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  1. Can someone post a video of the executions on here or does that go against community standards?
  2. Which one is it... 100+ million or 67?
  3. It doesn't look like I'll be getting a response. We can only assume that the MoF had the rates previously.
  4. So I figured I would bring this up here before doing to much research on the man named Leo Wanta, as we have all already heard the dinar gurus lies all too many times. So I figured if this was a scam also, Dinar Vets would know! Thanks for the help!
  5. I hear ya! If I knew how to do it, I would but my goodness!
  6. Hey Synopsis. Sorry for the delay! Honestly, I've ripped this from someone else. I'll reach out to him and see if the MoF used to show the rates and get back in touch.
  7. So here's the formula but I don't know how to figure it out. The key is on page 7 and it starts on page 8. No one on here is gonna be able to do the math.
  8. Has anyone figured out how to calculate this yet?
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