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  1. can only afford 1/2 mil.. Let me know if that it okay.
  2. Dinarian64 I guess I must agree with you. I suppose the scariest thing here is that these people claim to be Christian (remember Jesus the Light of Love and God of Peace). The only thing that they are blessed with is the same hate as the Muslim terrorists.
  3. All I can say to you boneheads is that you better be civil to me when we all meet and I greet you in my full hijab
  4. FYI - forums rearranged

    PORN!!!! There's no porn on my screen What am I doing wrong?
  5. Mountain - Mississippi Queen

    Felix was sure missed and Leslie just keeps getting bigger.
  6. Just observe our own Congress
  7. Has he ever written anything you like? Why do you read him?
  8. Credit Suisse says investors should own Home Depot and Lowe’s ahead of this week’s earning reports. Read more:
  9. Boy, not to be the sour note here, but reading this AM regarding ISIS routing of the Kurds gives me little hope that "anytime" will be my month. I think I overestimated the Kurds strength and there was no doubt in my mind that there would be intervention by some other countries - I mean this is about oil.
  10. Probably a dumb question, but I've been trying to signup for the VIP membership. What is an "Existing VIP Certificate Number/Name or OSI Username:"? thanks, Verne
  11. TNT Tony going to the BIG HOUSE

    I was with you until til you lied about Santa

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