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  1. Thank you Adam! Safe travels, and hope to meet up with you before you can return home...
  2. Always appreciate the updates! Avila Beach!? Brrrr (way too cold)...Del Mar? I agree completely (Surf Carlsbad) EAT at the Posseidon at Del Mar! Did you ever get picked up by an older hippy chic and her twin blonde teenage daughters in a VW bus on PCH!?!? (me neither )
  3. MajDA, Thank you for taking the time to post your ! As you have experienced, things can get unnecessarily uncomfortable out here on the "free" part of the Dinar Vets site. As a MOD I prefer not to be a referee, and as you noted, this was your 1st post. Often the reception a post receives and the direction a thread goes is based on the Section posted in, the reputation of the person posting, support links, and even the feedback given by other members. The "Opinion" section can be a rough one. There is unfortunately a long history of self-promotion and attempts to promote a view or position in here. Still, we keep these sections (along with Rumors, Lopster Tank and even Chat Logs open for people to post in. We strive to keep conversations civil, but at the end of the day our real commitment is to VERIFIABLE and current information for serious investors (the VIP and OSI Sections). There is quite a different clientele, content and conversations taking place in there. Out here on the "Free" site it is often more like the parking lot or lobby. There may be lots of conversations, characters and long standing relationships and friendships. Sometimes it just takes a while for relationships to develop and for other members to get familiar with who is posting (and why). Unfortunately cyberspace allows for perpetual middle-school antagonists, cliques and anonymity. Some people are quick to reply (or even judge), others lurk and think, and most do not post at all. Sure, there can be misunderstandings, and people regularly post clarifications and apologies. Don't be too hard on yourself (or others). Keep on reading and posting. If someone takes objection to someything you post, either ignore it, or if you feel it is warranted, ask for specifics and clarification. Sometimes it is just a misunderstanding (and unfortunately sometimes it is just someone being rude). We ask that all members conduct themselves in a civil manner. A negative post (or few) won't get anyone banned, but a string of negativity and abuse to others will not be tolerated. As @Bumper64says "Play Nice".
  4. Let's not forget the Silver Surfer
  5. FINALLY! A post I could relate to - TOTALLY! So like I get it! We are all like looking to get pitted in a batrrel, but at least we don't go over the falls at the Wedge on a drainer and eat it on the beach. Iraq government are like grommets trying to get it together, and we are like outside just resting and kickin' it. I am thinking the August swells traditionally get big, and as we say, "If it swells, RIDE IT!". No worries, I have always been goofy ...
  6. I am in agreement with living with Plan B. However the time spent on this site and in VIP has given me much better options that I have already implemented. So actually Post RV is now my plan B (and it's looking pretty good!) Thanks Adam!
  7. Thank you. Does that mean you brought me a present from St. Somewhere?
  8. Several years ago I was a Newbie here. I was asked by some friends to de-bunk this "Dinar" rumor. I figured that should take the better part of an evening...As I read everything I could, and went from site-to-site I learned that the screens were turning from red to green, the RV would be Thursday (at least the 1st tier) in Reno at $12. Okie was dancing on the blue couch and Maliki was going to lop 2 or 3 zeros off some currency, but if you ordered smaller denominations (at a greatly inflated premium) they would be honored at face value. I read about countless stories, and government documents. I found a website that had amazing charts and theories and explanations.I even found a site that had so few connections and experts that it couldn't even compete with the others. It lacked creativity and vision.The leader was all but a pessimist. Put the RV value at about a dime (not $8-$12). The site wouldn't even speculate on a date! So later that 1st year (once the novelty wore off) I found that I had become very serious about what was and wasn't happening in the Middle East. As a matter-of-fact that one little site had very sound advice. Oh it has it's entertaining Rumors section, and some real characters, but there was also a definite serious side. There were even weekly question and answer sessions. Eventually I stopped lurking, and I even joined the site! Then I took the step to join VIP and debunk that it was of any serious value (and possibly save some money on cash-in costs). I even toyed with that for a few months. I knew that once the RV occurred I would automatically become a Lifetime member. I then came to the realization that I was receiving so much value from the site that I wanted to support it in a much larger way. I evolved in my thinking from paying to receive some benefit to supporting a site that provides a service. I believe in Dinar Vets so much that I volunteer my time almost daily. I started out being asked to debunk Dinar rumors. This was because I have a well respected CV and background in financial matters. Is the IQD a sure thing? NO.However I am an Optimist and I believe a Realist, and I continue to see a strong potential here. I have found services offered and provided here to be very professional, and extremely reasonably priced. The access to professional's opinions, strategies and services is all but priceless. There are different levels of participation for different investors. Some people are just looking for good advice on where to cash-in with reasonable fees and people who understand what they are doing. Others have interest in wealth management and retention. Some members are actively investing globally and others are looking forward to it! I have learned far more, and it has cost me far less than any other training or courses I have taken. I initially chose to invest in supporting and maintaining this site. What I didn't realize at that time,was that I was actually investing in myself and MY future! . Thank You Adam!
  9. THIS really should be in the RUMORS section. I have NO idea who Bruce or the Big Call is, but I can assure you that as entertaining and optimistic as he spins this, THERE ARE NO TIERS! I could not stand to read any more after that. The one recurring comment made that is accurate is: "I DON'T KNOW". A few earlier highlights - rate already at $1.20? (and we had not yet heard of it?) Rate was up to $1.50, making it Reinstatement - er, no - that would need to be more like $3.20+/-. However the rate is going up 3-4X higher... North America is the last to be notified? ROFLMAO I only am leaving this here so that members who have not been here with us for years can read what was typical 5+ years ago!
  10. Very well put.
  11. Then again, IF I could borrow $1M from you today, and pay you back only $1000 next week, and we would be even, I would call that a BRILLIANT strategy! As a matter-of-fact I will make that offer to anyone out there???
  12. Nice to hear from you on the first day of summer Adam! Ramadan nearly behind us. US health care bill in the works. US Tax code going in for a POST-RV/RI overhaul. Here's looking forward to this being the summer that we get this done!
  13. Unfortunately she is ineligible as she is not a "Natural Born Citizen" of the US. However if you consider Ivonka Trump, then you have a possible candidate eventually.
  14. Iraq is finally getting its seat back at the table. Qatar is going to be given a time-out. Good for us, the region and the world