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  1. Very good news all!!! I have been quietly observing in the background for awhile keeping my comments to myself for awhile but this is news worth SHOUTING about!!! Wish I had a plus for all! Hopefully the dinar starts showing its plusses!
  2. Did Sadr not get the roll of duct tape I sent him for Xmas?
  3. Gas prices always drop before elections. Enjoy it while it lasts.
  4. We need to glue these a$$h01es to their seats so they can not walk out and take away their shoes. When they are done throwing a tantrum perhaps they will get something done.
  5. It seems there is no winning this one. If we stayed then the world would be in a uproar that we did not stick to our plans and promise to leave by the end of year. When we do leave then we are washing our hands of Iraq and leaving them to the wolves. I feel that no matter what the USA does it will not matter because they will always find a way to slander us... Happy holidays all. Took the words right out of my mouth...
  6. I would love to believe this is true and hope it is so. Like Dinarbot states though we have been hearing this same statement for a year now and everytime it comes down to the vote we get a stalemate. My fingers are still crossed though.
  7. The fluctuation is just from the increase in USD value. Wasnt there an article 2 days ago stating the dinar was getting stronger and more valuable? The next article we see will say the opposite again so lets stay calm and enjoy our holidays. Happy Holidays and GO RV!
  8. What a wonderful world it would be if this guy would just contract some rare disease and fall over dead. Maybe suffer a bit first.
  9. Very true. My first bank story hopefully will include cashing in for some big $$$$$$.
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