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  1. Makes one think, that things are changing!
  2. IQD

    Good Advice! +1
  3. It's really, the best way to go! Congratulations!
  4. Ha! I don't know PP...he seems to know a lot of things!
  5. Hello Adam! I recently read a post, between two blind men picking a fight with each other. However, one of them was talking about a float in reference to the Iraqi economy & specifically the Dinar itself. My question to you is; How valid, do you believe a float to be, and if it is valid, what value would you believe them to place on their monetary system?
  6. Started this journey back in 2003!
  7. Luigi, please walk me thru, where you see the 1 to 1 on that page! thank you, Argyll
  8. VERY Good QUESTION, SnowGlobe7!
  9. Willjor, I really hope this doesn't hurt your feelings... But...That may be, the very WORST thing I've ever seen, let alone heard!
  10. Why? Why would they do that? What am I missing? What does that do to help the Egyptian economy?