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  1. Seems like Barzani (the older one) didn't have the stroke he thought he did and/or the backing of the US. I wonder if the Trump administration swerved from Obama's stance with the Kurds, maybe? Don't know enough about what's really going on but what shook out isn't what I thought would happen, to be honest. Good thing for everyone concerned if the Kurds capitulated and are indeed working with the GOI, maybe something will be hammered out as a result of the referendum.
  2. CBI News 10/26/2017

    If there would be some clarification, as to temper the hopium...
  3. Great article. Well-informed person with knowledge of the real situation, not biased media-manipulated BS. Appreciate the post.
  4. Statement by an IMF Mission on Iraq

    Keeping it real (grounded).
  5. They're doing something about their government and economic system, and there's some...entity...that's pissed. Heck, the people need to be informed if they're serious about change, a pretty good way of doing it here by releasing this statement...and getting a rush on people investing...
  6. First thought..."This video looks like it was pre-determined (set-up), why else would they release it?"
  7. :0 Interesting. Anyone see this coming? The president we know nothing about...Maliki definitely has plenty of...stroke...left. This Kurd referendum is his final shot at sticking his foot in the door for power, maybe? Abadi cancels the flight to the US, protests and bombings in's getting hot, something has to give.
  8. I've always figured you knew these source's "legitimacy". Thanks for your tireless research and news reporting. Much respect.
  9. Proposals To Benefit From Oil Revenues !

    Exactly. No one in the Western Hemisphere gets what's up in Iraq, especially with the separatist dynamic. People with dinar goggles spin it, but a lot goes back to the Sunni/Shiite who's done what to whom/we don't trust you knee-jerk BS. JUST MY OPINION.

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