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  1. I am from Havasu, and I am a Mom of 4. I've wondered about some of the names. Keep, I wouldn't have guessed what inspired your name! My youngest son is 15, and Call of Duty addict too !(X-Box). He tells me he is ranked #41 in the world. Don't think there are any Call Of Duty scholarships, so GO RV!!! Fun thread!
  2. Thank you Scooter! You are a wealth of information and communicate very well both orally and written. I like facts, you've got them, and present them so effectively. Your enthusiasm has me pumped up again!! Thanks PVS for posting !!!!
  5. thanks scooter and thanks for posting! another optimistic day!!!
  6. Mine too! HaHA!!! We need to buy back ups!! De-coder rings for ALL- sure would make life easier! AND yes interesting article. I hope that Adam will elaborate on what that means.
  7. I agree Jury Picker. It will be a shot in the arm for the U.S. if our country truly does have the amount of Dinar that has been suggested through the years. The proceeds from OUR personal investment alone will assist our country in its' recovery. I know I will be buying some luxury items, real estate, invest in business, etc. along with all of our D.V. friends! I am especially looking forward to contributing monetarilly to our schools and youth programs, and make many other 501 c-3 contributions to help my community prosper again. I think the RV is partially contingent on when it will best help Obama in his approval rating for re-election. If the country shows any signs of improvement, it will help his cause. Not saying it will totally wipe the debt, but making the number go down instead of up for the fist time would sure create many Obama fans! Just an opinion.
  8. You've got yourself a good ball there! My dad knew all those players, had balls signed and gave most of them away!! Didn't think his daughter would be interested and mostly didn't realize their value in the future! UGH! YEA, research it online, ebay, etc. I'm a L.I. girl! YOU??
  9. Many of us check the forums to see what's new... did it happen???? Lately, many of us check it more often because of all the hype in recent months and we are being optimistic. Let's face it, we can't discuss this investment with people "outside " DV because all ya get is negativity and rolled eyes. It doesn't matter how much someone likes or respects you- they think you are nuts! Frankly, there is never much new REALLY. When, a hopeful date, something Maliki said. It's great to be updated on the compilation of progress in Iraq and I know more than I ever wanted to about the Middle East. Thanks to all who post REAL artcles. I am happy to be part of this "great" investment and it is fun to help keep all of our hopes and dreams alive and hear other peoples ideas about a lot of different topics. Take it for what it is,don't make this site your whole life,chill out, and have FUN on the roller coaster!!
  10. That's strange... it was 128 banks when it was first posted. hmmmm? 128---> 18 big difference.
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