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  1. Is 750 per mil more reasonable to you guys? Thanks
  2. Selling 1.1 mil for 880. 44 uncirculated 25k notes In the Seattle area 800 per mil
  3. I have 1.1 Million you can email me at I live in Seattle
  4. Down to 1 mil. Asking $700. Have an extra 100,000 for free. So that's 1.1 mil for $700. Thanks for looking,
  5. Looking to sell 1.5 million in uncirculated 25,000 notes. I'd prefer cash transaction but am open to other options. $750 per million ($1,125 total). I'll even add another 100,000 in 25k notes for free. Thanks for viewing, I'm not getting off the rv train. Just need to cover some bills!
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