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  1. Well Synopsis you have yet again laid out another concise literary opinion. Here's to hoping all your opinions come true for all of us. SR
  2. In total agreement Ricky. Iran is playing Russian Roulette with the oil supply. Neither Trump nor Mad Dog will let this go without severe action. Of which I am most certain that the plan has already been set just ready for Iran to take the next step past this. Yet this as well as all other Iranian action in Iraq has Malarky's name written ALLLLLL over it. IMO Sadr and Abadi need to close the borders and get the Iranian Malitia out of the country. SR
  3. Sounds like the best laid(back ) plan of mice and men. Get the GOI set and let's put this baby to rest. SR
  4. Hey Chuck I think Sadr wants this closed like yesterday and time to move on to get the country back together. IMHO Sadr and Abadi are on light speed to get the corruption stopped, those guilty arrested, and the money back in the coffers of the CBI. Like Adam said in his chat if the GOI once formed will get the HCL at the top until done we are close. I think Sadr, Abadi, and Alak will all get on the same page to get everything done and we can all go on with our lives. SR
  5. Sadr already said he wanted nothing to do with Malarky. So I'm taking that as a mute point. Abadi will make the right decision and defunct from the Dawa party. Then Malarky head is on the chopping block. SR
  6. So if they are convicting all these people where is the money?? If they confiscated it where is it going?? If it is going back into the reserves, shouldn't we see a dramatic increase in the reserves?? Abadi stated he would go after the corrupt and return the money to Iraq. Is anyone keeping up with the amounts returned?? Is any of the money being taken into account part of bringing the note count down?? Just a few questions to consider. SR
  7. Maybe it's temporary housing until they can rebuild the actual buildings. Need to get the Iraqis housing quick until they can the clean up and rebuild going. Kinda sounds like our FEMA. And we all know how quick they are. All the pictures that we see are still the ruble and no clean up. SR
  8. SupraRacer

    Iraq closes websites

    Dang when I read the headline I thought it was the CBI and GOI that closed their websites. Still a good deal to thwart the enemy. SR
  9. Ok Iraq it's time to put on the big boy pants and quit following what Iran tells you. Since most of the government that had any Iranian influence got voted out, at least we hope, it's time to quit letting the Mullahs tell you how to run your country and get to running it yourselves. As the Heart song goes "Who you going to run to" when you need help the US or the terrorist Iran. SR
  10. SupraRacer

    Iraq Wants To RV On Or By The 4th Of July.

    Does Iraq even have an EBS????? I thought they would just broadcast it on the 1000 90 inch TVs they have set up all around Bagdad.
  11. Thanks. And you have a safe and relaxing Fourth of July as well. SR
  12. I tend to agree. After rereading it, it does seem to be referring to 2014 and nothing after. One would think that a person in Mahdi's position would have had plenty to say about what all the CBI has done in the past year. This does give conception that this is an education to new GOI of sorts as to what they need to look at even though the CBI has the ultimate decision on the rate and how to implement it. SR
  13. Thank you ma'am for the insight. Does he still have any influence with the CBI or GOI?? If so maybe they will be bold enough to push this over the finish line. SR
  14. All talk from the columnist and no action means nothing. Same thing here in the good ole USofA. Talking heads are a dime a dozen and just because they convey their opinion don't mean squat. Until there is movement in the CBI or GOI columnist can spew all they want and still not mean anything. I respect the fact that the information is getting out but is anyone really paying attention. SR

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