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  1. My brother pointed out the chart, which states how the process works. Can you enlarge it Jaygo? From what I understand it can take years to gain entry. But it doesn’t effect currency reform, which is what we are waiting on.
  2. Along with sandy beaches, warm ocean and breezes, umbrella drinks, bare feet and bathing suits or maybe Birthday suits.
  3. Please Dear Lord let this be true.
  4. But I don’t want to wait until May elections Antoine.
  5. Oh Davis. I could say something. Uglies? Maybe? ...... there is so much more I could say but, I’m sure this is going to be pushing the envelope..... My source (my brother, he reads A LOT) told me the IMF says the 2% compliance has been met since the beginning of February. He gives me the info and boom 💥 it shows here several hours later. He told me about the HCL being passed around 5:00 this morning.
  6. ScaryMary

    Warning !

    Are the gurus in trouble?
  7. Hasn’t the IMF recently stated and given approval of Iraq RI-ing the dinar? Didn’t they meet the 2% upper/lower limit? And didn’t the IMF give approval to release the lower denominations and reinstate their currency? I know it sounds far fetched but the many articles lately are pointing to that possibility... GO SCHMOOLIE 😉❣️
  8. I don’t think it’s a ka-winky-dink... bostonangler. But maybe secret squirrel language. 😝. Here’s to hoping. Let’s go SCHMOOLIE ❣️
  9. 10 YEARS LATER. Thank goodness you are being proactive and congratulations on the switching up of your diet. When I go on DV to explore and see your name on a subject, I say a small prayer for you every time. (When I first started reading your posts I was wondering if you were just a grumpy butt. . . . After awhile ya grew on me). You will find your way “out of the woods”. You so got this‼️ Many blessings dude. 👍🏼
  10. Now vote on those laws. Now pass those laws. Now give purchasing power to the people of Iraq. Let’s go SCHMOOLIE.
  11. Where are we going and why am I in this basket? Get’er done.

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