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  1. Such a waste of good space that could have been filled with another bank story or some secret source info
  2. I hear ya...nobody knows and they need to quit acting like they do... It will happen when God and Iraq need it to not when we need it to
  3. My view on this is times up wrong again.... stupid gurus
  4. This it not intel... I could post crap like this all day
  5. Chill out man....if you can't stand the heat get out the kitchen boy
  6. I would think you've been here long enough not to put any faith in what this guy says
  7. Great advice... We don't need an okie on this site
  8. Yes that's it... Sorry didn't know it was already posted...thanks... Just remove this!
  9. Not promoting another site just thought it was pretty cool go to d.r. and you can listen to the summit meeting I tried to copy and paste to here but couldn't
  10. Totally agree with you...people have said a thousand times over what they think is going to happen haven't seem any of the predictions come true yet.
  11. Wow... It's a good think I'm on mod review or I would have to say something about this but I can't so I'm just going to say... Wow!!!
  12. Yes... If the info came from anyone except this idiot
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