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  1. Ya not a fan of MSM/msnbc either. If someone could write up the cliff notes that would be great. SR
  2. Hey Caye, 1000% agree. With the wealth of knowledge I have acquired reading after I took the plunge opened my eyes to how much I did not know about what to do post RV. This has not only been one heckuva roller coaster ride, and I am an adrenaline junkie, it has been fun to say the least. And to say that Adam has done more for a lot of people is very underestimated. I believe he has put in everything and more to make sure that we have a set plan on what to do and how to do it. Even though he is holding the most valuable information close to his chest for post RV. I started out just reading and learning via the news and rumors. The news to learn more about Iraq and what was going on and rumors as comic relief once I figured out who not to listen to. Once I thought I had everything planned out I became VIP and OSI within a week and my whole plan was thrown out the window. My eyes were open and my mind expanded with the new knowledge available to me. And boy was I glad I did. I never looked at any other site other than DV once I found it. I didn't want to waist my time listening to others spew their nonsense. So for those that have questions on what to do and are wrestling with if they should. I wholeheartedly suggest taking the plunge feet first you will not be disappointed. If you think that you cannot afford it look at it this way. You risked a little to buy your Dinar, risk a little bit more to make the most out of this investment and how to protect it. Thanks Professor Montana for the invaluable education that you have provided me. Best money I ever spent on securing my financial future even if the dinar never RVs. But I know that it will and all I have put forth and still need to put forth will pay off BIG. SR
  3. You are correct. How is this even possible?? From the dark ages, to the middle ages, to the present age over night is not easy. However with all the technology companies it is going to be hard to get them into the country with a worthless currency. Once the value goes up I am guessing that they will come flooding in and have the entire country updated in no time. Until then I guess we just take everything they say with a grain of salt since we here at DV have a better understanding of what it looks like over there than a lot of others. SR
  4. How many of these same bogus excuses can they use?? Funny how they cut the entire internet for the whole country just so kids don't cheat on exams. Funny thing is that you can cut the internet but you can't cut the network(AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, etc.) provider signals for the phone. So you would still have access to the internet via the phones network. What is the rest of the country going to do take a 3 hour breakfast then "work" for 30 minutes and take a 3 hour lunch???? Seems like the GOI is rubbing off the wrong way on how to work on the people of Iraq. I agree Syn that there is something else going on with this. Are they really unaware that there are 2 different ways to access the internet via a cell phone. Cut one and the other is still available. So I smell smoke on this one in that you can attempt to test a program on the intranet within an organization or in a virtual environment without having to access the internet. SR
  5. Those are some old looking 6th graders. Or did they flunk about 20 grades. LOL. I hope that is not the future GOI or CBI employees. SR
  6. If anyone gets the fbi virus just restore your computer to an earlier date. This should also work with most viruses. Sorry you had to format/reinstall your OS dontlop that was the worst case scenario. I'm just getting into the IT field. I'm sure that there are people with more experience here at DV. A friend of mine got the fbi virus a few months ago and all we did was restore his computer.
  7. From the Foxnews website: Blair says Iraq's economy is thriving since 2003 invasion and toppling of Saddam Hussein Published November 05, 2012 Associated Press LONDON – Former Prime Minister Tony Blair said Monday that British forces should be proud of their role in the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, citing what he claimed was major social and economic progress since the toppling of Saddam Hussein in 2003. Blair said that Iraq was likely to be one of the world's fastest growing economies over the next decade, hailed drastically lower child mortality rates and trumpeted developments in the southern city of Basra, where most U.K. forces were based after the invasion. However, making a rare speech on Iraq — the most divisive issue of his decade in power — the ex-leader acknowledged that parts of the country continued to suffer from terrorism and destabilizing political tensions. Blair, elected in 1997, faced huge street protests in 2003 against Britain's involvement in the war and was dogged by accusations that he had shown blind subservience to the administration of U.S. President George W. Bush. However, Blair went on to win a 2005 British election, though with a reduced majority. Blair told a conference of the Iraq Britain Business Council in central London that British forces "helped liberate Iraq from Saddam, and for years with much heroism and sacrifice, helped Basra survive the sectarian aftermath," "They should be proud of what they achieved," he added. Blair has made two humbling appearances before Britain's national inquiry into the Iraq war, and was heckled as he offered an apology to the families of military personnel killed in the conflict. The inquiry's report on the contentious buildup to the war, and mistakes in planning for the aftermath of Saddam's fall is scheduled to be completed by mid-2013. In his speech, Blair said that Iraq would have economic growth of around 9 percent in 2012, and that its annual oil revenue of around $100 billion per year was predicted to triple by 2020. On Iraq's progress since the 2003 invasion, he insisted it was "important not to exaggerate it, (but) equally important not to ignore it." Though Blair urged British businesses and foreign investors to seek out opportunities in Iraq, he acknowledged the country still faced many problems. "The challenges that Iraq still faces are obvious: continuing security problems of terrorism, especially around Baghdad; services and infrastructure still far below what they can and should be; and bureaucracy and corruption," Blair said. "Political tensions remain high and often lead to paralysis when the country urgently needs movement. There is also the turmoil in the region, not least in Syria," he added.
  8. My thinking is if Maliki is in so tight with Iran will some of these weapons end up in there hands to skirt the sanctions against them.
  9. Earlier today I saw on the Fox news ticker that Iraq is wanting to strengthen their military. Here is the article from the Fox website. Read more here:
  10. Earlier today I saw on the Fox news ticker that Iraq is wanting to strengthen their military. Here is the article from the Fox website. Read more here:
  11. Both the article from foxnews and washington post are the same article supplied by the AP.
  12. Look at the date Jan. 18 2011
  13. Don't shoot me for the topic or the fact that some of you will think that I am a newbie. I just do not make that many post, but read, keep my mouth shut, and most of all laugh. That is what this section is about. Right?? However. Have we all noticed that since OOM quit posting and no one has brought any of his fantasies over here lately. Along with all the others that drink his koolaid. Where did they all go? Just thought I would see what everyone's thoughts are on that. Not that I care about the doofus, nor does anyone at DV that is in their right mind. We know those in their left mind stand next to OOM. RV me baby. Daddy needs a new pair of shoes.
  14. Boy I was not expecting this kind of response for just asking a question about verifying who someone is. By all means I do not back OKIE or anything he says. I take it all with a grain of salt. With special thanks to Dinarthug and Easyrider for providing all of the related humor from OKIE and his other cohorts. But as with any science it is trust but verify. Do I trust OKIE? Not on your life. However until I get a text or email from Adam I will stay put on making any plans. Some of you want to believe 2+2=fish without any question. That's fine what ever floats your boat. As for me I want to find out what 2+2 is. With this question you can tell those who are OKIE kool-aiders that troll on this site to back OKIE with his every word. DV is the only site I follow and for the fact that the openess of topics and replies. So if you want to talk symantics go over to all the other sites because that is all they talk about either/ayther, neither/nayther, tomato/tomado. As for me I will stick to facts and investigative research. As Joe Friday says "Just the fax ma'am"
  15. If you have noticed I have been a member for a while now. Have not posted just due to the humor of the Rumors section. But since Okie made the claim I thought that I would actually do some investigating on what he says. Which seems nothing a lot of members are inclined to do. So again I ask the question. Can any one really identify if this is Okie based upon his claims. That is what this section is all about is rumors. So verify this rumor. We want the facts but no one wants to verify them. So this is your mission if you so incline to accept it. BTW vanman you joined after me and only have 26 post so what catagory does that put you in. Just asking.