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  1. I agree with you Chuck. Did I get this right, the elections are may 12th
  2. Chuck, have to agree with you, sorta like opening a steak house and no one wants a steak
  3. little willie

    The #800 Release Instruction.

    He told us everything but how much money we will receive
  4. I hope the HCL is not in the 5 year plan
  5. little willie

    Rumored...The RV Has Started In Reno.

    what was the value, that is one of the most important thins we need to know, if not the most
  6. little willie

    CBI News 03/20/2018

    sounds good, but we never know
  7. I know that I am not real smart. What does this have to do with the dinar
  8. little willie

    RIP...Another Guru Passes.

    sorry to hear this and my prayers go out to the family also
  9. to me this would not be good for the US as much tax money they will receive

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