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  1. A Coors...I wondered when you would rear your head. Playing the part of a jilted lover I see. As long as we seem to be putting all of our cards on the table, can you please informed the audience on the various attempts of yours to ensnare me in a love nest? And since I refused, you now want to expose all of my naughtiness. How quaint. The only problem Love, is I have all the emails you sent asking for me to join you in romantic ecstasy…I think you said something to the effect that I’m only a L e s bo because I haven’t meant the right man, and that you were the man that was going to change all this. Also you said some rather interesting and may I say contradicting comments about this crowd when you wanted in my pants, shall I retrieve those emails as well Sugar? What an ignoramus, to actually pull this stunt. As far as the rest of you, I find it interesting that you continue to attack my character and not the words that I say, or the arguments I've made. You can't beat me on a one on one field of debate so you gang up and preform open heart character assignations. A few posts back, I was extending the olive branch and you Christian types (with a few exceptions) forget about compassion for your fellow human and instead, pick up the sword (or scalpel) and wwnt back to cutting. What shining examples of Christian soldiers you turn out to be. Tiff
  2. I guess now I've insulted goat hearders? Ah, yes, historically speaking they did herd goats. Nothing wrong with that, but it's kind of a dying industry these days. I find it utterly amusing, the guy puts G A Y people down in this day and age, and you guys are upset because I called somebody a goat herder?While he probably wants women back in the kitchen and pregnant as well. Really, I find this crowd's lack of social grace and modern ethnical behavior to be mind boggling. I hate to say it, but I think I stumbled on the real reason this is causing such an stir. You guys don't want change, which also means you don't hate Obama because of his policies, but due to his race. Just like you don't like me, because I'm a woman...and other non-majority characteristic. Nice! Why don't you at least be intellectually and morally honest with me and say that is the reason. You'd be a bigot but at least you're an honest one. Oh and Ski, thank you for the kind blessing! Could this possibly mean you won't be engaging me in anymore rebuttles? AWESOME. Bye dear, you have an AWESOME life too. Tootles! Tiff
  3. Pls show me where I was "name calling", once again, you make accusations without proof. Note that you didn't provide even one example of your previous statement that I was causing problems. Any of those topics that were closed, were NOT because of my comments, but because various members posts between each other. Come on Mr. Chew me up, walk the talk. You're all wind, no substance. You like to come in here and join the mob, but when it comes to backing up your statement you fall underly short. As far as debating, pick any subject you wish, while I won't get the most positive points, I beat I smear you with facts...don't believe me...try it tough guy...I'm your huckle berry. And last but not least, your Old Testament was written by a bunch of goat herders 4,000 years ago. Don't you think it's time to step into the modern world? Please, I beg you to make that statement in a local paper, or local radio station..then let's see who get's all the attention. Peace back at ya babe
  4. a court of law, I would have the right to cross examine and ask for specific evidence. You Sir are generalizing and summarizing my postings without giving specifics. Pls do so, or withdraw you feeble attempts of character assassination. I will grant you that I have far different beliefs than the majority here. The majority which are White, Conservative, Christian, Straight, Males. I'm only one of those. And being that I am a duel citizen of both the US and UK, have lived in 7 countries, traveled to over 170, speak 4 languages fluently and have 3 college degrees...I'd say that I probably have a much different perspective than you. But I guess that is what frights you isn't it Chocolate...that someone so different, can have equally valid beliefs as yours. Pls grow a pair and engage me in a debate instead of attempting character assassination and jr high psychoanalysis. And in closing, if i said something that offended you in a past posting, please enlighten me on what exactly that was, so I can do it again later Tiff
