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In His Meeting With The Iraqi Prime Minister .. Khamenei Vows To Strike The Americans In Response To The Killing Of Soleimani !

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Reckon there's a Big Shiny brand spanking new Cruise Missile with Khamenei's Name & Address on it just waiting for the opportunity to be employed if he decides to get all uppity and make good on his threat.

The reality is, he'd probably make that call from some deep underground bunker. That's okay, he'll have to surface at some point. When he does, KABOOOOM ! ! ! :tiphat:

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A deputy talks about Al-Kazemi's visit to Washington: These files will be discussed 



Policy 07/2320 13:59 1454 Editor: ht   
Baghdad today - Baghdad 


The deputy of the al-Hikma stream, Asaad al-Murshidi, confirmed on Thursday that the American forces will not leave Iraq so easily, pointing to the visit of Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi, who will discuss this file with the American administration.

Al-Murshidi said in an interview with him (Baghdad today) that "the American forces will not leave Iraq this year, and the Prime Minister's visit to Washington will discuss several strategic agreements on the American presence in the country."

He added, "There is an Iraqi political wing that refuses publicly and privately the departure of these forces in order to control the regional balance in Iraq," noting that "Washington is looking at the size of the sacrifices in lives and money that you have made in Iraq in order to bring down the former regime, so the matter of its exit will not be done with this Ease. " 

And Al-Murshidi said that "these sacrifices were certainly not a gift to the Iraqis, but rather there are strategic interests and vital goals for Washington that they must achieve." 

The representative of the National Sind Bloc, Abdul Amir al-Mayahi, had said on Monday (July 6, 2020) that the current US military presence in Iraq is illegal and threatens the stability of the country, while he indicated that the American embassy has turned into a military base. 

Al-Mayahi said, during his hosting of the program  ( Shortest Roads )  presented by Dr. Nabil Jassem on Al-Sharqiya News Channel, "There are parties working on the military escalation by targeting the American embassy to cause instability in the political situation in the country." 

He added, "The embassy has turned from an embassy to a military base, and includes an airport and an anti-missile system, and if the missiles fired at it were from the factions, as some parties claim, they would have hit their target with extreme accuracy." 

He continued, "The American side can determine the party that is bombing the Green Zone and targeting the embassy with its capabilities if there were sincere intentions." Noting that "the third party involved put Iraq in a whirlpool and works for special interests and the current US military presence in Iraq is illegal and threatens the stability of Iraq." ". 

Al-Mayyhi indicated that his “bloc” supports Al-Kazemi in the efforts to achieve political and economic stability and in the face of the Corona virus, but the process of entering the popular crowd in the process of the session was an unacceptable process. Target it and must benefit from it instead of facing it. "


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A deputy proposes a solution to end the delay of the ration card program after the failure of food supplies to citizens



Localities 7/23/2020 19:17 345 Editor: ht   
Baghdad today - Baghdad 


Manar Abdel-Muttalib, a member of the Iraqi parliament, on Thursday, July 23, 2020, proposed a solution to end the delay of the ration card program after the failure to deliver food to citizens.

Abdul-Muttalib said in an interview with (Baghdad Today), that "the amounts allocated to finance the ration card must be transferred to the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs for distribution to poor families or the adoption of a mechanism for distributing money instead of foodstuffs and left the citizen to choose to purchase the materials themselves."

She added, "The ration card program, unfortunately, has turned into a hotbed of corruption, especially in light of the bad materials being distributed, which have caused public opinion repeatedly." 

And Abdul-Muttalib added, "The Iraqi state is spending huge amounts of money to finance the ration card program, and the result is the distribution of 3 main food items that people complain of of poor quality and delayed distribution for months."

A member of the House of Representatives for the Sawaroun Parliamentary Bloc, MP Saad Maya Al-Halfi, called Sunday (July 19, 2020) the Ministry of Commerce to adhere to the timing of the distribution of the ration card items, while he indicated that the delay in distributing them was a disgrace to citizens.  

In a statement received (Baghdad Today), Al-Halfi said, "At a time when the country suffers from the repercussions of the Corona pandemic, and its negative effects on various health, economic, and other levels, we see a clear delay by some ministries in alleviating the suffering of the citizens." ".

He added: "Since we were hoping that the efforts of the Ministry of Commerce would be doubled in order to reduce the burdens of the economic recession that struck large segments of society, we note that there is a delay in distributing the ration card items, which is a disregard for citizens."

