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  1. Great chat Adam! I have so much respect for you and this site and proud to be a member
  2. Thank you!! Good Lord why would they give me a neg?? LOL I was excited when i got the email but im PLENTY used to the Guru's putting their spin on things and wanted to throw it past my RV friends :lol:
  3. ARE YOU SERIOUS EZ??? Holy crap!! I thought for sure i was a week behind and was going to be made fun of!! LOL THANK YOU!! And i agree to i think we are close as well!! And thanks its good to be back
  4. I everyone! For those of you old timers you know who i am...i don't follow the RV as close anymore it was taking over my life but i do pop in here from time to time especially Wednesday's to read Mr. Adam' chat...i just received this email from Jeff with TampaDinar is this a new thing or old news?? United Nations Approved RV RV IS ALMOST HERE. Saturday, 02 February, 2013 UN's to release Iraq from CH VII WITH CONDITION TO RV 2-4-2013 The HEAD of the DEPARTMENT of BANKING and Finance Ministry: “the DINAR traded in global financial directory sites on the recovery of the currency and that there is a future for the Iraqi dinar and would SOON RETURN to what it was before 1980 BECAUSE of the GLOBAL DEMAND in the GLOBAL FINANCIAL MARKETS”. 05 February 2013 Iraqi Dinar Could Rise as Much as 15% in the coming month. Source: Iraqi Cabinet) General Secretariat of Iraq’s Council of Ministers has ruled out the replacement of the currency or cancellation of three zeros “at this stage”, and it is seeking to raise the value of the dinar against the dollar. 2-5-2013 Washington TIMES newspaper: Iraq will be the largest in the world oil power.
  5. Yes it has been awhile for me lol looks like a lot of new names on here!! I hear ya I needed a break as well........ Good to hear from you!!
  6.'s been awhile since I have posted anything!! I love this website and support it 100%...i needed a break from the RV madness wondering how many of my DV friends are still chasing? Would LOVE to hear from you guys!! God bless and as always...go RV!!
  7. * Arab League delegation begins visit to Iraq the end of January January 18th, 2012 01:17 pm · Posted in NEWS (Iraq & World Currency) BAGHDAD (Iba) .. An official source at the Arab League, the high-level delegation, headed by Ambassador Ahmed Ben Helli, Deputy Secretary General of the League of Arab States, will visit Baghdad at the end of this month, to find out the last preparations conducted by the Iraqi government to host the Arab summit of the 23 scheduled at the end of next March. He the source to the Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari will hold talks during his stay in Cairo, beginning next week, to attend the meetings of Arab foreign ministers, on the date of the delegation’s visit and the procedures to be carried out by Iraq in the light of his insistence on maintaining the right to host the summit. and renewed talk again in light of the approaching the date of the Arab summit on the possibility to be held or delayed, as happened last year, was postponed last year at the request of Gulf and justified so that the situation in the Arab rebel does not allow the meeting and the summit, the Gulf States postponed the summit after objections to the support of the Baghdad protests in Bahrain. The political crisis through which Iraq and degradation recently after the suspension of the participation of Ministers of the Iraqi List pretext could cling to the Arab Gulf countries to confirm that the situation in Iraq is not suitable to host the Arab leaders at the summit after the Arab spring
  8. * UAE to Cancel $5.8bn in Iraqi Debt January 18th, 2012 01:19 pm · Posted in NEWS (Iraq & World Currency) Al Arabiya reports that the United Arab Emirates will scrap $5.8 billion in debts owed by Iraq. Emirati foreign minister, Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed al-Nahayan, said on Monday at a news conference hosted jointly with Iraqi foreign minister Hoshyar Zebari (pictured): “An agreement will be signed soon to lay out the legal framework for waiving old Iraqi debt of $5.8 billion.” Zebari thanked the UAE for cancelling the debts, which he said was “a very heavy burden” on Iraq. “The relations between the two states did not stop [in the past 10 years], but today we started the official framework of co-operation,” Zebari said. The debt date backs to the 1980s when Iraq had borrowed money from Gulf states for assistance with Iraq’s long-running war with Iran. The move follows a similar one in 2008, when the UAE wrote off almost $7 billion worth of Iraqi debt left over from the era of Saddam Hussein. Trade between Iraq and the UAE exceeded $4.5 billion last year.