  5. I thought I'd let this thread run "unplugged' so I could see what kind of responses came about. Seems I'm about as popular in this topic as I am in gun control. Hmmm...I guess I miscalculated (again), just how much American love their constitutional rights. Free speech being #1. For that I beg your forgiveness. I did not mean (although I admit one could read into it) to restrict the right to post. I merely wished to bundle it up and put these government/political topics in an area, so I did not have to wade through them. Obviously, this hit a nerve with many of you, so I would like to offer my sincere apologies as that was not my intent (but agree, that if you read my original post that is what was conveyed). I'm not above eatting crow mind you...I just ask that I be allowed to use some ketchup, if you please. However, I personally find such attacks on the leader of the free word distasteful. In my opinion, (pls read that last word again), he won an election by the rules. BTW, I did NOT vote for him, and matter of factly, I actually campaigned for McCain. Bottomline, I find this kind of behavior to be an example of what is wrong with America. We are a divided nation and it is tearing our society's moral fabric apart. When the term liberal ranks right up there with terrorist, then something is very wrong. But hey, you guys have spoken, and I will respect your wishes. Just a few comment, however, Skiealwedrop...pls note that I have close to 1300 posts. I would challenge you to find more than 3 that I have mentioned anything remotely dealing with my sexuality. I don't think anyone other than some close friends on here knew anything about that until about my 1,000 post. You however have brought it up on EVERY rebuttal of yours to my posts. It would therefore seem you are either homophobic or, thou protest too much and are actually G A Y. To be honest, I don't care, because it is none of my business nor should my sexuality be any of yours. And as far as being a Liberal, here is what JFK said about that: What do our opponents mean when they apply to us the label "Liberal?" If by "Liberal" they mean, as they want people to believe, someone who is soft in his policies abroad, who is against local government, and who is unconcerned with the taxpayer's dollar, then the record of this party and its members demonstrate that we are not that kind of "Liberal." But if by a "Liberal" they mean someone who looks ahead and not behind, someone who welcomes new ideas without rigid reactions, someone who cares about the welfare of the people -- their health, their housing, their schools, their jobs, their civil rights, and their civil liberties -- someone who believes we can break through the stalemate and suspicions that grip us in our policies abroad, if that is what they mean by a "Liberal," then I'm proud to say I'm a "Liberal." If you mean what JFK said in the second half of the statement then yes, I'm a liberal, as I care about other Americans and about all people. Do you believe differently? Finally, for the record, I've always voted Republican so you can decide for yourself on where I sit on your political scale. Tiff P.S. Thank you Mr. Montana for even considering such a move!
  6. Sir (at least I think you are male, if not, my forgiveness)...I can't agree more with your statement that religion provides hope. And hope is a very good thing indeed. However, I would like to ask your indulgence on your first statement, that is: Without religion there would be no control between right and wrong. This opinion is very prevalent in the West, but it is not that way in the East. Let me explain. For most Westerners, religion has these two main requirements: Existence of one (or more) Supreme Beings and the existence of a Heaven/Hell. Would you agree with that? However in most of the East, they believe in what I could describe as "moral codes" or as it has been explain to me, "life paths". As many (most?) of these beliefs do not include either a Supreme Being or a Heaven/Hell (at least in Western terms). Three examples are Buddhism, Confucianism and Shinto. The first two are more ethnical/philosophical systems based on teaching of wise (and in case of the Buddha, enlighten) men. While Buddhism does believe in reincarnation, ultimately the goal is to reach Nirvana,which is freedom of suffering, but as Westerners would comprehend as nothingness. Confucianism also has no God or Heaven/Hell. While Shinto is the worship of ancient ancestors. When I lived in Japan, they had a holiday in which all the family members would visit the tombs of their ancestors, and the eldest daughter was tasked with washing the bones of these relatives. What an eye opener to a different perspective! If interested you can learn more here: In addition, my understanding, after having had a Jewish roommate in college, is that Judaism also does not believe in a Heaven. Now, when we take the above beliefs and compare them to total National Crime Rates throughout the world, you can see that the US is ranked number 1 in the world as far as crime rates, followed by 4 other Western societies. While Japan is #6, Korea is #11 If you look at homicide rates, US is ranked at 4.8 murders per 100,000 inhabitants, while Japan is .83. So, this proves you do not need a religion to control right and wrong, you only need moral codes that are reinforced by society. Tiff
  7. If we could put our differences aside for this post, I'd like to provide my thoughts on this. As both an atheist and a Buddhist, I have come to the conclusion that I won't not want America to turn away from religion. Yes, I know that may be a shock to some of you but here is my point. Many people of faith believe that if they do good things they will be rewarded in Heaven. Likewise, if they do bad things they will either spend eternity in Hell or the water down version, they will be sent away from God's love (kind of a go to your room vs spanking punishment). Now, what would happen if people of faith were somehow convinced (bear with me now) that there wasn't a God. That is, that they could do anything they wanted and have no eternal consequence. I think anarchy would take place very quickly. Whether there is a supreme being, is not the point, but merely the belief that there is, keeps people in check. Tiff