Al-Halfi called on the Ministry of Commerce to adhere to the timing of the distribution of ration card items in all regions of the country's provinces, to increase the number of items in line with the needs of the people, and to pay attention to their quality and suitability for human consumption.


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On 7/21/2020 at 10:40 PM, DinarThug said:

In his meeting with the Iraqi Prime Minister .. Khamenei vows to strike the Americans in response to the killing of Soleimani

- 19 Minutes Ago





Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said that his country would deal a blow to America in response to the killing of the prominent commander of the Revolutionary Guards, Qassem Soleimani, adding that his country would not interfere in Baghdad's relationship with Washington.

Khamenei made his threat in Tuesday's meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi, according to the official website of the Iranian guide.

Khamenei told the Iraqi Prime Minister - who is visiting Tehran - that his country will not interfere in Baghdad's relationship with Washington, but he warned that the American presence on the Iranian border is causing security chaos.

Al-Kazemi met Khamenei in Tehran on Tuesday during his first official visit abroad since he took office in May.

Khamenei said that "Iran will not interfere in Iraq’s relations with America, but expects Iraqi friends to know America and realize that its presence in any country causes corruption, destruction and destruction."

He continued, "The Islamic Republic expects to abide by the decision of the (Iraqi) parliament to expel American forces, as their presence is a reason for insecurity."


America and Iran

Khamenei indicated that Soleimani was killed in an American air strike by a plane near Baghdad airport at the beginning of the year, after which the Iraqi parliament requested the withdrawal of American forces. "They killed your guest in your house and rudely admitted that," he said.

He added that Iran "will never forget this and will certainly strike a retaliatory blow to the Americans."

Tehran responded to the killing of Soleimani by launching ballistic missiles at bases used by American forces in Iraq, knowing that Trump refused to respond militarily to this strike.

The missile attack targeting the al-Asad base in western Iraq did not result in deaths among US forces, but it wounded soldiers with brain tremors.

Khamenei said that Iran opposes "what weakens the Iraqi government," contrary to Washington, which he said does not want "an independent and strong Iraqi government elected by popular vote."

Source: Agencies




Washington responds to Khamenei's threats during Al-Kazemi's visit


23rd July, 2020


US State Department spokesperson, Morgan Ortagos, responded Thursday to the threats by Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei to respond to the killing of Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani, as an attempt to divert attention from the economic crisis in his country

In statements to Washington-funded Al-Hurra TV, Ortagos said, Khamenei: "desperately seeks to deflect attention from the escalating economic crisis inside Iran

She added, "He also seeks to divert attention from his regime's role in human rights violations throughout the region, such as the killing of many peaceful demonstrators and human rights defenders in Iraq by its militias

"Not surprisingly, he also posed a threat to the United States," Ortagos added. "Twitter may consider this a violation of its terms and conditions," she concluded

During his meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi on Tuesday, Khamenei threatened to respond to the killing of Soleimani, and stressed that Iran will not forget this issue, and will surely respond with a strike against the Americans

Khamenei was talking about the American presence in Iraq, and he addressed Al-Kazemi, saying: "They killed your guest in your house and openly confessed to the crime and this is not an easy issue

Soleimani, accompanied by the deputy head of the Popular Mobilization Authority, Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis, was killed in January by an American missile strike on a drone that targeted their convoy near Baghdad airport


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When does Al-Kazemi head to Riyadh?



23rd July, 2020


The Parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee expected, on Thursday, that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi will head to Saudi Arabia after the Eid al-Adha holiday

Committee member Amer Al-Fayez told Shafaq News, "The Saudi Royal Court informed the office of the Iraqi Prime Minister to postpone the upcoming visit to Riyadh due to the deterioration of the health status of Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz," stressing that "what was published in some media about the reasons for postponing the visit or Canceling it is incorrect

He added that "the Prime Minister's visit to Saudi Arabia will be determined later after the improvement of the health status of the Saudi king," expecting that "Al-Kazemi will head to Saudi Arabia in the month of August or immediately after Eid Al-Adha

Al-Fayez explained that "Al-Kazemi and his accompanying delegation will discuss with Saudi officials several files, the most prominent of which are economic and security, and the strengthening of bilateral relations between the two countries

Riyadh was to be the first foreign station for Al-Kazemi last Monday, before the Saudi Foreign Ministry announced the postponement of the visit until King Salman was discharged from the hospital

The media office of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi confirmed the postponement of the visit to the earliest possible date agreed upon by both sides

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Iraq Presents A Proposal To Saudi Arabia To Abolish Entry Visa Fees For Travelers Visiting The Two Countries



23rd July, 2020

The Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs has submitted a proposal to abolish entry fees for travelers who wish to visit the two countries.

