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  1. Things need to "Level Out" in this society... doing the right thing isn't always convenient. I wrote to Nathan Deal, Gov of GA, a while back regarding the fact that it is not fair, when responsible, accountable adults apply for a job, have to take and pass a drug test to get the job, so we can go to work everyday, get a paycheck, of which a portion of that paycheck supports welfare and the fact that... people receiving a welfare check do not have to take and pass a drug test in order to get that check. Doesn't sound like a level playing ground to me? I mean, level playing grounds are what people want right? Equal opportunity, affirmative action...put things on a level playing field.... That is... as long as there is no accountability...hmmmmm Obviously, there was an outcry regarding this situation from many of our GA citizens... I saw on TV last night, that this bill will go into effect on July 1st, but some, are saying it is not constitutional. Some of these same people love Obummer ..the guy who has ignored our constitution during his entire term! Hopefully, 2013 is the end of an Error! Hypocritical some? Ya Think??? Opponents are saying that by ordering welfare recipients to take and pass a drug test to receive a check, violates their rights and "profiles" welfare recipients as "druggies" OK... So then, level playing field, When my prospective employer, tells me that in order for me to work and receive a check I must take an pass a drug test; I will protest and say: "By telling me to take this test, you are profiling people who take on the responsibility of getting up each day, working for 40 plus hours a week - as being a bunch of "druggies". That is unconstitutional. You are violating my rights." Answer: "That's fine. There's the door". I am looking forward to see the caliber of the people opposing this law...Last night on TV, the reporter asked random people what they thought about this... One woman said "It puts an astigmatism on welfare recipients". Alrighty, then... I didn't know that it causes Vision bad! Plan - move to a tropical island, get away from all the bs. Eat coconuts and pineapples. Go fishing. But alas... I Gotta go to work. Wow - work - what a concept!
  2. PLEASE PLEASE DO THIS! I suffered for years waking up in massive pain, then the spasms (cramps) were in my back traveling under my arrm to the under breast area. OMG! Couldn't breathe! Stopped me in my tracks! Went to emergency room! They did a cat scan, sonogram, you name....said that they saw NOTHING! Could be stress related... My friend, who owns an herb shop, told me to try MAGNESIUM TAURATE (NOT PLAIN OL MAGNESIUM, BUT BE TAURATE). I got a bottle 180 caps, 125mg,2 caps a day, enough for 3 months, and it costs under $30. CRAMPS SLOWED DOWN WITHIN 3 DAYS AND STOPPED AFTER A WEEK! These were so intense, I am still amazed. The bottle says 2/day, I take the two in the am. Please give this a try, I know what you are going thru! Best wishes, attackcat1
  3. Hello, If you have lived in a state that has a state tax for 11 months, lets say until Nov. 2011....We have an RV, we cash in, and then buy a home as your permanent residence in a state with No state tax before Dec. 31, 2011..... would you have to pay GA state tax since you lived there for 11 months....even though you are filing your taxes from your new address, in the state with no state tax? I thought (I know it goes for divorce..) "you are what you are on Dec. 31", so on Dec. 31 my perm. res. is in lets say, FLA, I file my taxes in Jan (in Fla) no state tax? Does the fact that I only lived there one month during 2011 oblige me to pay state tax where I lived for the majority of the year? Throw this is too! When you cash in and sign the Ficen form, your info would include your address. That address would be in the state that has the state tax....I need the RV $ in order to move, so have to cash in first....Can that be a factor? Any thoughts on this? Thanks!
