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  1. Adam Montana Weekly 20 December 2017 - delayed

    that's funny laidback adam is busy chasing his coins lol........
  2. selling 30 million

    I can deliver in vegas area
  3. selling 30 million

    I'm selling 30 million dinar 800per million or I can do a deal on the lot ..........20 million in uncirculated 25k bills and 10 mill in 10 k bills....all new bills message me if interested...I will go as low as 800 that's it per million
  4. We will see, Frank is going to look a bigger plum if he is wrong they are big words hes spewing on there..........Would be very nice if it is coming to an end just in time for Christmas but I'm not holding my breath just yet.......
  5. Adam Montana Weekly 6 December 2017

    cryptos are here to stay and buy low sell high that's all I will say...........
  6. Adam Montana Weekly 6 December 2017

    adam is right ...research research can turn 100 bucks into thousand bucks if you pick the right coin,whatever you make chuck into bitcoin or find another good coin.......lots of good ones out there,plant your seeds now on good coins and watch the moola flood in next year
  7. Delete Zeros Priority !

    Hell yeh I'm totally with you and if we make a good profit I will be the first to land in vegas for a big piss up
  8. Delete Zeros Priority !

    If only laidback I hope something big happens soon
  9. ENOUGH WORDS JUST DO IT...................................
  10. if shabbibi does comeback its very encouraging news he is a man who wants good for Iraq........I want off this ride asap please let it be soon with lots of MOOLA
  11. by far the longest investment ive endured , most painfull one too I hope the end is near for us all....
  12. im a very upbeat person but one wonders if we will ever see anything happen in our favour because this just drags on and on and on......I understand this was a long shot and long term holding but friggin hell ive done 10 years reading the same ol camel crap is getting old now....RANT OVER......
  13. Still not too late to get on the crypto gravy train ,omesigo

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