The ministry said in a statement received by the (Independent) today, Friday, that "the oldest undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Abdul Karim Hashem Mustafa, met with the undersecretary of the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Political and Economic Affairs, Ambassador Adel Mardad in Riyadh on the sidelines of the third session of the Iraqi-Saudi Coordination Council."

The ministry indicated that “its representative put forth a number of proposals to develop relations between the two countries. Including facilitating the movement of travelers, abolishing entry fee fees to encourage mutual tourism between the two countries, and benefiting from successful Saudi experiences in several areas that Iraq needs to develop its capabilities.

For his part, the undersecretary of the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Adel Mardad said, “Saudi Arabia has a firm conviction that Iraq is a country rich in its natural resources, rich history, and the great capabilities of its people; Therefore, the development of relations between the two countries will have great benefits for the two peoples in various fields, and it will be a source of political, economic and security stability in the region, and achieve prosperity and prosperity for both countries.

And he expressed that, "The proposals put forward by the Senior Undersecretary of the Iraqi Foreign Ministry will be seriously considered by the Saudi side to take positive decisions regarding them."

The ministry continued that the two parties agreed "to prepare a meeting soon for the Political Consultation Committee, which emanates from the Memorandum of Understanding on political consultations signed between the foreign ministries of the two countries, with the aim of activating the proposals that contribute to a qualitative shift in relations between the two countries."  


Saudi Arabia: The relationship with Iraq is a source of stability in the region ... and upcoming political consultations between the two countries  LINK

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Does Al-Kazemi order the orders of his office manager? .. A deputy reveals the truth

 Time: 7/24/2020 11:32:58  Read: 11,648 times
Does Al-Kazemi order the orders of his office manager? .. A deputy reveals the truth
{Baghdad: Al Furat News} Member of Parliament Nasser Turki warned of the existence of a “media agenda” aimed at insulting Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi and showing him as a “weak appearance”.

Turki said in a statement today, "Some claim that the Prime Minister is passing orders of his office manager (Raed Jouhi) is inaccurate and it is repeated and was previously used in the media with the former prime minister to show him the weak appearance, and to be captive to the whims and greed of these beneficiaries."

He added, "Al-Kazemi has very good and remarkable steps, and people are waiting for him a lot for their confidence in him despite their suffering."

Turki Al-Kazemi urged "taking steady steps in his national approach and not taking him as a blame for God."
Ammar Al-Masoudi


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Parliamentary recognition of a "media agenda" that offends Al-Kazemi..and deputies: People trust him to rise from the ruins left by the past


7/24/2020 7:02:49 AM  
Baghdad / Obelisk: Member of the House of Representatives Nasser Turki warned of the existence of a "media agenda", Friday, aimed at insulting Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi and showing him as a "weak appearance".

"Al-Kazemi has very good and remarkable steps, and people are waiting for him a lot for their confidence in him despite their suffering," Turki said in a statement to the obelisk, urging Al-Kazemi to "take steady steps in his national approach."

What is the agenda against the Prime Minister?

Political literature relentlessly pumping it, overflowing media channels, striking at the nail a fabricated, fabricated idea that cultivates it in the Iraqi mindfulness, stating that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, "America's Man in Iraq".

In a parallel trend to this discourse, but more smoothly, Al-Kazemi’s description is circulated as “Shi’ite, secular, non-Islamic, rising to power despite religious parties.” It is an amusing description, apparently intended to flirt with spectra that yearn for power, and in the subconscious of the rhythm. Between the Prime Minister, the "religious" Shiite political elite and grassroots in particular, and Iraqi society in general.

One of the imagined propositions that have nothing to do with reality is the marketing of concerns that are not based on sound analytical logic, that Al-Kazemi’s era is the “end of the Iranian era in Iraq” and the beginning of an “American phase” led by a Shi’ite politician “dependent” to Washington.

The agenda focuses on myths made in laboratories of the disorder, seeking to confuse the image that depicts Al-Kazimi's character in "moderation" and "balance".

The specifications and skills that Al-Kazemi possesses put him in another classification, in the non-square on which former Iraqi politicians and followers of the 2003 era stand, with an understanding of the circumstances of each one's manifestation, and an awareness of the reasons for success and failures that marked their times, because Mustafa Al-Kazemi, did not derive the elements of his strength Legislations and Centers

Influence, and money, is the attainment of post-2003 mathematics that can consolidate its political presence, and has not been forgiven through a political club whose members run each other.

