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  1. I think the secret service is providing the hookers!!! This means nothing!
  2. 4aprofit, agreed wholeheartedly! Just for perspective....when the market was way down in late 2001, I took a few thousand to my Edward Jones person. That was probably mistake #1. The point is, I put my money in the market and took all of his advice. Remember, NYSE is not a scam and EDJones is considered a legitimate, on the level business. In a matter of 4 years, EdJones and the market earned me -75%. Yes, that's a negative! In fact, I took the 25% that remained and bought dinar with it. If I'd left it with the "professionals" I'd probably owe them money by now. So my dinar is just a bonus! Based on my experience, black jack, NYSE and the dinar are all the same. Now 3 card monte....that's a different story. Finding the queen is a REAL SCAM.
  3. Keep, we go back a ways, so understand what you're saying. The RD or LOP theory....part of the risk. Anybody who bought into the overnight millionare thing, still didn't get scammed, but they've got much bigger things to worry about. If they're that gullible, I'm surprised they had any money left to invest.
  4. The day I decided to get in, it was all or nothing. I know if I sell today, it will RV tomorrow. Sorry good folks of DV, I'm not willing to take that hit for ya! RV or BUST!!!
  5. I can handle taking a risk and losing. I just hate that people are trying to hang the sucker tag on us. And I agree, many don't have the juevos to take a chance.
  6. I haven't posted in about a year or so. I just read from time to time. Too much of this INVESTMENT can wear on you! With that said, I'm very tired of the "scam" word cropping up its ugly head. Call it a long shot. Call it less than the ideal investment or whatever strikes your fancy, but NONE of us have been scammed. We didn't buy monopoly money! It's not that dynamite is needed's just that we're speculating! Do the naysayers not understand this?
  7. What up keep? I see you're still the bell of the ball on DV! I tried to plus you, but hit the negative. Damn smart phones! Anyway, you're question was good. Briefing is constantly taken out of context on dv. Find his blog. Last week He posted the official us quartly reports on Iraq. It blows my mind that He does groundbreaking research, but gets bashed by people who soak up Montana's same spiel week after week. The .06 was what it would have been in real(non-dirty float) value. Then more dinar was put in circulation bringing the real value back down to about .02. The guy that has truly made me think is marcus curtis. He had splendid research on fractional reserve banking and how the rv would be paid for. He now has compelling research on why it will never rv. I dont know what to believe anymore...but when i posed the mc research to adam on his weekly chat, he didnt adress it.
  8. Aren't you on ssi? I'll be down that way in a few weeks. I'll play you on seaside for dinar vs info! Or maybe 10000 dinar a hole. I'm currently about a 15 handicap. Fair warning though, i caddied there for a while.
  9. Adam, are you familiar with marcus curtis? He is a member here and also has a blog. His research and presentation are typically top notch. In a recent article, also posted on DV, he highlights several items of concern. If you read that post, you general impression would be appreciated. If not, please address the % of possible increase. Marcus indicates that there has never been a revaluation of 50% or higher, yet we are all hoping for thousands of percents.
  10. March has been my prediction as well. No rhyme or reason, just a gut feeling, which has as much merit as most of what I read. If not, my socks will have the pleasure of keeping their extended drawer guests a little longer!
  11. They all think I'm a rube for buying into this investment. I do trust these people, but like many that continue to post complete crap, they have the right to be wrong! Now if you don't like where I'm going with this, then you must one of those people that thinks bankers actually have a clue....or even worse, one who thinks we'll believe they chased you to the parking lot to give you the scoop. Please understand that in all likelihood anybody with any actual knowledge of what's happening behind the scenes is not posting it on DV...or anywhere else for that matter! ....but I bet most of those who open this thread will have done so because of the word intel. So here it is...tuck your dinar somewhere safe, DON"T BUY any more, forget you have them for a while, and pray that one day (hopefully soon) you will be pleasantly surprised that your foolish investment has paid off.
  12. indeed! i certainly didn't mean that I bought it...
  13. Oh, I like what I'm seeing too! I just have to maintainn my cynical "edge". I truly believe this thing is going down...and soon. My prediction here at work with a couple of others that are invested is that it will be over in March. I mean with all the oil, natural gas, and now gold, I don't know how they can avoid it, especially considering the clamoring of merchants.
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