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  1. I'm confused. Don't they have to add real value to their currency for the sanctions to be lifted? I thought that was one of the conditions. Still confused.
  2. The power of thought is an amazing thing. Dream, just dream.
  3. Gypsygirl11 I am right there with you. I'm so "afraid" I'll be a work when this hits and I hear the news. (I really want to be at home when I hear!) My coworkers will see me hyperventilating and dropping to my knees. Thank goodness they all know my daughter and she only lives three miles away. So they can call her to come get me. Let's go SCHMOOLIE ❣️❣️👏🏼
  4. That made my evening 😂
  5. Are our American soldiers helping them? And if so do they have to follow the fasting rules of Ramadan? I am praying for this to end for these citizens.
  6. Erectile Dysfunction??
  7. If this was General Hospital. He'd be dead already. What on God's green earth does he plan on doing with all the money he stole? Freeze the plant and rule the world??
  8. Lolololololololololol. I truly hope to meet you one day, and I am afraid of most people. Your humor is astounding.
  9. Don't worry Tony. The other Tony and I knew what you ment.
  10. Here in Bay Area it's $2.88. At the arco ampm stations and that's cheap. $3.39 otherwise.
  11. It hurts my heart to think of the Iraqi people having to live in peril in these battle zones in constant fear of execution by monsters or getting caught in the cross fire of those assisting in the liberation of their cities. Civilian casualties are a horrible reality of war zones unfortunately. As I sit on my comfy couch reading the articles via internet and courtesy of those who do all the research to post them, drinking my morning coffee I pray for these souls. The citizens need this to end. We all want the RV but lately I have been praying more for the Iraqis then for myself. God bless all of us.
  12. King Bean, Even better the second time. 😂👏🏼
  13. King Bean You are always great for a good laugh. But ewwww🤢