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  1. What a friggin mess that place is ...Maliki should be dead by now for his crimes but something tells me this could just drag on for years ,I'm a realist I'm afraid I do t for see the hcl ever being done as they can't agree on anything ...I can see my dinars just rotting in my safety box 😩Rant over
  2. If this happens to rv it all I'm looking forward and not looking back at Iraq at all ...I've wasted far too many years reading about these bozos ...
  3. How much talking can these sand rats do year after year it's the same ol .....after 10 years watching this I'm beginning to wonder if we've been led up the garden path 😩
  4. Someone let me know when we can celebrate pleaseeeeee
  5. Same old same old read Adams chat and it sounded quite uplifting but I never see the follow up ,I see lots about joining VIP but nothing on the excitement he was expressing
  6. please let this ride be over soooooooooooooon..........
  7. Great article !!! Now show me the money $$$$$$$$$$$$$
  8. RV at the same time????? I find it very hard to believe they will rv at all as of late, call me a Debbie downer but I really see the Iraqis kicking the can down the road for years to come...I seriously think you will have more chance on the lotto
  9. This is not Nouri al Maliki it says Ali al Maliki ....
  10. cant help thinking things are going to get a lot worse before they get better.........lets hope I'm wrong
  11. 50 billion dollars will get this man lots of followers and people to do his dirty work...its makes me sick that this guy is still breathing.....I will hold a glass up when this man does eventually get what he really deserves
  12. this man is a roach a rich one at that .....these people make my blood boil.......