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  1. But Thug Master... there is always “Soon” to add to that sentence.
  2. ScaryMary

    More New RV Windows Of Oportunities.

    King Bean lmao rotf pmp... but I pick Fr-Eid Flintstone
  3. Now we wait for IMF and others to approve. Write that letter. Can I help you with the start of said letter? Dear Sirs, Can you please move us to Article VIII? Blah, blah, blah (politically correct in the body of letter), blah, blah, blah. Sincerely, 🇮🇶 Iraq
  4. Like they need something else on top of the stuff they are dealing with. These poor souls. 😞
  5. ScaryMary

    What Must Abadi Do To Quiet The Rioters?

    Thank you all for the Happy Birthday’s. Now if I can just get the “I blew out my candles, may I please have my wish?”
  6. ScaryMary

    What Must Abadi Do To Quiet The Rioters?

    Thank you ranger173
  7. ScaryMary

    What Must Abadi Do To Quiet The Rioters?

    I will too. It’s my birthday today. And I like team sportsmanship. RV/RI ‼️‼️
  8. protests in which people demand jobs, electricity, water and other public services.  unbelieveable that these citizens have to protest and demand the basic needs that I have readily available to me. 😞
  9. Why does counting take so long? Do they need help? My granddaughter overheard me saying this and said “Who needs help counting Gramma? I can help, I’m good at counting, I’m a first grader now. We learned that in kindergarten!” I laughed so hard I almost p**d my 👖. Love the logic of a 6yo❣️😎 Gods morning to y’all.
  10. Synopsis Thank you so much for taking the time to explain this to me. I very much appreciate it. And the best of your weekend to you also!!!
  11. So do their salaries get paid in a “paycheck” like we do here in the US? It seems that that would definitely help reduce the note count. Or did they previously pay employees in cash and are now trying to get people to use a “debit card type situation with direct deposit”. This is confusing to me because it is so mainstream here. Is that why the credit card agreements are so monumental? Thanks in advance for helping me to understand. 😎
  12. ScaryMary

    Adam Montana 11 July 2018

    Chuck, I wonder if there is enough of us to actually get him elected??!! Maybe if we obtain a small region, island, or area post RV/RI .... he can be our Prez without recounts, tally’s, and other squirrel-ly situations.
  13. KristiD, I went to see a psychic a few months back. I had a few questions that I needed answers to and been trying to solve for several months. I have only gone twice in over 30 + years. (She is very reliable and very accurate). I showed her a picture of the dinar and asked her if she could please provide information for me. She said you will have a “windfall” and to exchange when equal to our dollar and not wait for it to raise higher. . . . she said I did not have the patience anymore because I’ve been waiting for 6 years. She smiled and said buy your house “outside of this state” and do not finance it, pay with cash...... And to stop worrying about your kids future, that’s what wills are for. P.S. the other two questions I asked have already come to light. And Mr. Unlikely’s post showing that a revaluation actually already occurred is enough for me. I’m not going to be “rich” but I will be comfortable and frugal with “my windfall”. There is a reason we are all still here, it’s called faith and belief. Gods morning to y’all and enjoy Independence Day ❣️

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