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  1. I dont think it is fair for me to of been put on monitered status due to what I stated about getting virus and malware warnings when it turned out to be true. If anything, I should be thanked and reinstated. I have been a positive contributer to Dinar Vets over the past 3 years and have never caused any problems.
  2. Every freaking time I sign in I get a virus detection from my antivirus protection... Perhaps it is targeted to just those who speak out on this forum ? But don't tell me that there isn't anything going on because I experiene. Oh and to ask someone why they come on here if I do get some sort of infection detection... that is skating around and sidestepping the issue. You just proved my point.
  3. All I want to know is where I can get me some of that ISIS deenar.. Heard the value of that was going to explode.
  4. So Cheney and Halliburton are completely innocent I would then suppose ? Absurdly overcharging US citizens for the Iraqi war that they got us into.....
  5. Perhaps Randy and Tlar should just go off and Toss each others Salad and spare us the BS sessions.
  6. Yes, and if your business does not accept the ISIS dinar at what rate of exchange they demand, you will be beheaded and your family murdered.. Any questions ?
  7. Gee, I wonder just how someone would know exactly what a selfie from craigslist , casual encounters section would look like unless they themselves browsed there ? Either way, lets just be thankful that Okie hasn't posted any casual encounter selfies here.
  8. While their country is all but being taken away from them, perhaps they should do something of this nature to generate funds and investments. Just hope that the ISIS group does not benefit in any sort of way but that would be difficult to say as they have taken over some key Iraqi resources and locations so you could not say that they could not. If they can pull off raising the value of their currency, more power to them, but they're still going to need the help of the rest of the world getting rid of these barbaric thugs. Maybe that is why they are consider the RV now. (?)
  9. Oh Im haning on but just by a thread at this point. The whole over night millionaire things I dont give much hope for though. I know it's not over by any means but the current political turmoil just prolongs any possible change and stability within Iraq so that just pushes back any chance for this so called RV. Sure, I'll take what I have invested if they do and by something nice but Im am not expecting it to so if and when it does, it will be a very nice surprise. I am really just more jaded by all the BS, scam and continious outright lying . Im sick of it.
  10. A disillusioned Guru Is an Oxymoron. I hear ya Plummet but I think most everyone who has been into this dinar thing for at least two to three years will tell you that they actually quit expecting that an RV will actually occur. That most probably just hang on for hopes sake but actually have come to their senses. I have all but sold off all my dinar but just have a smige left. Enough to buy myself a fast car but don't really expect this thing to ever happen. This Is more just for amusement sake anymore really and I don't believe one GD thing anyone says anymore. I also think that this whole VIP thing is brilliant but just a scam within a scam .
  11. Also on Iraqi TV, on Iraqi Big Brother, Akmed just won head of house .
  12. I would think that at some point someone would actually get kind of tired of lying to people no matter how much of a sociopath they may be.
  13. So it would appear that the air strikes are working...Sorry he had to die but it just shows what we are dealing with.
  14. I'm just going to call Okie later and wish him a Happy Birthday now that I have his home phone number but this time I won't hang up.
  15. Malikis going to get together with Okie in Vegas for a night out on the town. Surely to be epic.
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