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  1. Above is the link. This is a news site I used to read frequently regarding Iraq news-Not Anymore! I have been in this investment for almost a year and (as many of you probably can relate to) and have spent many hours weekly reading. I don't always believe what I read; however, coming from what I thought was a reputable source, this was not only out of line, but definitely fraudulent.
  2. Are you kidding me?! Do you really think you can mess with our lives - American's and other Citizens around the world with fraudulant News Reports from supposidly "Repudable News Sites"! There are people who have invested their life savings into this - someone could have a heart-attack over this fraudulant news hoax! I know I will be contacting my attorney and hope you will, too - about a class action suit against ANY News Representative posting this fraudulant, misleading and slanderous mis-information.
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