  8. Over the last several months I’ve seen a HUGE difference in what is posted here in the Off Topic Forum and to put it bluntly, it turns my stomach. This use to be a fun and nuturing place to hang out. Where we could post funny items, or ask deep philosophical questions of each other, or send out special announcements of what was going on in each other’s lives. While I do still see some of this, it seems more and more it’s been turn into a political and/or conspiracy venue. Is it me or is the vast majority of postings now Anti-Obama or describing how the Government is allegedly screwing with us? Who among you wants to read this stuff in ad nauseaum? I certainly don’t. And the other thing, many of these guys who post this crap (I was going to use another word but it would be censored out) go rabid on you when you ask them to either justify what they are saying or in any way question their opinions. Just recently, one of them, Scrumdiddle had the audacity to belittle one of our wisest and kindest members, just because she didn’t agree with him. Enough is enough. We’ve lost a lot of good people due to this invasion of yahoos. I therefore ask that those of you, who agree with me, be willing to stand with me now and voice your displeasure with what has happen. Let’s take back our form and make it a FUN place to visit. In addition, in a perfect world, I’d ask that Mr. Montana please consider making a separate form for those postings that have a political/government spin. If he can do it for other topics such as: Soldier stories and Recipes, then I hope he would be willing to also do something similar for these politics/government items. That way, all these guys can have fun raining on each other's parades and leave the rest of us alone! What say you? Tiff
  9. "immature, uneducated people like yourself"....huh? Babe...Smee is many many things, like smart, funny, witty, kind, softhearted, warm, loyal and wise...and those are only her bad points. I think u need to restrict the red meat in your diet...but then again, that is what u knuckle dragging, lop earred neaderthals eat I guess. And when it comes to debates, I'm your huckle berry....let's dance...pick a subject, any subject and I'll blow your little bias, egotistical hide out of the water.
  10. Trust me...he doesn't have a snowballs chance in Hades.
  11. I can just see Obama supporters, or the Big Guy himself, looking over this thread and grinning from ear to ear. What chance do we have at getting him out if we have this type of animosity among us? I have great respect for many of you, on both sides of the discussion. What concerns me is that when the dust settles and the GOP candidate is named, if we don't all jump on board, whomever it is...we are SOL. One account I've seen is that Obama has up to $1B in campaign funding to launch once a clear contender is named. United we stand or divided we fall.....Vote REPUBLICAN no matter what! Nuff said. Tiff
  12. Spew? Me? I can assure you Sir, that the only time I spew is when I go to the dentist…and he asks me to rinse my mouth out. But no doubt, you haven’t been to one in years, so my brilliant parody will go over your toothless head. Sxsess, your recent attempts to add anything of meaning to my post, frankly befuddles me. I have always heard that, while Texans were proud of their great state, and like to boast of it, they were never mean nor small. They have a reputation as being true Southern Gentlemen, full of charm and wit. However, from this and previous outburst you’ve had, it would seem either my understand about the men from the Lone Star state is incorrect or you aren’t a true Texan? Which is it? As far as whether I am Ugly, may I first ask you what your definition of both beauty and ugly is? When I look at a person, I look at the whole person, starting with their physical appearance. But true beauty lies within. To me, I see beauty when I see people that are smart, witty, kind, funny, open minded, adventurous and who look out for others. There are many beautiful people on this site like: Smee, FlyHi, Dogmatic, Santanna, Nelg, Len, Shabibilicious, Caz, AKVET, Mankind and Bamagirl, just to name a few. While Ugliness rears its head when I see people with traits like: egotistical, condescending, short tempered, bias, and close minded. So while physical beauty may only be skin deep, when I see the likes of you Sir, I know ugliness goes clear to the bone. And just so we can be perfectly clear on one thing…it’s not that I consider myself so much smarter than you, it’s just that you’re dumber than everyone else Oh and just one more thing Buttercup, whatever permission you thought you had to speak to me in such a manner, I hereby revoke. Tiff
  13. Cher....that was too funny! I've never heard that song before. Easy..join the club mate. Having been on both side of that equation, I can't figure us out either. But I can tell you in my world, to see a hottie with someone else almost begs one to try and $natck (no pun intended, of course) her away.
