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  1. :0 Interesting. Anyone see this coming? The president we know nothing about...Maliki definitely has plenty of...stroke...left. This Kurd referendum is his final shot at sticking his foot in the door for power, maybe? Abadi cancels the flight to the US, protests and bombings in's getting hot, something has to give.
  2. I've always figured you knew these source's "legitimacy". Thanks for your tireless research and news reporting. Much respect.
  3. Lots of "swerving"in the media about this. Interesting.
  4. Proposals To Benefit From Oil Revenues !

    Exactly. No one in the Western Hemisphere gets what's up in Iraq, especially with the separatist dynamic. People with dinar goggles spin it, but a lot goes back to the Sunni/Shiite who's done what to whom/we don't trust you knee-jerk BS. JUST MY OPINION.
  5. Good article about the sectarian/separiast trust issues.
  6. I just don't see this happening, just my opinion. The PTB don't want it. They forced Maliki out when he was over the top with his shenanigans. It'll be interesting to see who blinks first. Lots of political positioning going on. If the GOI wasn't so corrupt it would be clearer. The Kurds/Erbil aren't "clean" but they're at least economically sound. That alone is a bargaining chip.
  7. The CBI seems to be more media-friendly lately.
  8. Hey Keylime, appreciate the well thought out, spiritually-centered response to my comment. Like you, I leverage God. The emotional intelligence and joy comes from tapping into that source. Chuck Swindoll's Grace Awakening gave me "insight" years ago in terms of God's grace being none of my business, and giving one wiggle room to be myself and let God take care of the rest. I live that credo pretty much, and it brings me human AND spiritual peace. Other's suffering is God's business. I sent 10k to a hurricane relief fund of my personal choice (ie. knew where the money was going) and know everything will work out according to God's will down there. I take care of my...corner of the blanket...and don't ask for kudos, just let life's grid fill in on its own. So far that's worked for me, but I'm teachable enough to be flexible where I have to be. Thanks!
  9. Hey, I just shoot for general joy and emotional intelligence. Just sayin!
  10. Im in agreement with your take on things, Botz, this guy has jacked every thread with his bi-polar rants, capital letters, etc. while providing nothing of value to the Iraq discussion. If he has a chip on his shoulder ie. thinks he has a monopoly on spiritual answers, etc. he should keep it to himself, his wife and child. Your experience out there "in the field"...and none of his business...and his personal attacks do more harm than good, not only to others here, but himself. If he wasn't so passive/aggressive about it I'd ignore it, but many come here to read about the progress of Iraq, not someone's personal agenda.
  11. People thinking they're ready to cash out at 5 cents or whatever should read this article. Nothing will happen until the GOI is somewhat solidified. Kind if what Abadi is shooting for, but it's a tall order.

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