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  1. Adam Montana Weekly 29 November 2017

    Thank you Adam! I have been pretty content holding IQD and looking forward to receiving the TEXT...AND now with the cryptos I am actually being actively involved in an investment(s) again. I will say there was a slight learning curve, and even though I only got in in mid-July of this past summer, I am up 80% and that has completely paid for all of my crypto purchases, IQD I had initially purchased, and all of my costs related to Dinar Vets. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  2. Adam Montana Weekly 22 November 2017

    Thank you Adam, best wishes to all as we start this holiday season!
  3. Adam Montana Weekly 16 November 2017

    Everyone has their own investment strategies, goals and interests. Some people just visit Dinar Vets for updates or to read current news. Many have established online friendships and relationships. All of that is just fine. However the reason behind Dinar Vets was originally to keep track of progress and the status of Iraqi Dinar. Over the years there has been increasing interest in both wealth management and retention. This is where the VIP section grew out of. For a couple of years the Dinar Vets site has been gearing up for the transition into more of an investment site. The OSI section has grown out of the VIP section and has really evolved beyond what anyone could have imagined. Clearly Adam has been the Visionary, energy, force and financial engine behind this, AND we have grown and attracted numerous members with a broad breadth and depth of expertise. To consult with many of the individuals behind the scenes in the VIP and OSI sections several have hourly rates in excess of what a Platinum/lifetime VIP membership costs. I am not going into any particulars here, but in a world of 1% return on your money, several of our members are seeing double-digit MONTHLY returns on a variety of investments. These are not all big money investments. Many people dabble in investments of under $25. Several people have turned $25 into $100, and then on towards a thousand. There are brilliant strategies, as well as some well-discussed reasons why you may not want to proceed with certain ideas. For example; when is it a good time to payoff your mortgage, and when do you make more money by having a mortgage? OSI and VIP may not be for everyone, but everyone I know in their is very pleased with their choice. We are all glad to learn that Adam has finally opted to allocate more time to the paid membership side. Most of us have come a long way from the $12 IQD promises, to accept that it may be a dime, a dollar, or perhaps a float to something higher. However on the VIP section we aren't waiting anymore. Sure the IQD needs to RV/RI still, but many people are learning about small investments they can make NOW, and in some cases see double-digit (or more) increases in a single day! Certainly this is not for everyone, and many things require some attention, yet others are very straight forward. Comforting to all is the sense off community and helpfulness there. Questions are asked and answered. I am extremely pleased with the value I receive from both VIP and OSI.
  4. Adam Montana Weekly 11 October 2017

    @ladyGrace'sDaddy is probably out working in his truck as we speak.
  5. Adam Montana Weekly 11 October 2017

    Thank you Adam!
  6. Disappointed

    I am thinking it may be time to change the title of this thread?
  7. Disappointed

    YES, and demonstrates how the DV community really is more of a family to many. And this is the *open* side of the website! The magic on the VIP and OSI side is an incredible and resourceful group in and of itself. Many thanks to all who have replied and become involved in this thread, as well as to those of you who have taken it to heart and included it in your prayers!
  8. Disappointed

    Sorry to learn of the passing of your wife John. No words can adequately address or comfort you at the time of such a loss. While few people are seldom comfortable enough to comment on such a loss, know that you are in the thoughts and prayers of many who read this.
  9. Adam Montana Weekly 27 September 2017

    I VOTE YES! FINALLY A DATE! TOMORROW, TOMOrrow, TOmorrow, tomorrow, to..... (you had to know that was coming) Thank you Adam
  10. politicians - talk, promises and greed. No conscience Pretty much universal
  11. Adam Montana Weekly 20 Sept 2017

    Thank you Adam! I too am looking forward to what happens with the Kurds this week. Hopefully we'll get an RV so we can really see them party like it's 1829!
  12. Adam Montana Weekly 6 September 2017

    Thank you for the optimistic update Adam. As ready as we can get for Irma. Keeping Texas in our prayers, and hoping that Irma keeps moving to the east and avoids US landfall (sorry Bahamas). Who ever heard of "Barbuda"? Let's buy it!
  13. Adam Montana Weekly 30 August 2017

    Salt-Life I hope you are doing well (in spite of Harvey). I have no doubt things can be frustrating there for many people. I can imagine that if you have access to the news it may be angering you to hear from public officials in Texas that they are announcing that if you chose not to evacuate that you need to take care of things yourself or evacuate yourself. they will no longer be be bringing food and water to many people affected that did not leave. You shared that you have been through several hurricanes (as have I). Staying is playing Russian roulette with nature. We make our decisions and live (or die) with/because of them. I am not saying you can predict (or plan) for a 500 year flood. However the news I watch called for the possibility of a cat 3 and 30"+ of rain at least 72 hours prior to landfall. God Bless Texas! Real Texans will get through this. (Imagine when this happens in California)
  14. Adam Montana Weekly 30 August 2017

    And WALMART is donating 2X as much as every donation they receive for relief. I understand donations can even be made on their website.
  15. Adam Montana Weekly 30 August 2017

    Thank you Adam! Dr's orders - Rx Take family out on the boat for Labor Day!

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