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    Lookin' at the NC mountain's from my porch. :o)
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    Enjoying the view with a morning cup of coffee and my honey on the porch... or watchin' the sunset over the mountains... I didn't realize how much I missed em!!! :o)

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  1. Silly Smiles

    Someone should give this cat a cape and a pair of red boots.
  2. Silly Smiles

  3. Silly Smiles

    This isn't about me of course... just metionin' it for a friend!!!
  4. Silly Smiles's so, so good to see ya'll hangin' out here again!!! I haven't forgotten about helpin' out at the fish camp...and I think your aware of my knee's needin' attention. I'm "half way there" knee dun operated on and one to go! Hopefully I'll be up and on my feet with a lot less pain by Summer...believe me...I can't wait to get this behind me and become a lot more mobile!!! Lookin' forward to some projects I've been waitin' to do for a while now!!!
  5. Adam Montana Weekly 17 January 2018

    Me for the past several years waitin' on the Dinar to RV.... Now with Crypto's...I have more than one basket to watch...Sandfly Adam and Mod Squad (esp. the new "Red Suit Jolly Guy )! Now that question is...does the Crypto's go up first so I can buy more Dinar...or the other way around!!! Either way...I'm savin' the "Celebratory Smoke" for one or the other!!!
  6. Silly Smiles

    Here's a reminder of what's what...
  7. Silly Smiles

    The Southern Weather Reporters be like....
  8. Silly Smiles

  9. Silly Smiles

  10. Silly Smiles

  11. Silly Smiles

  12. Silly Smiles

  13. Silly Smiles

    With most dog breeds this many pups would be called a litter, but with this breed it's known as "A Husky Stacker"!!!
  14. Silly Smiles

    Looks like Snow's party got a little carried away...everyone got stoned!!!
  15. Silly Smiles

    Here come the cops ...quick hide the catnip!!!

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