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  1. I caught that too - "REINSTATEMENT".... (jumped right off the page) - From Adam's keyboard to Yahweh's ears . . . way better than the 4 letter word - Soo_ !
  2. I am thinking parties and togas!
  3. It may be a fact that it is in the rules/agreement, but complying with rules and/or dates/deadlines has never been a strength of Iraq.
  4. Oops, looks like the 4th came and went... maybe next time... Keep posting dates and theories and eventually one may match. I do believe we will have an RI /RV, and much has been accomplished towards that. However I also believe it will happen without any special signs as that could dramatically change the market surrounding it as well as the intended outcome.
  5. Actually many continue selling weather they have IQD available or not. Then they can order more. When it does RV they will most likely cash in all they hold (and possibly refund your payment). If it doesn't RV while they have your order you may still get it.
  6. I am not sure which article you are referring to, but a plausible argument could be made for that. Then again, what would $3 be worth? There are those who believe the USD will be worth 1/2 of what it is currently (in the near future). If you follow the RI approach you might keep in mind that IQD was a fiat currency who's value was set artificially high by the dictator at the time. I think there are many who believe the IQD will exceed $3, however the question remains, will that happen in our lifetime? A person could do quite well on a $0.10:1 RV (8000% return). Obviously $1 is 10X better. A strategy commonly held is hold 10% back for a long shot (<$1), sell 1/2 - a majority at $0.10, and the balance at $1. Of course there are unlimited variables, and knowledge and timing have an enormous impact. Things WILL change instantly! There will be no "tiers" or "groups", and don't give IQD to anyone to handle on your behalf. I am no prophet, just holding on for a profit. Don't get too caught up in this. Dreams are fine, but keep living your life. I hope this isn't going to spread beyond this post, I have no interest in posting my on a regular basis. At the risk of sounding like an advertisement or endorsement, if you are serious about wealth retention and not already in Adam's VIP section, you are probably not.
  7. Oh contraire, I am a very pro RI/RV, AND I don't believe in the 000 silliness. The Billions (if not Trillions) of DOLLARS that may potentially be generated by RI/RV are out there, AND making all of this work requires dozens of Shabibis, the will of the government, and in many ways support and acceptance of the world. I believe that is all in place, and when the CBI is confident they can sustain it, then it will happen. No Guru, goat, Adam or anyone else can assure you otherwise. (to his credit, Adam is right up front that he won't even try). And just like with Lotto, you have to be in to win. It seems most of the boxes have been checked. The US political season is on hiatus for a few months (we hope) and as an optimist, pragmatist fiscal conservative I believe the US is about to come roaring back and the entire world is going to experience positive change. As the ancient Arabic saying goes "People will always follow the strong horse". "If you don't have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true?" as the song goes... I am certainly pro RI/RV and comfortable with my position (have been for several years) and no plans to alter it. I do lean towards the "Float" theory, though I would not at this time take a position on it opening high initially, then drop and float up, or open marginally then once initial speculators flood the market cashing in, a much stronger value emerges (better for Iraq). All of this is discussed in my book... And in the words of Dennis Miller, "that's just my opinion, I could be wrong".
  8. In the BLACK! Stock market arguably returns 12% annually (over time), $0.012:1 IQD now, so even a shift to $0.01 (that's right, 1 cent) is an 800% return ~= 25+/- years in the stock market. This year is the best yet. I am an optimist, pragmatist (probably a few other ist's) and I am comfortable with my position.
  9. I am not a believer in lopping off the 3 zeros (in either scenario). It is just a simplistic "plausible" explanation offered by dinar "pumpers" to promote sales. As pointed out above, NOBODY knows a rate or date - NOBODY! Dropping off 3 zeros is waaay too simplistic. Sure, it makes simple, easy conversation, but little merit. If you are going to fantasize about cash-in values, go with the RI (reinstatement to previous value) approach - 1 IQD = $3.25+/- USD. Why not turn $1000 USD into $3M+ USD? If you can figure out how that can happen, get the Iraqi's to do it!
  10. I disagree that the term Expat exclusively applies to "white" people. Perhaps the key word is WORK - I believe the overwhelming number of Expats (certainly the many I know) come with their own financial means, and most often retain their US citizenship. Immigrants on the other hand typically move/relocate in order to create a better life for themselves and /or their families, which typically requires them or their families to either find jobs or rely on the host country to support them. For the record, I know of plenty of people non-Caucasian people who are Expats, and the article referenced seems to be written by a racist who is attempting to promote and support their ignorant or devicive views/opinions. Using Wikipedia as the "source" for the author's definition I believe demonstrates how deeply researched the topic was in order to support the prejudice being propagandized..
  11. Or if not adopt, he could foster him...
  12. That is information we do not discuss in the public side of DV. However there is much discussion about it in the VIP & OSI sections of this site. You might want to reevaluate the sources you are reading that information from.?