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  1. I would like to apologize to Tiffany23: I am so very sorry for the way I spoke to you recently. I should not have responded to you at all, to begin with. I take 100% responsability for any agitation or offense I may have caused you. I was totally wrong to enter that conversation to condemn you. Again, I am very sorry. While I do not have any justification for throwing rocks at you - I have to admit that it is hard to be thrown rocks at or to see someone getting attacked and not do or say anything in response. I have been defending the rights of abused children, abused and battered senior citizens (senior living homes) and abused animals for ages. It all started at a very young age when I would see kids get isolated and picked on at school just because they were poor, shy, didn't dress well and oftentimes doing badly in class. It would drive me crazy to see those monsters pick on these kids! I don't recall how many times i came home with bloody noses and bruised limbs. Mom got so tired of getting called to school over me. She eventually realized in was in my blood (I got it from her!) so she determined there was nothing she could do about it but talk to the teachers about the bullies. I have called the Police on so many abusive husbands I lost track. The screams and yells alone of the children that also have to experience domestic violence is enough to tip my scales! I ve been cussed at, threatened with death, chased on foot, in a car, followed - you name it. It does not stop me - although it has slowed me down a bit! I will continue to be of some sort of help to those who do not know how, are to afraid to ask for help or to young to do it themselves, until I my last breath! Look around you. Look at the faces of the children in your extended family, your friends kids, neighbors, etc. Look for their expressions when they are around their parents, guardians, care givers, etc. Play close attention - you'll see something every now and then that will hopefully make you want to ask a question or two. Of course - you have to be savvy and diplomatic about it. You cannot go hog wild and accuse someone of child abuse off the bat. And, do some research and see how child abuse and child murder is running rampant like never before in this country. Did you know that the number one killer of children are their very own mothers! My 100 year old grandmother died at the hands of caregivers at a senior home one of her imbecelic kids stuck her in when they got tired of caring for her. We rushed out of town to pick her up when we found out about it. Her children would not release her to us and we had to get an attorney. By the time we even began the legal process - my sweet, generous, kind and wonderful grandmother passed away as a result of the neglect of staff members that were supposedly responsable for watching her. They did not change the gauze or clean an infection she attained while at their facility and passed away, alone. I hope you see where my angst comes from, now. Your attacks on the many kind and very patient individuals on this forum eventually got to me and I retaliated against you. I am sorry. I wish i would have kept quite. Take care.
  2. Rand - are you swallowing the toothe paste again?? Actually, Ive determed that you're harmless and just having a little innocent fun - same as some of those other RV prophets. Take care.
  3. Ahhh! - so tiff23 is also 14mil! I read many of the other 14mil posts and it is the same person. wow - what a wicked web we weave... tsk, tsk
  4. There! I'm 'Verified'! She is not an American - read here posts. She may have "went to school in Colorado"(and that may be a lie as well) but she is not a Citizen, she hates Americans (get in line) and loves to bash us. It's time to ban her altogether from this venue; i think it is very warranted especially since she's been "banned/timed out several times".
  5. SODIUM BICARBONATE!! Get Baking Soda out of your mind.
  6. Wow. At this writing - your post has garnered 41 pluses! Reflects a lot....
  7. I applaud you for knowing the demographics of 38,052 dinarvet members! Is that 'raw data' available for me as well, as a dinarvet member. How could I be 'frightened' by your alleged education not having known that about you? You are picking on the wrong person - Ive been around much longer than you and have more experience than you. I can chew you up and spit you out before you could even begin to wonder what the heck was going on! However, your disrespectful manner and 'other disposition' speaks volumes of you and those that were responsible for your upbringing for the first 18-years of your little life. In all your braying of said education - have you not ever heard such common sense 'morsels' as "name calling is the last resort of the scoundrel"? Hmmmm.... And in addition to the assessment of scoundrel - were you aware that in the Old Testament, in the Book that you seem to be so chagrined by - a person who engages in 'interludes' with same sex is considered defiled? Peace out, babe.
  8. she finally rears her head. I should get a medal for smoking her out!
  9. I just scanned over some of her posting history and it is all too clear that she is inditing herself with that which she is accusing others of doing. I also noticed, as Moderator "DaveH" has mentioned earlier, that she was stirring it up even then. To be specific, it appeared to me that her attempts were to incite and provoke the members and then she would condemn those who spoke up, rebuffed and/or defended themselves against her assaults. Can you count how many threads were closed due to some of her 'contributions'? I'm not a Psychologist but I think this may be indicative of a certain Psychosis, if not an abusive personality altogether. This is rather cowardly since the Internet is the best place to do such things with basically no realistic ramifications whatsoever. That is to say - we are all faceless strangers here in cyberspace and what better venue to perform a 'hit-and-run' on someone and then run off and laugh about it? At best - it comes across as somewhat sadistic if you ask me.
  10. I lost count of how many individuals I've referred to this website. I hope they are not disuaded from logging on again buy what they've read in this particular thread today. I still see the same amount of fun posts - and understand the rise in political 'poppycock' (when's the last time you heard that word! ) is due to the election year. no biggy. Im gonna miss this website post RV....
  11. I incorporate a lot of garlic in my diet. And at times ill put half a bulb or more in a little pan after heating some Olive oil. Ill leave it in...oh, for about two minutes or so...get that nice browning to it and then remove it from the burner and eat it. Yummmmmm! Garlic has a very distinct taste and eventually you not only get used to it but in my case i actually crave it.
  12. ...i only read this far and i stopped - I don't want to go any further on this topic. But, obviously, Scrumdiddles - that scripture did not apply to Adolf Hitler. Hitler was a murderer - and God was not saying, 'Hey, man - obey the dude!' C'mon!
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