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  1. Great overview. Thanks, CL. Abadi seems like a warm, friendly, "rally-around" type of person from his platform, and quite the diplomat. It appears the trickle down effect of his taking over as PM has definitely been tangible, and Iraq is better off because of it. Sadr seems to have...softened/compromised (?) his take since 2003-2004. Will he be a diplomat for change ie. be willing to work with others as time moves on? Corrupt politics will always be around, but the people get it...boycotting the a non-vote with less than 50% was a message. They want change but probably want to see it to believe it. And who can blame them? Maliki and his ilk will have less influence but only if corruption becomes the exception rather than the norm. They gotta work together, kill the rampant sectarianism of the past, and not look back. Tough for any Middle East country probably, tons of history, etc.
  2. Very positive speech...and inclusive. He wants everyone to work together.
  3. Lots of political maneuvering (even by the Iraqi press). A new age for Iraq, they definitely want a change from the old (Iran)guard. Interesting how this will play out, the Kurds have been on the take for years. Baghdad might not look the other way anymore...
  4. justchecking123

    Taxes when we exchange

  5. justchecking123

    Abadi could win the election and still not be PM?????

    Still listening to/posting Guru/pumper BS.
  6. Assuming all the posturing by Allawi, the Kurds etc. is just that... posturing. I appreciate all Yoda and Butifldrm bring here, they're newshounding is one of the backbones of DV. Thank you both!
  7. Very positive. Great to see Iraqi's trying to work out their differences.
  8. justchecking123

    CBI News 05/09/2018

    Good one!
  9. Great op-ed piece about the situation everyone should read. Lots of pieces to this political puzzle.
  11. justchecking123

    CBI News 05/06/2018

    Good news.

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