  14. Not to rain on your parade...but Obama has a LOT of money to spend on his re-election, I've seen estimates that are over $1B...that's with a B, so $500k isn't going to get much action in comparison. If you want to really get votes for Republicans, I recommend you volunteer to drive registered Republicans to the voting booths on Election Day. Then use the $500K as seed money for scholarships for young college students interested in political science, slant it towards a conservative agenda...and have a self-perpetuating contribution that helps a young person start a career and may lead to a future Presidential candidate. That's just my
  15. This article recently appeared in AskMen…an all men’s website. It was written a bit tongue in cheek, but received a lot of “hate mail” from the ladies. While a bit condescending to the “fairer sex”, as an amateur evolutional behavioral scientist, I found some of the listed benefits do hold a grain of truth, at least on how men perceive it. You decide. No.10 You will feel more appreciated. Let's be honest: When you're dating someone who seems too good to be true, you can't stop feeling like you're unworthy of her. You'll do anything for her just because you can't get anyone better-looking. Well, think about that shoe being on the other foot -- if you're her ultimate, she will treat you like a god. This ties into the next benefit. No.9 The sex will be amazing. Yes, you'll want to turn off the lights in the bedroom a little quicker than you normally would if you were dating a model. But sexy women never have to work hard for sex. Men are always so happy to be with them that they do all the work. An ugly woman has learned all kinds of tricks between the sheets to keep her sex life active. She'll be up for anything. No.8 Other people will see you as genuine. People tend to view men with less attractive mates as honourable. You'll be considered a man who sees the inner beauty. Sorry, ladies, but this doesn't work in reverse. If we see you with an ugly husband, we immediately think he's rich and you're a gold digger. It's a double standard, but we didn't write the rules. No.7 Guys don't view you as a threat. Men who move from one beautiful woman to the next are enviable. But you don't want to be friends with that kind of guy. You don't invite that guy out to the bar on Saturday night. Why? Because he'll steal the pretty ladies. Even if you're already married to a beautiful woman, you can never really trust her around a friend who scores hot chicks. ]No.6 Jealousy won't consume you. Guys with women who always turn heads tend to get jealous. It's hard not to constantly fear someone is trying to steal her when you know everyone wants her. And at what point does she give in to temptation? A plain-looking wife has less opportunity to cheat -- in theory. No.5 She has developed a multitiered personality. Because most people immediately take to beautiful women, those women never have to develop a great personality. Yes, every other Maxim interview will have you believe actresses and models are secretly down-to-earth, beer-swilling, girl-next-door types. In reality, when everyone laughs at your jokes and wants to appease you, why would you work to be cooler? No.4 She's more likely to have the same interests as you. Gorgeous women tend to come from families who put a lot of stock in beauty. They grow up learning about shopping, facial products, beauty pageants, hair care, etc. On the other hand, women who look like one of the guys tend to like guy things, like football, beer, dive bars, and cars. No.3 You can be more relaxed about your appearance. If you're dating a person who looks like a statue, it's hard to enjoy that beer, burger or day on the couch. Every moment that you let your gut go is a moment she might become uninterested. It makes sense that people want someone as attractive as they are. So you'll constantly have to work to look perfect. No.2 People will think you know something they don't. If you appear truly happy with an ugly wife, acquaintances will think you've unlocked some hidden secret to nirvana. It's like the person who's constantly smiling -- you can't help but think they know something you don't. No.1 Beer goggles are so much more fun. For those who don't know, drunken sex can be the best. Even if you're normally sloppy and uncomfortable in bed, alcohol gives you the confidence to think you're a porn star. The beer goggles also make your partner look like Gisele. But if your wife already looks like Gisele, how much better can she look? You're just used to being with a hot lady. But when your ho-hum wife suddenly looks smoking, watch out! Peace, Tiff
