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  1. CF, I have a gut feeling this rv is gonna sneak out the moment we have an announcement Abadi winning the elections.
  2. CF, soon maybe closer than their soon...and then a party afterwards. Let's go Iraq! Let's get this party goin
  3. navira45

    CBI News 05/07/2018

    Release the kraken!
  4. It is time to release the lower notes..and give the stability and purchasing power back to the people as it was in the glory days.
  5. CF, man this getting harder to sleep at night with all the much needed good news we have. Cheers
  6. Rmc10, hope u get it before this month ends. I Plan to buy a property there in Hawaii when this rv hits
  7. Hey C2028, i think LB is doing ok. He had some recent posts
  8. Wow...i couldnt believe what iam reading..i hope everything i said comes to fruitation after the financial inclsuion...let's go Iraq...revalue already
  9. navira45

    UNSC states Iraq will be FULLY INTERNATIONAL!

    C2028, yes... for some good news

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