The bottom line is that Al-Kazemi, without political shadows, as an analysis claimed, while saying that he is the man of the stage, applies to reality completely, after the political forces hired it himself, and it was not imposed on it from a regional or international side.

Regarding the formative nature of Al-Kazemi, this necessitates a comparison between him and the symbols of influence since 2003, as repercussions and polarizations forced them to walk in front and under the shadows of external forces, if not guardianship. Without mentioning a name, turning the pages of history reveals that.
In addition to all of this, the figures who led the political scene were never a leadership formation that exercised power and changed it until it was said that Al-Kazemi was an emergency on the political process. Despite its various names, the practical experience in power, even if it is put to the test, the results are available, and the Iraqis know their failure.

Iraqis are not looking for the big names that brightened the money of the state, parties, and affiliations, but rather a real leadership that does not rush to classify the people as a big name, because if it achieved the Iraqis, the goals, and rid them of the dilemma of failure, it will be the most worthy of all the titles, the previous And suffix.
Rather, say that Al-Kazemi saved the political elites from their dilemma in severing the rift with the public, which is only denied by a fool, or a blind person.

However, Al-Kazemi realizes that he will not be a bridge to the current political system with the people, if the political blocs and forces did not dissociate themselves from their approach, which ended in a failed government in every sense of the word.

In fairness, Al-Kazemi was not far from the current political class. Rather, he lived through the throes of her failed experiences, but he was a spectator, an observer, not a participant.

Mustafa Al-Kazemi interacted with Ahmed Chalabi project, and he shared with him the details of the salvation project from the previous regime, and he could find him a long shadow in it, but he withdrew after finding that the circumstances forced the project owner after 2003, to be a skilled hunter in the game of sharing the spoils of hunting.

Under the weight of pain, Al-Kazemi withdrew from the failure of the post-2003 ruling experience to the cultural and media project in documenting Iraq’s memory, and reconstituting it through the archive project, as well as independent cultural projects, making a serious effort to continue it, but lack of funding prevented this, and he could get Hence, if he had chosen to stand under the shadow of local and external funders.
Al-Kazimi's ascending with this lightning speed is a need, patriotic and elitist, if we do not want to highlight the role of the street looking for change.
The parties that fought politics and their corridors were not unaware of this rise, and they were the ones who created shadows for Al-Kazemi, in contrast to what he was promoting that he was looking for, after realizing the danger to their political presence that was indicated by the October 2019 uprising.
In this way, Al-Kazemi is the owner of the credit over the parties, not the other way around, and for this he refuses to be a "formative improvement" for them.

Moreover, it is the regional and global winds that have cast shadows into Al-Kazemi, because the conflicting countries realize the great predicament that they are in, if a conflict erupts that does not remain nor be excused, in addition to the fact that those powers, whether eastern or western, realized with full awareness of the burning of their symbols And its tools, all of them, and there is no escape from a stage man, self-made, who was never a shadow of anyone, started his career in the word, and used his skills in management, leadership and conflict resolution, in favor of a positive balance, and strengthened his career headed by the intelligence service and with remarkable success.
Al-Kazemi, it is preferable to stand in the sun, clearly, without shadows, east or west, as the intellectual superstition comes to mind, and those who add to the light do not search for the levels of shadows in order to remain on the top, which many of the politicized politicians did.

The whole issue, and the staple of the Persians in it, is that Al-Kazemi manages today what is not managed, due to the money crisis, disease, corruption, and ruins left by the past.
Note: The article reads an analysis published by Iraqi agencies, under the title "Al-Kazemi .. Addicted high shadows and there is no escape from a new shadow", according to which Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi is looking for political shadows from countries and parties in order to rise to positions through them.


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The Iraqi government may suspend official hours this week with a comprehensive ban



25th July, 2020

The crisis cell in the Iraqi parliament revealed today, Saturday, a government proposal to disrupt official working hours, this week.

"The Iraqi government is currently studying the issuance of a decision to completely disable the official working hours this week, because of the high temperatures at record rates, all over the country, with large interruptions of electricity," said cell member, MP Abbas Aliwi, to Shafaq News.

And Aliwi said, "The other reason for this proposal is to control the non-rise of infections with the Corona virus, especially with the approaching Eid al-Adha, and people roam a lot in the markets." The decision will be officially issued, and perhaps this will happen during the coming hours, as this is expected.

