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BondLady addresses the CBI Article Regarding Corruption – Friday, July 8, 2011

Iraqi Finance: There is a risk of emergence of cases of corruption when you change currency

08/07/2011 17:01

Sulaimaniya, July 8 (Rn) – U.S. Undersecretary of the Iraqi Ministry of Finance Central Bank of Iraq Egypt to change the Iraqi currency during the year, noting that there are risks that contribute to change the currency in the emergence of cases of corruption. He stated the Prophet told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that “When you replace the currency in banks, as happened during previous times, more likely to tuck counterfeit currency between the ancient coins that are replaced with new ones, and this increases the risk of corruption cases.” He noted that “the Iraqi Central Bank Egypt to replace the Iraqi currency Iraqi currency new ones. ” and on the effects of changing the Iraqi currency, said the Prophet “The change of currency would not have any effects, and will be the value of the currency of modern same value of existing currency, as will the size of the current currency itself, and if the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the U.S. dollar has in the past 120 000 dinars, compared to U.S. $ 100, the value will remain the same when you change the currency, but some of them talk about the effects of receptor to change the currency on the economy of Iraq, and it is not clear at the present time. ” He pointed out that I was “for me, I carry the risk that there may be negative effects in the near future when you change the Iraqi currency, instead of having positive effects result from the process of change. ” He was adviser to the CBI the appearance of favor, said in an earlier statement (Rn) that “the Iraqi Central Bank has decided to start Ptnfbz program of strategic and long-term, to re-organize Iraqi currency and the development of the financial system in the country. ” According to the Central Bank that the process of removing three zeroes from the local currency is a complex process and need to study the economic depth. He expressed the IMF in August / August, his support of the Iraqi economy in the event of having a number of economic measures including the privatization of banks and raise three zeroes from the local currency and to meet debt and compensation is the responsibility of Iraq. The Iraqi government has denied conducting any change in the local currency this year to reduce inflation, as pointed out by some news recently that the Iraqi government plans to make changes to the local currency , including raising three zeros to reduce the inflation suffered by the Iraqi market, in addition to adding the Kurdish language on paper currency. The local currency of Iraq has passed in the history of changes to several, most recently in 2004 when the former Governing Council replaced the previous currency, which was symbol of the former regime. Dilshad of Sayf al-Din, see: Wafaa Zangana


[bondLady] about that currency article there’s a couple of things

[bondLady] I’m gonna try

[bondLady] the 1st thing is

[bondLady] they have been having counterfeit probs

[bondLady] already there tryin to counterfeit the new money which imo hasn’t even been released yet

[bondLady] but because of all the cbi articles they the crooks know it will b

[bondLady] so this is also tellin the people what to watch for an how they try to hide the counterfeit money in a stack of good money so it gets passed on thru

[bondLady] the 2nd main thing that jumps out at me is

[bondLady] this article is for 2 things

[bondLady] to address counterfeiters

[bondLady] and to curb speculators from buying more

[bondLady] and possibly sellin back what they have

[bondLady] that’s all this is

[bondLady] try to think of it like this

[bondLady] they won’t nor can they just come on out an say were rving

[bondLady] they have to say the opposite of it

[bondLady] try to keep that in mind

[bondLady] it would be devastating if they said were revaluing

an making the dinar worth more than it is right now

[bondLady] so they won’t do that

[bondLady] u have to look at stuff from here on out per the dinar as opposite day

[bondLady] they say our money won’t change in value

[bondLady] they say it won’t help fix inflation

[bondLady] they’re actually sayin ur dinars fixin to be worth more than it is an by rving it will help curb inflation

[bondLady] if u need to go back an look at any country who has rv’d

[bondLady] look at a week to the day they rv’d before in

articles an things

[bondLady] see what they say

[bondLady] like china’s full page add sayin we will not rv our currency

[bondLady] an 24 hrs later they did


makes good arguments as usual

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I constantly appreciate this woman's common sense and straight talking. She is very special among those who write about the dinar and the Iraqi political/economic situation.


Thank you for your post! I agree with your statement 100%......!!!!

Have a good day!


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