  4. GOOGLE FEMA DISPOSABLE COFFINS GA all shapes and sizes some fitting 2 people. sounds like concentration camp roundup and dis[psal
  5. I went to Chase to open a LLC acct for my small business. They were very happy to see me and put me with my "owen" Personal Banker. She seemed nice...I casually asked her, "you're familiar with the Iraqui Dinar, right"...she made a face at me like I just then lost all credibility. She rolled her eyes. I said, "I was told about it, I figured life's a chance, why not.. bought a little...will you guys be cashing in when it revalues"? She looked at me with a smirk on her face and said, "NO NO. We won't be involved with THAT". I went home and felt like a fool for a few days, till I snapped out of it. You know, negativity stays with you a few days, even if you try to blow it off.. I have my business acct there. When it RV's I am going in, closing my acct, and when she ask's why, I'll say " I'm banking with ____Bank. They cashed in my dinar since it revalued, I have accounts and investments with them, so I want to keep everything in the same place" I am looking forward to this! What goes around, comes around. Since that experience, I have told no one. GO RV!!!!!!!
  6. I think you've smoked your can be snotty to me for no good reason,,,,life goes on,,,, welll I did say mostly intelligent people on this site....
  7. My Aunt (Mom's sister) is 98, will be 99 in November! Was great until she fell last year...still talk to her on the phone. I record her messages she leaves Aunt is still very opinionated as well! I think he believes it himself.. After tonight's chat, I will just check forex and see what's going on, and wait for VIP text from Adam. I'm tired of this very emotional ride and I have not even been in it as long as others, so I cannot imagine how they feel!
  8. It is a shame that they resort to such lies that look "real" on the surface. I'm so over this. I'm not posting anymore. I'll just read. Sort out the Bs from the "Science of it all"..
  9. didn't mean it that way...she is very naive and believes alot of what she hears, she's always been that way. I meant to relay, that she is about 70 and in a bad financial situation, not well enough to get a part time job although she is looking. It is hard to reach a certain age, and have a lot of negative things going on in your life., not knowing what your future will hold. So - hearing fake news, lifts her up and then drops her down Hard. I am in my late 50's, and am very respectful. Sorry you got so upset. I put it in rumors, because I questioned it's validity. By the way, I never knew grandparents, and my mom died when I was 16. If I had a grandparent or a mom, I'd kiss the ground they walk on..
  10. she says this is what keeps her going..things are bad.. I do understand that. I am in a bad situation as well, and pray for this to happen already. But it is this "hope of Rv ing" that is getting her through..
  11. you know, I said to her once, "let me talk to this guy" and she said that she promised she wouldn't tell anyone about the dinar. I can't upset her. She thinks I am a downer, but I just go by what seem to be facts not rumors.
  12. She emailed this to me as is....I feel so bad for her...he calls her and says stuff like are you ready to be a millionaire...she is bad off, and that kind of pumpingto end up as a let down, is just not right.. so when she sent me this..I figured I'd ask our group who are mostly intelliegent, to perhaps look into it better than I am able. Thanks.
  13. OK- My friend who told me about the dinar sent me the email I pasted below. Please understand that she is like 70 yrs old, and her neighbor told her about the dinar having bought some per her brother Advsiing her to do so. Then , my friend told me. I am the type that researches everything. Come to learn, that the "Brother" in one of those PD people, who say we are RV ing every day.... He forwards this stuff to her, I keep telling her is' pumper stuff.... but could these morons actually lie about Wolf Blitzer..I mean use His Name and Reputation for lies, put out over the internet - WOW! -....OR could this be true? Please read what she sent to me.... I tried to find info that Blitzer said this, but could not.. HOLD ONTO YOUR HATS!! [mort] Wolf Blitzer just announced on the news that Iraq has fully tradable currency hopefully this means the end of waiting for the RV to happen is here!!!! [DinarWishes] mort what what what!!!! [mort] it was just emailed to me from a person i trust [mort] I’m asking her what channel in Iraq was it on [drl] mort did you actually see it ? [Hecht] mort That does mean they have an RV? [mort] not sure yet [sirTitus] mort ..what do you mean not post that and you’re not sure??? [bIGDADDYHARRIS] SirTitus lol [Garskman] Mort, based on WTO, tradable means that it has been RV'd, right? Rate should follow soon... GOD IS ON THE THRONE AND PRAYER CHANGES THINGS!
  14. thanks. appreciate your time and effort in keeping us on track.
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