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Iran is pursuing a lawsuit to America because of the plane interception incident over Syria


 Iran is pursuing a lawsuit to America because of the plane interception incident over Syria

 Today, 21:43

Gilgamesh Press / Follow-up

Iranian officials announced that their country intends to prosecute the United States due to the incident of "harassing" two American fighters with an Iranian passenger plane while flying over Syria last Thursday.

The Iranian Prosecutor, Mohammad Jaafar Montazeri, sent a telegram to Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, in which he indicated that the American actions during the incident represented a "terrorist act and a flagrant violation of international laws and the Chicago and Montreal treaties," stressing the need to prosecute the United States "legally, politically, and legally." National and international using various means seriously. ”  

Montazeri pointed out in this regard that it is necessary for the Iranian Civil Aviation Organization and the company, "Mahan", the aircraft owner, to urgently take "effective steps in the implementation of annexes 13 and 17 of the Chicago Treaty and cooperation with the Syrian government and the Council of the International Civil Aviation Agency," in addition to taking legal steps in accordance with the articles 3, 44, 54, 55, 84 and 85 of the Chicago Treaty.

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Parliamentary Security: The government is preparing for a new round of the Iraqi-American dialogue

15:28 - 07/25/2020

Member of the Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee, Sa`ran Al-Ajibi, revealed, on Saturday, Iraqi arrangements to launch a second phase of the Iraqi-American dialogue.

Al-Aujibi said to "Information", "The Iraqi government is making preparations for the launch of the second round of negotiations between Iraq and Washington to draw the borders of the economic and political relationship with the United States."

He added, “The House of Representatives urged the Iraqi negotiator to take advantage of the opportunity and not to be courted at the expense of the interest of Iraq and sovereignty," noting that "the Iraqi people do not need American forces as much as they need investment companies in the field of industry, health and construction."

It is noteworthy that last month witnessed the end of the first round of the US-Iraqi strategic dialogue talks via closed-circuit video meetings between the two parties, amid official and popular Iraqi calls and assurances of the necessity of emphasizing the full withdrawal of the United States from Iraq

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Parliament Speaker: The upcoming sessions will be filled with many laws

10:05 - 07/25/2020

Hussain Al-Yasari, head of the Parliamentary Endowments and Religious Affairs Committee, confirmed on Saturday that the parliament’s sessions will be replete with many laws.

Al-Yasari said in a statement to “Al-Maalouma”, that “there are parliamentary demands that sessions should be resumed in defiance of Corona Virus in order to pass the important laws.”

He added that "the resumption of the sessions will be replete with many laws, and among those laws that the Council seeks to pass is the electoral law schedule, in addition to laws in direct contact with citizens."

He pointed out that "there are other laws submitted by the parliamentary committees to the presidency of the Council the need to include them on the agenda of the upcoming sessions," noting that "there are laws that were enacted in previous sessions that need to be modified since they have wronged large segments of the Iraqi people."

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Corrupt deputies before justice without the need to approach the Supreme Judiciary and Parliament regarding the lifting of immunity

7/25/2020 3:34:13 AM  
Baghdad / Obelisk: The Supreme Judicial Council announced, on Saturday 25 July 2020, the implementation of the procedures of investigation with the wanted deputies for financial and administrative corruption crimes without the need to approach it.
The Judicial Council stated in a statement received to the "obelisk" that it issued a circular to all courts to implement the procedures for investigating the deputies required for crimes of financial and administrative corruption without the need to approach it in order to approach the House of Representatives regarding the lifting of immunity after the House of Representatives voted to lift the immunity of deputies required for crimes Financial and administrative corruption.

The Judicial Council confirmed that the executive authorities should implement direct arrest or recruitment warrants.

On Thursday, July 16, 2020, economist Salam Sismais said that fighting corruption needs deterrent government measures and political will, stressing that slogans to fight corruption have become verbal trading.

In a statement to El-Masala, Smeisme said that corruption has become an organized network that cannot be eliminated.

And Sumaisim considered that the application of provisions that enhance the application of laws will reduce corruption, stressing that the law on preventing multiple salaries currently in force is a major step against administrative corruption alongside the file of aliens, and the unification of the salary scale.

Perspectives stating that the committees investigating the corruption files will not reach any results, due to the involvement of the entities and personalities who implement these files, and these parties and personalities still dominate and control the political and even the governmental scene.

Economic experts and deputies in the Iraqi parliament questioned the ability of that committee to resolve the thorny issue of corruption or reach fruitful results.