  16. Rod&staff is back in town...he has negatives and he ain't afraid to use them!
  17. Brave...yes...I've noticed on this site that if someone goes against the staunch Conservative (and may I also add Christian and White) majority, then you better bring a truck load of facts to back up your opinion. Even then, they still tend to slap each other on the backs and say things like "well those liberals don't know what they are talking about". Which is kind of amusing, as I don't think I've found one person on this site that would consider themselves a liberal. I've found many people that are open minded, but liberals don't hold the patent on that fine quality. The poster is renown for putting information out there that is based on fact and is unafraid to let the chips fall where they may. To many of us, it is more important to be right than to be popular. Instead of "belly aching" that the research is wrong, why not go out and find your own facts to support your views. Otherwise it comes down to this little quote: You are entitled to your own opinion but not to your own facts. Tiff
  18. need to get a handle on this. I've spent over 6 years on advance studies of monetary and fiscal policy. Believe me (well, most of you won't) but this is simply the market at work. From the write up above, the only think I could see regarding Obama was this: "The U.S. is ready to do our part to help Europe solve its problems" What exactly do you expect him to do or say? China has kept its currency artificially low for decades, so that it could continue to export the majority of its goods to the US Consumer....that is, if their currency raised based on the free market, China goods would become much more expensive....which would then cut supply, as American (and other Western Countries) consumers would go elsewhere. So the Chinese Gov't keeps their currency low....but that wrecks havoc on market systems as the ying yang of market forces that keeps things in balance doesn't work. So the US Gov't for years (starting way before Obama's time in office) has tried to get the Chinese Gov't to increase the value of their currency. If it rises against the dollar that is good thing for the US economy, it makes our goods more competitive, puts people to work and increases our GNP. As far as the US dollar losing its world currency status...where exactly do you think investors will run to? Europe...not hardly. China...nope, not a stable capitalistic economy. Both Canada and Australia would be good sources, based on their commodity based economy...but they are too small to take in that much cashflow. Whether the Chinese (or anyone else likes it) the US dollar will remain the currency of choice for decades to come. As far as helping out Europe...we have to work together to wring out excess debt and credit...if we don't work with them, the rooster will come home to roost and we are all cooked. Of course we are in dire times, but this is not some Obama conspiracy...please...this is something that has been going on for decades that is coming to a head. We all have to pay the piper. The Federal Reserve itself stated that they don't expect the stock market to reach new highs until the year 2025.
  19. Yup...couldn't have said it better myself!
  20. Problems? Me? Where did you get that from? I bet it was from that little tart, Santanna, huh? The snitch...I told her I had been commited once and then she starts to blab. Ok, ok...I admit, I WAS crazy once...but I'm on medication now. Yup....better now.. Crazy? I was crazy once, I had my own padded room. Then the worms came….Worms? I hate worms, they drive me crazy! Crazy? I was crazy once
  21. Scrum...everyone loves people that are passionate about what they believe in. It's readily apparent you feel that way about RP. Nothing wrong what so ever about that, the problem is you are playing a one string banjo. That is, this DV group is a rather politically savvy lot and we seem to be dominantly Republicans. So most of us have already decided whom we want to vote for in the primary. Now that doesn't mean that you can't voice your opinion, but I don't think most people are going to change their mind at this point. Francies and Stone have provided excellent insights on how us, non-RP (but still Republican) voters are looking at things. Specifically I, like Stone, have a real problem with RP's foreign policy platform. That is why I don't plan to vote for him in the republican primary in my state. Instead of trying to bull your way thru the RV site, may I make a suggestion? According to this survey, the main reason people don't vote is that they don't have time. So if you want to spend your time productively and produce the biggest bang for the buck, I can tell you what worked for me. In the last election, I worked on the McCain campaign and what we did is mobilize people by "booking" people to vote. That is, we would call registered Republicans and ask them if they needed a ride to their designated polling place on election date. Even if they declined, we STILL called them up the day before, to inquire if they needed a ride. Anyway...something to think about. You may get some more ideas by taking a glimpse of the article. Good Luck! Tiff
  22. READ BELOW BEFORE LISTENING The story is this: a girl was out with friends having drinks on King St (in Toronto ). This guy approaches her and won't leave her alone -saying how cute she is. She finally gives in and hands the guy her business card to get rid of him. The attached is an MP3 file of not one, but TWO voicemails this guy left. This goes down in the history books - especially the second voice mail. After hearing them you can clearly see why she didn't call him back - instead she called in to the Z103.5 morning show & had them play this on the air. Ladies: He is out there...
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