  9. Bless your little heart Newbie! GO RV!!
  10. I haven't been this excited about a thread in a long time! I have a great feeling about this movement...GO RV BABY!!
  11. This is great news!! Merry Christmas to all my DV friends, it has been an absolute pleasure going through this crazy ride with each and everyone of you!! NOW GO RV!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Im not the one that wrote my post again it was someone on Bondlady's site I see you havent lost your sense of humor Thug!! you have no idea how great it is to be back!!
  13. Wow, everyone is taking this thread way to seriously when I posted it I thought we could have a little fun w it, that's all.....nonetheless GO RV BABY!!
  14. I agree, but hell it would entertaining at the least and give us something to talk about other than the same 10 articles that come out everyday
  15. Someone from BL's site wrote a letter to Shabs, can you imagine if this happens?? Maybe her and Mr. Adam can do a round table with him to all admins mods and members. just wanted to inform you all that you just never know who may come on to this site and surprise the dickens out of you. i was so impressed with bondladys chat yesterday that i felt like i had to to do something. and with therock on my butt about doing a chat it was time for action.a chat to me is like show and tell when you went to school. well i had to get one up on therock so last night i typed a letter to the great dr. shabibi as well as printed bondladys chat. in it i stated that we all here in bondladys web site we read and learn all about his country and his people and are fascinated by what we learn everyday here, by our teacher bondlady. i told him enclosed is one of the chats that she worked so hard on to teach us more. i ask him if he would read it and then if he could take time out of his busy schedule and join our class on chat with bondladys address of course. told him it would be an honor and a privalge to have him as our guest. so you never know who may come in lurking one day. and if he does there is my chat therock lol. this letter went out fed ex this mmorning to the cbi in baghdad iraq. fingers cross everyone that it works.
  16. God Alex I feel like we have been in this invested forever...oh wait we have!! Hope you have a Merry Christmas my friend
  17. Wow... I am blown away with all the response's. This site is such a class act just like it's members. I even got a response Mr. Adam!! Thank you again my DV friends!! And let's do this already..GO RV Baby!
  18. Thank Markinsa! And my sincere apologies for my actions before I left, I lost it a little bit and you didn't deserve it my know I get asked a lot about intel, and Iraq is still a country trying to find itself, don't know that it ever will to be honest. What I can tell you is they have made progress, and I have heard a little talk about the dinar and we all sit around bs'ing about the RV. With our troops leaving they are going to have to do something to the value of their currency, the Iraqi people are growing tired living in poverty, they literally have electricity for about 2 hours a day. I can only hope the Iraqi govt is taking notes from what has taken place in other ME countries. Some more of my two cents...i have seen some talk about a "in country" LOP and that would never happen, mostly for the same reason they need to raise the value of their currency.
  19. Good morning DV friends!!!! Holy crap is it good to be the states and on Dinar vets! After several tours in Iraq I hope this was my last one, but if called upon I will proudly serve my country again. There are so many that I have missed on this site, it's weird how you can make friends over a common thread, that thread being the Dinar. I had a chance to hop on today and look at some of the usual sites I would stalk lol and it does appear we are getting closer. My cousin would ask me are we rich yet, and my standard answer for him was...were one day closer to being rich Anyways it feels good to be back, and GO RV!!
