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  1. Okay I'll ask...does this have anything to do with the elimination/decrease of the auctions?
  2. Hey gregp...can you tell me what this means in the bigger picture? I just can't grasp the auction scenario over there. Thanks.
  3. They're definitely moving forward.
  4. Click on the picture King Bean posted. It's actually not that big, the pic may have been doctored with.
  5. Your constant negativity when things are going so well over there isn't appreciated. Our boys died in the sand there, the new GOI is kicking butt and taking names, the bean counters of the economic world are leveraging Iraq. We will probably benefit from all that. Where is your sense of gratitude? You're blessed to be in this investment, so change your tapes, man.
  6. I'll go ahead and ask... What are we looking for here in terms of a trend?
  7. Almost "too good "info. Even a pragmatic guy like me was like..."What did he just say?" :0 I fully expect some negative news for a bit, not economically but more...denial of this by Saleh, etc. if indeed they are planning on raising the value. The run on the currency would make the dinar bullish before it changes...people THEN get in and it (the strength) wouldn't hold. It would have to start low on the forex...Rothchild still holds the cards...market makers gotta get paid.
  8. If they wanted to make people believe this isn't happening or create "negativity"for a run on people buying currency to keep the price right for them, this is a perfect smokescreen article.
  9. Umm...Really? :0 It was a chuckling observation, what's the beef? Y'all need a hug or somethin'?
  10. Off topic? Carry on...
  11. Progress...they're moving forward. No rush...obviously the PTB in and out of Iraq are slowly ridding the GOI of corruption and bringing the country back up to speed.
  12. Wondering how one goes about this, I haven't found a way...
  13. Not sure Iraq's bank status lending per se, but if they haven't been doing this before it might be an important step, means security and financial status is ok.
  14. Great picture! Stay Blessed.