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    Lookin' at the NC mountain's from my porch. :o)
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    Enjoying the view with a morning cup of coffee and my honey on the porch... or watchin' the sunset over the mountains... I didn't realize how much I missed em!!! :o)

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  1. Silly Smiles

    Guys...tis almost the season...cold feet torture season that is!!!
  2. Silly Smiles

    ...Mamma said there’d be days like this...but you’ve got the whole team watchin’ your back dear!
  3. Silly Smiles

    I would say a disturbing version of Gleason and Hope...real disturbing if you ask me!
  4. Breaking News from the NFL...

    Lol...good one Moose...being a diehard Cheesehead maybe I’m one of the only one’s who get your Viking’s fan humor! Normally I would come back with something witty in regards to the size of your trophy room or counting your chickens before their hatched (don’t forget last year bro...hee, hee). This year due to mainly politics in football, the whole lack of respect with the Anthem, and now Aaron Rodgers being out...I just seriously don’t have the heart for the game. In fact I may just watch baseball instead (oh Lawrdy...did I just really say that???) I hope they get back to playing the game instead of hi jacking the sport for some confused ideology! Otherwise I’ll have to give up giving Viking fans a hard time for their overpriced stadium! Seriously of luck...but my heart just can’t seem to gret into it this year!
  5. Need Help if anyone can do a Rain dance

    Keepin’ you in prayer PP! My what a crazy world we’re living in...fires, hurricanes, tornadoes...challenging times for sure! Stay safe!!!
  6. Adam Montana Weekly 18 October 2017

    Sandfly Adam and your whole awesome “Mod Squad” for always keepin’ us in the know and helping us stay level headed dispite all the guru poo-poo floatin’ around out there. Lookin’ forward to the day this ride ends and the next phase begins!!! Come On RV Baby!!!
  7. Female Soldier Says That She Can Whoop Any Marine

    Although I have the utmost respect for the opposite sex...that was kind of a foolish thing to throw out there...and I really can’t feel sorry for her when she was the challenger! She was even given an opportunity to bow out but kept on going. What was she thinking?
  8. Silly Smiles

    If you were a sibling of Jesus!!!
  9. Silly Smiles

    Some days be like....
  10. Silly Smiles

    Note to self!
  11. Silly Smiles

  12. Silly Smiles

  13. Silly Smiles

    Just sayin'!!!
  14. Silly Smiles

    Sandfly dear!!!

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