  20. * Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh: the separation between politics and the economy strengthens the central site September 23rd, 2011 09:22 am · Posted in NEWS (Iraq & World Currency) Work of the governor of the Bank of Lebanon since 1993, and in the most difficult circumstances, where politicians compete and Atqasfon, which led to the demolition of the country’s economy, Votal his presence to turn the situation upside down . banking stability since he took office purify the Lebanese banking sector less costly and more intelligent, remove 29 banks from the market carefully and without a loss. The side of the banking sector in Lebanon, the repercussions of the global financial crisis still warns of damage to foreign investments, due to the continuing financial crisis in the countries of Europe. Gave the initial liquidity in the banking sector and not for profit. And making the cost of insurance on the credit risk of Lebanon after the fall of confidence to make it up the monetary and banking situation. After making the growing confidence in the banking sector, contributed to the decline in credit encouraged the dollarization and lira. Reduce interest rates, making the state’s inability to drop after lower interest income and the city of Lebanese and foreign currencies and achieved an increase in profitability of banks in 2010 for 2009 and 2009 than in 2008. Also made ​​in foreign currency reserves at the Bank of Lebanon exceeds $ 30 billion for the first time in the history of the Central Bank. It Riad Salameh, Governor of the Bank of Lebanon, which singled Qabas speech comprehensive emphasizing a policy of distancing Bank of Lebanon to engage in internal political conflicts, and this approach in the policy has proved he will continue in his duties as governor of the Bank of Lebanon for the period of the fourth, which extends until 2017 . He said that the banking sector Lebanon has faced many difficulties and obstacles as a result of domestic and foreign crises, he roamed through policies and financial architecture and make the right decisions and circulars issued by the Bank of Lebanon, all intended to check the banking sector and fortify the national currency. He added that the policy pursued by the Bank of Lebanon prevented the announcement of any bank bankrupt while out of the market more than 33 banks through mergers, backed by the Bank of Lebanon, soft loans of the bank merging . revealed the safety of the Lebanon line with the Basel 3, to maintain the sector has the confidence of each dealing with him, pointing out that the solvency ratio required in achieving Basel 3 is currently in Lebanese banks, and we have been working for years on grounds similar to those adopted in the courses mentioned. The following is a transcript of the interview : What about the potential risks of political crisis in Lebanon, and whether Lebanon has been stable on the level of cash in light of the changes in the political arena? since the first day of Tzlma my duties at the head of Governor of the Bank of Lebanon in August of 1993, made ​​sure that pursued a policy of distancing Bank of Lebanon to engage in internal political conflicts, and this approach in the policy proved its worth, which will continue in my duties as governor of the Bank of Lebanon for the period of the fourth, which extends until 2017 . The Lebanese banking sector has faced many difficulties and obstacles as a result of crises, domestic and foreign, but roamed through policies and financial architecture and make the right decisions and circulars issued by the Bank of Lebanon, all intended to check the banking sector and fortify the national currency. Today, we must therefore continue to maintain Lebanon’s reputation and stability of cash . Is Lebanon before the economic risks lead to landslides, as some analysts expect, or the opposite is true? has influenced events in Lebanon in the past on its financial position, but today’s drop affected by economic and financial situation of political realities, This is for the interest of Lebanon and the Lebanese . I saw the Lebanese, we were able to build financial, banking and achieved a reduction in benefits and maintained this reduction despite the difficult political circumstances, and this confirms that we have succeeded to a large extent in the separation between politics and the economy . I want to reassure analysts that there is no any bank is threatened in Lebanon or the Bank is preparing measures against him, that’s for sure, and I am confident that our financial sector will remain bound by any international resolutions issued by the Security Council . What is your assessment of the political landscape now in Lebanon under the government of Prime Minister Najib Mikati? what we have heard since form a new government and the Co-Michel Suleiman, Mikati is precisely the militancy that Lebanon is committed, cooperative and respectful of international legitimacy, and Lebanon is a founding member of the United Nations. I do not see any concerns can now have a negative impact on his financial stability of his criticism of the national . investment