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  1. Floridian...let me just say..a 25000 dinars is a 25000 dinars...we dont know what value or rate they will give us yet. Wait for it. Be happy now...because this is happening. Pray that iam right. Later
  2. Floridian, this is taking place. Something tells me this is true. Someone from the past who handled this process...explained that the process semed to be redomination but it is not really. The notes you hold has value..wait for it. Pray that iam right.later
  3. Anyone else wants to be gagged? I have said my piece before...the time has come.
  4. They will be calculating how much the rate they will offer.
  5. Built it..and they will come. Adopt a new mechanism...and they will have confidence. Wait for it. The time has come...wait for it. Pray that iam right.later
  6. Bump bump it. Get those money in n exchange them.
  7. Davis, you will get ur rv..and this goes to all...yes there will be an rv...and thats no lie coming from Someone up there. Give it a little time...u will see. Pray that iam right. Later.
  8. As i mentioned before, someone in dv will post the rv...go to rumor is posted by normala rashid...showing in their app...dinar at 11.79 at a 52week the very near future, thug will discover the rv followed by yota n adam's text. Pray that iam right. Later
  9. Everyone should be really really excited now...Tomorrow will be more great news...just wait for it. Dont wanna say it. Pray that iam right. Later
  10. LGD and everyone, i love u all. God's(Jesus) is greater than anyone can imagine. On Tuesday, i was crying in my sleep...and to tell everyone to pray always...and to always thank Him for everything. As i mentioned earlier, there will be no rapture or of any judgment day..and so on. God has other plans...he will make everything new again. I have no idea as to when that will take place...but as He said un to me..He loves us all and to wait for his revealation. He will make things new again. As to when? I do not have that answer. Later. Those who want to find out as to who will discover the rv news first and report it here will be one of the dv members...just as i had heard the voice (our Lord Jesus) while driving on my way home that someone in the dv members will be approached by a psychic and was told August....and even told me that someone is one who always post cats pictures....didnt know it was snowglove. The rv will be post here by one of dv members...then Thug will post it...followed by Yota and Adams text. Any day now. Later