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  1. CF, I have a gut feeling this rv is gonna sneak out the moment we have an announcement Abadi winning the elections.
  2. CF, soon maybe closer than their soon...and then a party afterwards. Let's go Iraq! Let's get this party goin
  3. It is time to release the lower notes..and give the stability and purchasing power back to the people as it was in the glory days.
  4. CF, man this getting harder to sleep at night with all the much needed good news we have. Cheers
  5. Rmc10, hope u get it before this month ends. I Plan to buy a property there in Hawaii when this rv hits
  6. Wow...i couldnt believe what iam reading..i hope everything i said comes to fruitation after the financial inclsuion...let's go Iraq...revalue already
  7. Jaygo, NR said she is hoping for some good news this monday...her instinct is saying rv is nearing
  8. Hey IQD= freedom...u should post this in the news section. Great news
  9. This was what i mentioned earlier in the rumor section. Thanks BL. Wow...
  10. Hey LB, i think the reserve and money in circulations are both equal. Money reserve = Money in circulation Because dinars are sold in exchange for out (dinars) in circulation and money in goes into reserve (dollars). In any case i love the 2 rates. Cheers bro
  11. BL, that is correct. I believe 200 billion dollars in assets equates to around 236trillion dinars in todays iqd's rate. Now given the amount of dinars (i dont quite know the exact amount) of 60trillion in total circulation in n out of iraq....the rate of dinar if it was to revalue with the amount of assets (200 billion dollars)--------> 1iqd=4dollars...not trying to be albert einstein but iam not too bad with numbers either.
  12. 3n1, good advice. Talk about low profile, just got hacked today. This hacker just asked money from all my o man. Good thing i caught this hacker on time...told all my friends not to give in to the hackers request. What a day
  13. Chris2028, i really hope it rvs before the election. Something else happened this afternoon...was contemplating of when the rv will happen and looking for a sign. This big truck in front of me had a plate number...may 2018 rv 15....then the last 000....immediately without thinking, i translated as rv on may 15 2018 with 3 zeroes no longer used....just a sign folks...n just sharing
  14. Butifldrm, really love ur inputs on this but this rv has to happen bfore the election takes place. If it doesnt happen i would have to go for august-sept 2018.
  15. "What does it mean equal to the official exchange rate for the price of the parallel" commercial market, "What are the possible effects of this new reality?" I guess we will know after this inclusion is done. Keep hanging in there folks. Botzwana, hope you are doing alright.
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