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Do you hear what I hear?


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Awesome !

One of my favorite Christmas carols.


For unto us a Savior is born, for unto us a Child is given

Jesus is definitely the reason for the season.

The greatest gift of all. The Light of the world was hung on a tree. :bow:

God bless you and

Merry Christmas


And to you and yours Tiff. May the New Year bring true Peace on Earth and Good Will towards Mankind, no matter of your race, religion or nationality...we are all in this together.

Peace to all ;)

Amen to that


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Tiffany, it has been a pleasure to have met you this year. Bing was my first real encounter with the emotions of Christmas and giving and singing the wonders of this season of the year. It doesn't even need to be a song from Bing, just his presence brings up memories. The movie "White Christmas" had just come out and costs only 50 or 65 cents at that time, and I ask a young girl to go with me. We held hands in the dark and afterwards went out for a coke down at the local drug store. The thrill of the date, the smell of coke in the drug store, and the awkward conversation between two 16 year old kids still brings a giggle to my throat.

Thanks for the memory. Happy Thanksgiving, and a Merry Christmas. Jesus is God come in the flesh and is King of kings.


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Thank you my friends...may your Thanksgiving be full filling as well. ha ha. I just got off white water rafting for 8 hr...I'm sore, sunburn and extremely happy! :)

While I don't believe in the divinity of Christ, I believe in his message. And I love Christmas! Peace to you all

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