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Chap VII is nearing its end?!


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$$$ Chapter VII is Nearing Its End $$$

mochasmom Today at 7:45 am

.Chapter VII is nearing its end

Ad Melkert


Faris Omar

Expectation of the Special Envoy of the United Nations in Iraq, Ad Melkert to announce that the government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki will soon recognize Kuwait's borders and thus ending twenty years of international sanctions imposed on Iraq since the invasion of Kuwait in 1990 under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations. The UN envoy said in an interview with Reuters news agency that a deadline and form of recognition is due to both sides of Iraq and Kuwait but the United Nations has been supporting this process and encourages them. He expressed his conviction completion in the near future.

He said international official to the meeting which was held in late March between the Minister of Foreign Affairs Hoshyar Zebari and his Kuwaiti counterpart Sheikh Muhammad Sabah as part of the Joint Ministerial Committee as the meeting "historic" produced results "very positive" calls for optimism, in the words of United Nations envoy in Iraq.

The United Nations has imposed harsh sanctions on Iraq after its invasion of Kuwait did not lift them all after the invasion led by the United States and bring down the former regime. But the UN Security Council issued in December last decisions signal the beginning of the dismantling of sanctions, calling for the normalization of relations between Iraq and Kuwait. Must confirm that the Iraqi government reiterated its recognition of Kuwait's borders land and sea in a letter to the UN Security Council.Radio Free Iraq, met with a member of the House of Representatives from a coalition of state law and the National Alliance Ahmed Abbasi, who noted the desire of the international community in general and from the United States in Iraq out of the provisions of Chapter VII, pointing to an improvement in Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations as a prelude to reach this goal.

And confirmed a member of the House of Representatives for the coalition and Iraqi unit Jumaili Iraq's desire to end the problems he inherited from the dictatorial regime with the countries of the region and seeking to establish good relations with neighboring countries, especially Kuwait.

But a member of the Iraqi bloc white high Nassif Jassim stressed the need to protect the interests of Iraq's territorial integrity in the demarcation of the border with Kuwait, especially as the UN Security Council resolution in this regard was issued in exceptional circumstances.

He expressed a political science professor at Baghdad University Saadi al-Azzawi was convinced that the closure of the outstanding issues between Iraq and its neighbors, particularly Kuwait, and the ensuing fallout has burdened the country, will set Iraq's relations with its surroundings on the basis of sound.

Along with the demarcation of the border with Kuwait, there are other issues to be resolved, including the Kuwaiti archives, and the issue of missing persons. And that Iraq still owes Kuwait for more than twenty billion dollars in compensation for damage to the invasion and pays 5 percent of its oil revenues to fulfill its obligations under UN Security Council resolutions.


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The discussions related to resolution of the Chapt 7 issues e.g. borders, missing persons, etc., have been ongoing as we all know. This article dated from April simply restates what we've known for some time. "They're working on it". So far, I have not seen any new updates regarding status as of today supporting the latest claims that these issues are resolved. Does anyone have something current that confirms where this is at beyond "in progress"?

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Based on the news we receive, it still looks like a lot to get done in the next couple of weeks, to get the Chapter 7 lifted. I am still very hopeful, that they can get it done. I think if Maliki can get Allawi arrested, and the parliment, can get Maliki arrested, we can get this all done very quickly. :lol:

Actually, all kidding aside, there is a lot to get done, and I would bet, that a lot of of it is done, behind closed doors.

Adam....we are waiting for those texts!!!! :lol::lol:

Go RV!!!

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