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Al-Maliki Orders "secretly" to open closed clubs and bars to Secularists

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Political sources said earlier that the Iraqi Prime Minister nouri Al-Maliki

has ordered the reopening of the social and cultural clubs, bars and family,

which was closed by the Baghdad Governorate

He said private source, who asked not to be named told (Orr), to the senior

former interior ministry Adnan al-assadi, a leader in the rule of law is very

close to Prime Minister nouri Al-Maliki issued strict orders to the police not

to carry out any order issued by the Baghdad governorate Council to close these

clubs without indicating that such orders issued by Al-Maliki in person.

According to the same source, the clubs were opened two days after, anger in

Iraq represents the liberal and civil society in a city like Baghdad known old

throughout its history as a city and Arabian Nights وحاضنة the major changes in

culture and civilization development.

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"Muslims don't drink alcohol." Actually, Muslims following their rules don't. However, many do. In fact, when I lived in the Middle East, it was a very big business for a foreigner who has to buy an alcohol license to profit greatly by selling alcohol to Muslims. I had two alcoholic Muslim friends. Just like others, they got that way from drinking too much. Just thought I'd add some illumination to that statement. Have a great day!

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How do you keep it a "secret"? <_< This is a good sign, though. Freedom. Muslims don't drink alcohol but there are Iraqis that are not Muslim. I read that the Kurd nightclubs were busy after the clubs in the central and south were shut down a couple of months ago. Cheers! Thx Adam.

right. PLENTY of muslims drink. trust me.

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