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  1. It's Climate Change
  2. This IS the season of miracles celebrated world-over from events that occurred and promises made in the Middle-East. So mote it be.
  3. Thank you - THE BEST
  4. Glasser at Politico clearly has an agenda to promote (though perhaps not so clear to most readers of Politico). Comments that Trump offended any religious group was clearly weighed against Trump (and inaccurate) by knowingly and intentionally omitting the words "Radical" and "Terrorist". Even the religious groups sited agree with those restrictions! I absolutely agree that many Kurds want their own country (and they may well have it some day), but it requires leaving four other countries as well as Iraq (no small task). I also agree that the world has long seen/known Obama to have been a very weak leader, and agree his decision (against military leaders advise - and common sense) to pull out of Iraq prematurely (and discount the strength of ISIS, Egyptian politics and the entire Syrian issue - not to mention the Iran travesty) have left the Middle East in chaos and the entire world less safe and stable. History will portray him in this light. Trump is the "Strong Horse" leader (in the words of Osama Bin Laden) that the country (and the world) will follow. Sure, Donald has his issues, but IMHO he is exactly what the US and the world need in order to stabilize and start making sense. I am NOT politically correct, and following that directive weakens us as a country and will lead to its demise. If it weren't for Patriots that have built the US, and our political system that corrects overreach and reflects the will of its Citizens, the PC movement wouldn't even have a place to exist. Like the majority of Americans, I have had more than my fill of the 0.05%-10% of the population that feels they are "special" and as such are entitled to that which the majority of Americans have worked so hard to create. Americans' have always protected weaker individuals and countries. There is a reason the majority of the world doesn't currently speak German. I do believe Trump is a Patriot, and has the US best interest at heart. Being an American he certainly has a vested interest in our success. I am not aware of any "Federal Task Force" HE has. He has however instructed the Department of Justice to enforce the rules on the books. We are a country founded on laws. Currently Federal law states Marijuana is illegal, period. A city or state can't just pass a law to allow something illegal by the Federal government, and just expect it to be ignored (like a sanctuary city or state). Trump is a huge supporter of States rights, and unlike his predecessor (Obama) he doesn't simply choose to ignore laws he doesn't agree with (just like the average American is required to obey the law). If you don't like a law, set about having it changed, and/or move to someplace where it is allwed (and not against the law). Once/if the Federal law is changed regarding Marijuana (or anything else) then the States can enact their own rules regarding it (same sex marriage, etc.) the way the US Constitution delegates powers. Trump took an Oath to uphold the Laws of the United States. He plans on living up to that oath. (unlike the previous POTUS).
  5. Don't despair, what Adam is saying is that you will CASH THEM IN and they won't be reissued. New notes will be (have been) printed for use. You will still receive the value of your 10,000 or 25,000 (or any other IQD) as long as it/they are cashed-in or exchanged while the the note is valid. There may be a time when the currently circulated notes will be called in or expired, but there will be notice given and a time period in which they can be cashed-in or replaced. That is what we are looking forward to with an RI/RV.
  6. ALL notes will be replaced. The value of the note will be whatever the multiplier in the corner states. In other words, a dinar is a dinar, 250 or 25000, it will be that many multiple /times the rate of 1 IQD.
  7. There was no "Call" Saturday, just an online live chat in the VIP section. The entire chat is posted there now. We do not discuss the content in the open side of DV. As to why you did not receive an email that was sent Friday until Monday could be a number of reasons, typically with your email provider (Gmail seems to have the least problems and complaints), possibly where you have your emails land/recive/sort, or even the frequency in which you have the device you are receiving /reading them on is set to update or retrieve mail?
  8. LGD - I agree about who is going to do the work POST-RV once we have shifted our energies and resources to other projects? I am confident that we will find some deserving people who are willing to work with us... AND I am thinking of some sort of consolation gift for non-VIP members - perhaps something to hang on their wall or sit on their desk - A series of motivational phrases like "Opportunity only knocks once", "There are none so blind as those who will not see", "I could have had it all, but I settled for half", and "YOU can lead a horse to water, but YOU cannot drink, of YOU are a horse's a$$". Of course I would first create a 501(c)(3) to fund, and then the manufacturing and distribution of the object(s) would be a tax write-off. Then management and employees would be deserving and appreciated... Just as I appreciated this site once I discovered it and chose to invest time into it. I felt Adam had put forth a good effort /product and I chose to invest in/support the venture. The more involved I became the more I learned, as well as the realization that many other like-minded and creative intellects had gathered here, and that the VIP side of Dinar Vets is really an institution of higher learning, and for those who are so inclined OSI really is Graduate School in Finance, Wealth Management and Retention, International Business and Law. We have so many great minds and decades of experience in our alumni, as well as common-sense individuals who realise that shiny thing on the ground is actually a coin and realizing it has value will actually pick it up! This spontaneous THANK YOU Adam I believe is representative of so many members who range from our seniors on fixed incomes, to part-time workers trying to make ends meet, singles, parents, truck drivers to teachers, pool boys to professors, Blue collar, white collar, no collar, redneck to socialite. Adam, THANK YOU for creating this opportunity for those of us who could see through the hype and see into the heart of what this investment is poised to deliver for those who chose to gather together for greatness. Blessings to you, your family, our DV family and all that we touch.
  9. I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I see a few flaws... 1. 25% of 48K is 12K (not 9.6K) - which using your math could be good news (but its not) 2. I expect out of our 48K members you might get 1% buying a shirt (You know who 1% are my scooter riding friend - but more likely 0.10%) and if so, you are looking at only 4800 shirts (waaay more than I see happening), but as an academic exercise a $6K printer = $1.25 per shirt, + $0.25 per/ink, + shirt cost of $4 + labor and we can produce a T shirt for $5, and sell for $15. So your 4800 shirts could net you $48,000! (still not sounding bad) 3, You order 500 shirts pre-printed for $4/each, sell them for $12/each, make $8K (you make $8K on each run, if you need 4800 shirts you make 9 runs and $72K profit. 150% of owning equipment, supplies, maintenance, costs and minimal risk. 4. Members may not want to advertise their connection for fear of becoming a target. It is good we talk these things through here!
  10. Always enjoy a Drive-By -
  11. Exciting news/tease Adam - Looking forward to your post(s) and chat in VIP later in the week!
  12. It is the largest source of gas in the world...
  13. I caught that too - "REINSTATEMENT".... (jumped right off the page) - From Adam's keyboard to Yahweh's ears . . . way better than the 4 letter word - Soo_ !
  14. I am thinking parties and togas!