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  1. Which future do you want America to have?
  2. America's Moment of Truth (please click on link, listen and understand}
  3. In public, Hillarious Clinton talks about how she would represent all Americans and pushes the “Stronger Together” campaign theme. But behind closed doors, there is no room for people of faith in her America. Privately, the Democratic nominee and her campaign advisers are pushing a liberal agenda hostile to religion and targeting faith organizations that do not adapt to their liberal “religion.” The Clinton campaign is no friend of the cause of religious liberty. Internal emails exposed by WikiLeaks showed how her top campaign aides mock believers and view evangelicals and Catholics as ba
  4. By Monica Crowley - The Washington Times - Wednesday, October 12, 2016 ANALYSIS/OPINION: The political firestorms of the past week — the 2005 tape of Donald Trump uttering crass statements about women, WikiLeaks’ disclosure of thousands of Hillarious Clinton’s emails revealing her two-faced hypocrisy, the appearance at the second presidential debate of several women who have accused Bill Clinton of rape and sexual assault, Mr. Trump’s comeback debate performance — have obscured one critically important truth. Hillarious Clinton is seeking the Democrats’ third term in the presid
  5. What do April 30, 1945, and Nov. 8, 2016, have in common? The first date was the culmination of World War II. On that fateful day, Adolf Hitler apparently shot himself in the mouth as Russian soldiers moved in on his compound. But in the midst of all that tragedy, an interesting saga played itself out in Germany. Before Hitler realized that he had lost the war, almost all other Germans knew it well. The Russians were closing from the East, and the Americans came from the West. The dilemma of many German troops was relatively simple: “Shall we surrender to the Russians or shall we head wes
  6. Donald Trump and Hillarious Clinton are in a bar. Donald leans over, and With A smile on his face, says, "The media are really tearing you apart for That Scandal." Hillarious: "You mean my lying about Benghazi?" Trump: "No, the other one." Hillarious: "You mean the massive voter fraud?" Trump: "No, the other one." Hillarious: "You mean the military not getting their votes counted?" Trump: "No, the other one." Hillarious: "Using my secret private server with classified material to Hide my Activities?" Trump: "No, the other one." Hillarious: "The NSA monitoring our phone cal
  7. These young people are the future of our country; we should pray for them and for their future.
  8. Please pray for millennials click, listen, learn and enjoy
  9. With Memorial Day coming up, a little reflection may be in order for all of us to consider the price paid for the freedoms we enjoy and all those wonderful soldiers who so willingly sacrificed that we might live free. Blessings, Texhad
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