opportunities to investment opportunities in Lebanon now, and do you expect to increase investors in the near future? nothing new to say that Lebanon is counting on investments, but is working to encourage engagement in investment and employment in many areas . Lebanon has great potential and policies conducive to capital investment. It is not right to forget that Lebanon is to avoid falling into the clutches of the global financial crisis, making it an attractive plant for capital and investment. Lebanon enjoys political stability and security despite the circumstances that surround us . Is there a problem of inflation in prices, whether high oil prices and prices of raw materials associated with it? from the outset, were determined monetary stability and preserve the people’s money and care not to lose any deposited money in Lebanon . Today, we are seeing the dollars we have before us for the benefit of the lira, and signals a strong send markets translated thus a sense of reassuring in the direction of the financial situation and the national currency . the performance of banks deliberately Bank of Lebanon within its legal power to contribute to establishing the right climate for business development and the labor market in Lebanon, is still the situation exists? have contributed to the Bank of Lebanon and the banking sector in securing high growth over the past years, the growth in lending tool to achieve this. The banking model that we have built through the circulars issued by the Bank of Lebanon to prevent our sector exposure to the crisis that has rocked global financial markets, and continues to threaten more references of the international financial . What is your assessment of the performance of the banking sector in Lebanon? proved the banking sector in Lebanon that he was able to take responsibility and absorb the lessons which the world is witnessing. Numbers are proof of this, Fathoalat the Lebanese to their home country, surpassed the $ 8 billion a year and gross domestic product is estimated at 40 billion. These figures put Lebanon in the forefront of Arab non-oil terms of per capita income . Has the Lebanese banks positive results in 2011 at the operational level? The policy pursued by the Bank of Lebanon prevented the announcement of any bank is declared bankrupt, while out of the market more than 33 banks through mergers, backed by the Bank of Lebanon, soft loans of the bank merging . useful to recall that Lebanon’s banking group of 26 Lebanese and 17 foreign banks note that our country does not impose any restrictions on the movement of capital or foreign exchange. Political crisis, which took place in Lebanon a year ago, hit rates of growth that we expect not to be similar to rates in 2010 . has put the loans in Lebanon and its role in development? has launched the previous governments, soft loans granted to the productive sectors such as industry, tourism, technology and cares about the central bank management of these loans with reference to the banking sector is subject to the management of qualified and experienced . Basel 3 is the willingness of the Lebanese banks to start the application of the Basel Convention 3 and the reforms? Lebanon cope with Basel 3, to maintain the sector has the confidence to all dealers with him. It should be noted that the percentage of solvency required in achieving Basel 3 is currently in Lebanese banks, and we have been working for years on grounds similar to those adopted in Basel 3 . He knew Lebanon spasm of political and security have impacted negatively on the economy and monetary stability. Today, the financial sector in Lebanon towards the well-being which in turn grows with the hope of avoiding political instability and social . constitutes a money laundering one of the largest criminal activities in size and most prevalent in our time, what the government and the Lebanese banking sector to reduce this phenomenon? was the first to Lebanon, the issue of fighting money laundering of paramount importance and all its institutions participated in the public sector and the private sector to work seriously to combat money laundering. Lebanon has been in this area to work on the development of all legal regulations, and strengthen weaknesses in the legislation applicable, as well as to enact the necessary laws and the issuance of implementing regulations and circulars related. All this work to be of Lebanon in line with the global systems of modern and developing economic environment attractive to investment, particularly the external ones . relationship with Kuwait, to the extent of progress and growth and openness reached the Kuwaiti banking sector in your opinion? Lebanon, Kuwait, how many points of similarity brings them and the latter formed an opportunity to strengthen the historical ties between the two countries in political, economic and banking, where it is the State of Kuwait of the most prominent supporters of Lebanon, whether through government deposits at the Bank of Lebanon, or through the establishment of vital projects he has shall be financed by the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development, as