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    Lookin' at the NC mountain's from my porch. :o)
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    Enjoying the view with a morning cup of coffee and my honey on the porch... or watchin' the sunset over the mountains... I didn't realize how much I missed em!!! :o)

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  1. RodandStaff

    Adam Montana Weekly 25 April 2018

    Sandfly Adam...glad someone finally sent a rescue dog in after you...those spring snowstorms can be brutal!!! Sorry some of the Southern folks just don't understand how that much snow can play with your schedule...don't worry though, we didn't just hold down the fort while you were gone...we made some new additions!!! Whatcha think?
  2. RodandStaff

    Silly Smiles

    Oh that’s just udderly wrong!!!
  3. RodandStaff

    Adam Montana Weekly (late) 19 April 2018

    It takes all kinds brother!!!
  4. RodandStaff

    Adam Montana Weekly (late) 19 April 2018

    I take it your not in the VIP program or you wouldn’t get caught saying such a ridiculous statement! Not calling you out but the more you know about what Adam is doing the more you appreciate all that he and his Mod Squad do! I guess it’s easy to say anything you want if your goal is to tear someone which case I have to ask...why are you here? I’m gonna leave it at that...not gonna neg you cause I’m sure you’ll see plenty of red soon enough!
  5. RodandStaff

    Adam Montana Weekly (late) 19 April 2018

    He came back on Thur. dinarRama and did a awesome job (end of page 1 of this thread).
  6. RodandStaff

    Silly Smiles

    RUN!!! Cause the Universe is about to implode...or so I’ve been told...nobody knows for sure though cause it’s never happened before!
  7. RodandStaff

    Adam Montana Weekly (late) 19 April 2018

    I would say he has other things on his mind but this is a family site!!! Disclaimer: this is not our hero Cisole...he's busy elsewhere being a real family man hero!!!
  8. RodandStaff

    Adam Montana Weekly (late) 19 April 2018

    That's OK Adam...but I'll warn ya we is gonna be gettin' down while your away so yah better not be away too long or we'll bring dah house down!!!
  9. RodandStaff

    Silly Smiles

    Finally found a solution for all you buried in snow!!!
  10. RodandStaff

    Silly Smiles

  11. RodandStaff

    Silly Smiles

    I don't know if this violates any website rules but this my very well be the best yoga video ever!!!
  12. RodandStaff

    Silly Smiles

    Sad but true!
  13. RodandStaff

    Silly Smiles

  14. RodandStaff

    Silly Smiles

    What happens if you get half scared to death, TWICE? (asking for a friend).
  15. RodandStaff

    Silly Smiles


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