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  1. Yes I agree... But this lady is beginning to wake up. Like a sleeping giant, she will be furious.. Finally, after a long deep slumber, she needs all the prayers we can muster up. GOD BLESS AMERICA.. Best Regards.
  2. Sorry folks, I was afraid to post the actual article due to copyright infringements. But it is quite interesting and points to an interview on Fox News with Darrell Issa regarding this issue. I thought it important enough to draw attention to it. Please do take the time to visit the page.\ Link below... Best Regards.. .................................................. © 2011 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Learn more about our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.
  3. I personally suspect this info to be true. Especially given all of the dynamics that have played out lately. Particularly regarding the "Fast & Furious" ops. I can understand why the WH staff and family would be under a lot of stress. Either way, it is up to you to decide .. Best Regards ............................................................................ White House Insider: “They Are Crumbling In Amongst Themselves” by Ulsterman on September 28, 2011 with 58 Comments in News Don’t have much time, on the road, but I’ll try and answer as many of your questions as I can. Af
  4. There is nothing worse than being judged without a fair hearing. Unfortunately, in this age on unrestrained anger and striking out immediately at all perceived adversaries, we all sometimes make mistakes. You have been one of a handful that has consistently brought logic, truth, and patriotic issues, and helped unpack the decades of deceit perpetrated on Americans by people that only intend to harm us. I took away one of the negs, please, don't let a misunderstanding keep you from continuing to be engaged here. You have far too many friends and compatriots. This post has been edited by
  5. Ha Ha thanks DM... I prefer wine though.. How bout it Mongo? We can go dutch... We certainly do not need any more animosity than has already been dished out to us from the PTB..(powers that be) Best Regards
  6. Thank you Divemanster.. I was merely pointing out that the speaker of those words, AG Eric Holder.. Simply protests too much. YES, I too do personally agree STRONGLY with the 2nd Amendment. Sorry that some people seem to have taken my words and twisted them to suit their own sort of anger. Contrary to what a certain poster has written "What a BLOWHARD LIBERAL Socialist " I take this as a personal insult, AM NOT ANY OF THESE THINGS. Surely any of my previous postings will verify that. This person does not even know me, and obvioulsy has never read any of my postings. Best Regards
  7. WHO THE HE*** ARE YOU? Calliing names to? I certainly hope you are not directing your poisonous insults to me!!!! If you have taken my words out of context, then that is YOUR fault. As for myself, I am a TRUE AMERICAN patriot. And I stand for the American Constitution..that is more than I can say about YOU. I am sure of it.. You need to apologise kid..for that is what you appear to be here with this kind of rhetoric. Best Regards.
  8. “Even in the face of an unprecedented flow of guns across the border, too many in Congress still oppose every effort to reform our gun laws in ways that would make the United States and our Mexican neighbors safer. Read more: Dear, Dear .. It appears to me that thou dost protest too much ! Best Regards
  9. Yes TP, But I am with RT on this.. Why? If other presidents were able to secret away their activity WITHOUT a law, then can you explain why it’s necessary at all? Best Regards
  10. Agreed Flatdawg... It does not matter how hard we plead, as long as the DeFacto is in power we will receive NO good positive results. Everyone should take note! Things will be just the same, maybe a different face, but the puppetmasters will still be pulling the strings. If we want to see TRUE change, it is essential that ALL Americans support the TRUE De Jure Government.. Click on this link, Learn how the foreign entity that calls itself the UNITED STATES CORPORATION took over the original DeJure gov. The present gov. the UNITED STATES CO
  11. “LEAD FROM THE FRONT!” by John Sutherland, ©2011 The U.S. Constitution was created by representatives of the original 13 colonies (Oct. 6, 2011) — Dear Governors all, Unless there was massive voter and/or election fraud in your state elections, each and every one of you has been elected by your citizens to manage the executive branch of your state’s republic form of government to the best of your ability, and, according to the terms of your sworn oath of office, to defend and protect both your state constitution and the Constitution for the United States. It is your oath of office a
  12. Well, today is Day 4 of my green juice fast i have lost about 2.5 pounds and have been drinking a ton of water. Yesterday Read more: Well done, Easy..i know exactly how you feel! I have been on many fasts myself though the years. One was 16 days and another for almost 30 days. But it wasnt easy, and I had to prepare for at least a year before, and that was a series of cleansing diets. Just a word of encouragement... It gets easier as the days roll by. Especially after 4 days, food becomes non essential to you. I must warn however, if you are planning on any longer period of fasting.
  13. Where are our rights ? No habeas corpus? Due process? And the slippery slope gets slimier and slimier.. Best Regards ................................................ WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama steered the nation's war machine into uncharted territory Friday when a U.S. drone attacked a convoy in Yemen and killed two American citizens who had become central figures in al-Qaida. It was believed to be the first instance in which a U.S. citizen was tracked and executed based on secret intelligence and the president's say-so. And it raised major questions about the limit
  14. "bet you would see the roaches run home " Erm will that mean BO too? Best Regards
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