well as investments of the Kuwaiti private sector in Lebanon, which estimated at about $ 4 billion. The relations between Kuwait and the Lebanese need more coordination in order to improve their performance in the areas of economy, trade, business and banking cooperation . that Lebanon relies heavily on the development of bilateral relations with Kuwait, and he does not forget the hands of the white blowing always help whenever I need our country to them. For example, contributes to the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development, for the first time since its establishment in the financing of projects in Lebanon, related to culture and heritage (Museum of Beirut, Beaufort Castle, the Museum of Sidon) was singled out Lebanon this exception enter the heritage and culture in the list of projects funded by a grant from the Kuwaiti government amounting to $ 300 million and allocated by the State of Kuwait following the July 2006 war . How do you see the presence of the Kuwaiti banking in Lebanon? The presence of the Kuwaiti banking in Lebanon increases the confidence, rooted in the State of Kuwait in the banking sector and contribute to promoting investment in our country and we are pleased that the performance of the Kuwaiti banking on the development of durable, which contributes to the development of economic and social life for the Lebanese . Lebanon will host the conference to encourage investment in Libya, Beirut – A – news reports said that Lebanon was announced to host the conference in November to encourage investment in Libya. He said Lebanese President Michel Suleiman, on the sidelines of his presence in New York to participate in the meeting of the General Assembly of the UN, Lebanon and Libya agreed to be held in Beirut on November 24 a special conference to promote investment in Libya. He added, expected the Libyans us to help, to enable them to achieve their ambitions, «In the near term are expected to continue to protect civilians, the Libyans, and to assist the Transitional National Assembly Libyan in maintaining security and facilitating humanitarian access ». 800 factory closed in Lebanon during the 6 years Beirut - dpa A – statistics showed that the number of Lebanese factories fell between 2005 and 2011, about 550 factories. The head of the Lebanese Industrialists Association blessing Ephraim at a news conference that «compared between 2005 and 2011 census shows that the total number of factories declined from 3673 to 3125 ie about 550 factories». He pointed out that the most affected sectors are the garment sector, which fell to 299 of 388 factories, and furnishings from 566 to 351, and machinery plants from 240 to 202, and food of 604 to 556. He continued: census indicates that about 800 factories were closed, while the factory was established about 300 new large financial Ptozivat much larger than the factories closed. He added: statistically, the number of factories in Lebanon, which includes 8 and older workers 0.3123 factory, «according to the statistics of exports and guide the Lebanese industrial enterprises to mid-June 2011 ».
  21. Please RV!! Great post Aqua I hope your right!!
  22. * Economist: continued high prices of foodstuffs due to the exploitation of traders project to delete the zeros from the currency September 17th, 2011 07:22 pm · Posted in NEWS (Iraq & World Currency) Economist: continued high prices of foodstuffs due to the exploitation of traders project to delete the zeros from the currency Posted: September 16, 2011 by THE CURRENCY NEWSHOUND – Just Hopin in Iraqi Dinar/Politics Friday 16/9/2011 8:12 Economic expert attributed the contrary goldsmith reasons for the persistence of high food prices due to the traders to exploit the project of deleting three zeros from the currency, and the activation of the device standardization and quality control, stressing that the government is unable to intervene to reduce prices in the market. The jeweler said the news on Friday: that the Iraqi trader anticipate the project to delete the zeros from the currency, and the increase of prices of some food that did not rise in advance, and continue to raise the rest of the material, noting that the government is able to be reduced, since the topic is subject to supply and demand in the domestic market. The jeweler is that the Iraqi trader imports goods from the poor and increase their prices and profit taking in his mind only and not to think about the Iraqi citizens and the market economy, stressing that the Iraqi trader be more sedate for dealing with things and more able to preserve the lives of citizens. I suggest economic expert to form an association between the Iraqi traders, establish controls to work behavior in the market and the rules of Products and quality so they would have gravity to work, calling for the import of goods of good and sober of the origins, the great global Odhu reputable and affordable can buy simple Iraqi citizen. The Iraqi market is currently experiencing a heavy price rise of food prices such as legumes, vegetables, fruits and others.
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