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  1. by far the longest investment ive endured , most painfull one too I hope the end is near for us all....
  2. im a very upbeat person but one wonders if we will ever see anything happen in our favour because this just drags on and on and on......I understand this was a long shot and long term holding but friggin hell ive done 10 years reading the same ol camel crap is getting old now....RANT OVER......
  3. Still not too late to get on the crypto gravy train ,omesigo
  4. Thug j hear ya my man !!!!! If you had put 10 k into bitcoin 7 years ago you would be sitting in 660 million now .....if I had of done that I would light a nice fire pit and burn every single friggin dinar I had as I'm sick of reading the same garbage
  5. Fingers and toes my friend I hope 2017 is our last year in this ,I've read way too much about Iraq more than I anticipated
  6. Laid back I hope we see some return on the dinar soon I'm tired of reading about them ..
  7. GO Anything just do something with the dinar pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee
  8. 2 million for sale

    I can pay pal anyone who is interested or meet in person in Canada
  9. 2 million for sale

    I'm actually up in Canada
  10. 2 million for sale

    I have 2 million uncirculated for sale ,mostly 25000 and 10000 bills ...1700 us me if interested ..
  11. What a friggin mess that place is ...Maliki should be dead by now for his crimes but something tells me this could just drag on for years ,I'm a realist I'm afraid I do t for see the hcl ever being done as they can't agree on anything ...I can see my dinars just rotting in my safety box 😩Rant over
  12. If this happens to rv it all I'm looking forward and not looking back at Iraq at all ...I've wasted far too many years reading about these bozos ...

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