanction lifted...removed exchange rate restriction and move away from multiple currency practices...and now adjusting the exchange rate of the iraqi dinar...this goes to all adjustments of all the salaries
  9. "After the adjusment"...adjustment is the keyword. That to me spells the rv. Adam, it is ur turn to get ready to push that rv button.
  10. Yup...october it is. Bump this

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