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  1. I called DT and they said they took the links off.
  2. Does anyone know why Dinar Trade stopped selling Dinar. As of Friday there were links to buy dinar, but now the links are gone. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Could this be the next to the last domino to fall concerning raising the value of the dinar? Monday, 16 May 2011 13:45 [baghdad - where] Instructed the CBI to close all shops banking is approved in the country. The source said the central bank, told all of Iraq [where] on Monday that “the Central Bank of Iraq issued an order closing all stores banking is approved through a common subunits between the police and domestic intelligence in the lists issued by the bank.” The central bank may face in the tenth of this month, all ministries and departments not associated with the Ministry not t
  4. Here is a link to DT's website. Don't know if I did something wrong, but this is what I got on my screen. If you can tell me what this means, if anything, i would appreciate it.
  5. I could not find a topic heading that would have been more appropriate. I have a question about a news article regarding a pass on rules given to some companies by Fed Secretary Tim Geithner. The question is simple - - What does this article mean in laymans terms and does it have anything to do with our investment? Heree is the link; Geithner gives some companies pass on new rules ShareretweetEmailPrint Play Video Barack Obama Video:President Obama Arrives In Miami CBS4 Miami Play Video Barack Obama Video:
  6. So i wonder...When Shabibi speaks, do they listen???????? Really strong sentences!!!!!! "He continued: our budget relating to the conservation of its resources, is done by combating inflation. Stressing that the bank had several measures including raising the dinar exchange rate." "He pointed out that the bank wants and means to affect the economic and monetary policy by making the dinar valuable and powerful." GO RV!!!!
  7. Please don't misunderstand the entire post as my opinion. My opinion would have been the very beginning of the post which ended with the exclamation marks.
  8. This is a little long. Read if you dare!!!!!!!!!!! This is wilder than the other rumors flying around from last week!!!!!!!!!!! * KME Chat: 3/21/11 (Knows Someone He/She Claims Cashed Out) March 21st, 2011 10:44 am · Posted in DOOZIES Here you go. I would say that the person I know of that cashed out would be classified as “Tier 2.” I would classify “Tier 1″ as top government officials. As far as what would stop them from buying more and making even more… NOTHING. That’s why this has to happen FAST. This person will make a huge impact on the future of Iraq, so of course, they need to m
  9. From my understanding, "spread" and "fee" may be synonymous words. However, in my opinion, the 150 per million is much less than what the banks will charge to cash in. DT is only charging 150 per million, whereas the banks will charge a percentage of what you cash in.
  10. Please forgive my "newbieness." My wife and I were talking about the changes of the rules and she asked a question that stunned me. She asked if they are making such a quick change in the rules, do they know something is getting ready to come down the pike as far as the rv is concerned? I thought it was a good question. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Makes perfect sense now. I appreciate the answer Roger! Please forgive the wetness behind the ears! Now back to your regularly scheduled broadcast!!!!
  12. Thank you for all the quick responses. Please forgive my ignorance (more likely stupidity), but on the site from which I purchased my IQD is says Kuwait $1=0.267KWD. I dont mind posting the site name, but I am not sure if that would go against any of the rules of this site and I don't want to offend or upset anyone. If the $3 numbers are correct can you tell my how to do the math to get it?? Thanks!
  13. I have only been apart of this ride since Nov. 2010. Before my first purchase I did alot of reading, some I understood, some went over my head. I know in the reading I have done before and after my investment, I read somwhere that the KWD RV'd in the low to mid $3 range. Can't remember wheter it was a "post" or a "chat log" where I read it, but I KNOW I did. That is what pushed me off the platform onto this fast moving rollercoaster ride. With all that said, if the KWD did RV at that previously mentioned rate, what would have caused it to go down to where it is today (.28????). Not that
  14. Bank Confirmations BoA in Lufkin, TX - ALL BRANCHES CLOSED Monday Chase in Shreveport, LA (Closest to me) - ALL BRANCHES OPEN Monday Kind of weird to me.
  15. Hello fellow newbie, I can tell you what has helped with the the ups and downs and even the hilrious lies that are told on weekly and almost daily basis. Keep your optimism, do your own research and don't believe everything you read, ESPECIALLY IN THE RUMORS FORUM. They are there for a reason. When you need some comedic relief from the stress, that is where to go to relieve it and have a good laugh!!!!! Just like a roller coaster, hang on tight and enjoy the ride!!!!!
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