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  1. Maybe a billion dinars a day which could take a while. But a billion dollars a day they would be borrowing money for the next 100 years and still not be balanced. Not that they are balanced anyways or have they ever been. But since we instilled the US way of government they are a carbon copy of the good ole USA as it sits right now. SR
  2. Congratulations Master Yota!!!!! Here is to the man that eats, sleeps, and drinks wait he never sleeps he is always on the search for valuable news to bring us. Cheers and Thanks for keep us all informed to latest developments in Iraq. A toast. Master Yota may you always give us the news we need. Keep us updated as to the goings on with this investment. And most of all for being the bestest most valuable newshound that has ever has ever been. Here's to YOTA. Tink. SR
  3. Hey Chuck, it is all they know. A complete change in thought process takes time with a whole country. Getting an entire country on board with a new government and concept of really a whole new country. It is not like the US with the revolutionary war when we wanted out from under the control from England. Iraq is not under the control of any other country, although some like to think (Iran). So getting the people of Iraq to change there entire concept of living is a big adjustment. Yes to us 8 years seems like a long time, but to them this is from the beginning of time. If they can only eliminate the stooges like malarky and all his minions and followers then hopefully people can see the changes. They have come a long way in a short period of time relatively. So as much as we have to have patience in this process they have to have much much more. WE know what a free society is like, they are just learning. I believe once they have all their ducks in a row, only a few missing at this point imo, the country will have the booming and thriving economy we keep hearing about. Just like we were forced by our own actions to be free from tyranny they are working on it. With all the talk of investment and vast riches in the country it is only a matter of time. Look at it this way what if it was the other way around and the US was forming a new government, economy, society, etc. in this day and time and the dollar was valued at .00086 to the Dinar as the currency of choice in the world. The Iraqis were invested in the dollar like we are invested in the dinar don't you think they would be saying the same things about us. Patience is the name of the game. It is not the most liked virtue but it is a very valuable virtue. Just food for thought and my SR
  4. Finally someone called the Kurds out on their shenanigans. As it has been said before they just need to vote on the laws no matter who doesn't show up. And Bizarro along with Milarky need to get out of our way. Abadi needs to get the integrity commission to file the charges on these two and the process rolling on getting the monies back and the ropes prepared. SR
  5. IMF calls for ....

    Any idea of what this remaining entry is?? SR
  6. RayRat Has A New Date.

    Now which is it???? Several years ago or today?? So was it Sept 21, 2012, 13, 14, 15, 16, or 2017???? Of course they will say it's associated with the first day of fall. Just like its the first day of spring, or the first day of the tooth fairy's birthday, or the first day of big foot lost his first tooth , or the first day of snipe hunting season, etc...... SR
  7. What important legislation?? More holidays?? SR
  8. Inventory Your IQD NOW...OOM Issues RV Alert.

    Zee plane. Zee plane. Boss why did we let that guy crash land here?? He ruined it for the guest. SR
  9. At least they are making head ways at draining their swamp. Wish we could say the same for the US. Funny how we help set up the new Iraqi gov't and the way it started with the corruption. And now they are finally, hopefully, making the gains we hoped they would with getting rid of the guilty parties. Time will tell on how they plan to follow through with it all. Hopefully they find the lowly underling that will lay it all out and sing like a bird. Give them amnesty and witness protection outside of Iraq with a nice bank account. Money talks so to speak. SR
  10. Well at least they are showing a surplus and not a deficit or so it would seem. I guess all that borrowing is paying off. Now if they can cut some more of the waist of officials that are being paid and not showing up they could add another $2 billion to that surplus. I sure hope you're correct LB on the battle against corruption , accountability and auditing are working. SR
  11. Over bloated gov't salaries. Getting paid a lot to do nothing. Geez sounds just like in the US. All gov't officials should be paid for performance. All positions should be paid $50k/year and if you want more do more and pass real legislation not just more holidays. SR
  12. Inventory Your IQD NOW...OOM Issues RV Alert.

    I thought his plane crashed or his ship sunk. SR
  13. Can anyone, anyone, in Iraq please just bring this roller coaster to the end???? 2010 and patiently, very very very patiently waiting. SR

    I can see this as a great opportunity once the internet infrastructure is repaired. Maybe this is how they plan on using the new credit cards?? SR
  15. What guarantee is Barzani looking for?? So really unless he gets his way, what ever that is, there is no way that they are not going to vote on the referendum. Is he referring to some sort of financial guarantee?? Security guarantee?? Land guarantee?? Is he referring to Article 140?? SR

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