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  1. Statement by an IMF Mission on Iraq

    an article from abadi saying that iraq has carried out the economic reforms, so hopefully we see something by the end of this month. HOPEFULLY lol
  2. Next term and the next term and the next term. Never ending story
  3. They have extended legislative terms before and still not get anything done.
  4. Mosul update

    Abadi said by april 30, then we see an article today saying before May 15. But the map shows that we could go pass both those time frames.
  5. Well I guess they are saving the important laws for Thursday, I hope
  6. Another week off smh, I don't think they worked 5 days since the new term
  7. So I guess the second reading on the budget will be Tuesday instead of Monday
  8. Once the second reading is done, do they have to read it a third time?
  9. I had a feeling articles like this were coming after all the good news we were getting

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