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  1. I know having boots on the ground is a sore subject. But if we expect Iraq to grow we need to be in their helping them fight terrorism or it will spill on to our own soil just like what happened on 9/11. We don't need another 9/11 we need to take out these bone heads now before it gets out of control. Go in remove ISIS than leave. Iraq had a person running the show who only cared about how much went into his pocket not the country. As we all hold dinar removing these terrorist will help in bring value to the dinar we hold.
  2. I want to give you a straight basic answer here to what this means. The CBI is putting some protection on the money deposited into accounts in return investor will see this as positive & start making moves to go to Iraq, Plus it will also protect the citizen money they deposit which should start giving confidence in the banks for more to make deposits. This will cover them until the protection law passes. That is it in a nut shell.
  3. I can give you a heads up, What this is the Kurds pulled a power play & had the agreement worked into the budget so with the passing of the budget the areement has also passed & will be worked now into the HCL AKA know as the oil & gas law. So now they need the oil & gas law passed in full to regulate the agreement which will be added to the law so it won't have to be voted on again. Have you looked into the hardest hit fund which is set up by the government to make monthly payments for you for one year & bring you current?
  4. your living a pipe dream. the budget has nothing to do with the rate. if you read enough you see them talking about a gradual rise in value which indicates a float of some kind. wake up quit listing those gurus who say RV. take a deep breath put your dinar away & enjoy life go to work earn a living & when it finally happens & they reach a value you can live with cash out.
  5. I am not here to debate about Kap on who is was here or what he said here. What I want to point out is if you go to Dinar Trade Inc. to buy currency it sends you right to Exchange America page. Now some might be asking why does it do that because when I talked to a person at Exchange America they said there was a merger between Dinar Trade & Exchange America (quietly saying dinar trade had bought them out because they have more offices open). SO what I am saying is both are now owned by Ali it was easier to buy places already set up for exchaning currency than to open them at the last min
  6. I am a realist but it don't matter how many post you have, even dumb people can write stupid stuff with no meaning to build up how many post they have.
  7. To answer you question can they go up in value in chunks yes it is call a float letting the market set the rate. If you do your home work & read articles from IMF,CBI, they use gradual rise in the value which could only mean a float. IMF has 2 kinds of floats a managed float & a free float, in my opinion we want the free float because under a managed float they can only raise the value 2% every 90 days.
  8. I thought I read somewhere an injured man who was with Baghdadi said he was alive but had shaved his beard off to get around with out people noticing him. in these pictures he has a beard so does he have the beard or doesn't , well maybe that doesn't matter as much as if he is dead or not.
  9. Come on read the article they said they have 4 points that need to be fixed it is not in Parliament yet they stated they would try to get it into parliament next week.
  10. All it takes i one & before he knows it they will give him a contract to make more for the military which in turn will creat jobs to meet the dead lines for have a certain # of these made.
  11. I hope he got done in by one of those kurdish women fighters so he goes to hell & get the fork with no lube on it. lol
  12. they are not new just reprints with new security added I have a 250 note already so they were out already just not being used in Iraq.
  13. The Kurds know what is going on & are watching for the back stabbing to begin they will not be fooled again it is now time of the Kurds or they will make it all about them as they let Iraq fend for it's self as ISIS tears it apart.
  14. Maliki does not have any power in the seat of being VP so who let this jackwagon tell anyone to do anything. Maliki needs to be cut off at the nuts & sent packing.
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