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  1. I am sure this has been asked before, just can't find it. I would appreciate any opinions on the value or wisdom of buying different values on dinar notes. For example, the 25k notes, vs 10K vs 5K. Is the prevailing thought that the larger 3 zero notes like the most common 25k notes might be called in first, vs the 5K notes might be able to be held longer as value rises over time? There is a premium for the smaller notes. Any feed back is very much appreciated
  2. I am probably like alot of you. I purchased dinar years ago on the advice from a good friend and acted on it. I found later he knew less than I did and he calls me for updates. I am optimistic on this and really hope for a great out coming for everyone. I could use some help on something I found a couple of days ago that has really stumped me. Its regarding the number of dinar still out there in circulation vs a country , Kuwait, their value ( that we would like to see the Iraq dinar get to) and the comparison Here is the quote I found that concerns me and I really dont have an answer for it and I dont want to use the dreaded LOP word, but how on earth do the numbers make sense Here is what I found Kuwait has currently just over 40 billion in circulation and Iraq has around 45 trillion, yet people seem to think they should have a comparable value. I have done alot of internet searches on the Kuwait amount in circulation and although its probably impossible to know exactly how much a country has , it does seem to be close. Iraq amount listed above is more difficult and who knows how many countries, including our own are holding. Still, the staggering , trillions vs billions is a huge issue. How can value in an RV occur to our investment with such numbers? It would appear Iraq would overnight become the wealthiest country in the world? Would that be allowed to happen? I guess a second question is who actually pays for the RV? I have read the IMF, Iraq, even the USA (we can't afford anything) Just concerned and a bit confused. Any help would be appreciated Thanks in Advance
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