The independent deputy, Bassem Khashan, emphasized that any corruption file that will be exposed will be hidden through intimidation or intimidation, due to the lack of seriousness in exposing the corrupt and holding them accountable, as well as the presence of political entities and figures leading the mafias of corruption in Iraq.


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A source close to the prime minister sets the date of his visit to Washington .. and analysts: Karisma Al-Kazemi leads the dialogue with "Iraq, the state", not "Iraq the square"

7/25/2020 9:39:25 AM  
Baghdad / Obelisk: A source close to Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi told Al-Masala, Saturday, July 25, 2020 that Al-Kazemi’s visit to Washington will most likely be at the end of July or during the month of August, confirming that The deadline has not yet been set, while analyzes indicate that Karisma Mustafa al-Kazemi will lead the discussions to a dialogue with "Iraq, the state," not "Iraq, the square."
Sources indicate that Al-Kazemi will address in his meetings with the White House the relations between the two countries, while the issue of completing the strategic dialogue will have priority in the visit program, which will be at the head of a high-level ministerial delegation that will also discuss with US officials, supporting Iraq to get out of the financial crisis. As well as security, political and economic files.

And the second round of the Iraqi-American negotiations is still continuing, after its first round, which started on the eleventh of this month.

The White House is preparing to receive Al-Kazemi, after he expressed reluctance to receive the former Prime Minister, Adel Abdul-Mahdi.

The joint statement between the two countries, after the first session of the dialogue, had adopted a number of understandings, including reducing the number of American forces in Iraq. 

According to analyzes heard by the obelisk, that the meeting of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi with the American President, Donald Trump, is a major turning point in regaining confidence in the relations between the two countries, where indications of Al-Kazemi’s policies indicate that he will seek to establish a balanced and balanced relationship away from interference in the affairs of Internal Iraq, and that Iraq should not be a battleground for regional conflict, noting that Al-Kazimi seeks to understand the White House, that the view on Iraq must be based on the position of it as "Iraq is the state" not "Iraq the square."


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Posted (edited)

Deputy: All political forces against early elections


Policy 7/20/2020 15:30 295 Editor: ta   

Baghdad today - Baghdad 

The Saber Badr Al-Ziyadi coalition MP confirmed today, Saturday, that all political forces are against the early elections in Iraq. 

Al-Ziyadi said in an interview with "Baghdad Today" that "all political forces are against the early elections in Iraq, and they want to keep the situation as it is for the sake of its interests." 

And that "those political forces hinder the holding of early elections, by disrupting the completion of the legislation of the new election law, especially with regard to the electoral district system, but at the same time we are determined to hold early elections, and this is the demand of the Iraqi people, and political forces cannot be allowed not to implement it ". 

The expert in election affairs, Duraid Tawfiq, said in a statement received by (Baghdad today) earlier today, that "the upcoming Iraqi elections need three main factors to be held at an early date," noting that "the first factor is the annex to the election law, i.e. Article 15 first ".

He added, "The second factor is the electoral budget, meaning that the budget cannot be determined without knowing the shape of the districts, as happened in the 2018 elections. There were 18 ballot papers and today there are words about 80 constituencies, which is 80 ballot papers, and there is a proposal that says 250 constituencies, or 250 ballot papers, so a financial budget cannot be determined from Without specifying the shape of the circles. "

The expert on election affairs continued, "The third factor is the issue of the general directors of the Independent Commission, the elections that have not been resolved yet because of the political pressure that has become clear on the commission through the media, which has led to interference in its work."

Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Legal Committee, Mohamed Al-Ghazi, said on Thursday (16 July 2020) that setting the date for the elections needs to complete the election law and the security conditions and financial capabilities of the Electoral Commission, noting that setting the date is the prerogative of the Prime Minister and the Independent High Electoral Commission.

Al-Ghazzi stated in an interview with (Baghdad Today), that "setting the date for early elections is one of the powers of the Council of Ministers and the Independent High Electoral Commission. The election". 

He added, "Parliamentary law asked the Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, to arrange for a joint meeting with the Council of Ministers to discuss the implications of the electoral law and the completion of electoral districts, adding that, with the beginning of the parliament sessions, a supplement to the election law will be voted on and sent to the presidency."

In turn, a member of the Parliamentary Legal Committee Hussein Al-Aqabi said in an interview with (Baghdad today) that "early elections practically depend on two things, the first is an organizational administrative technician through the government and the commission and work to demonstrate its capacity and capabilities to conduct early elections," noting that "the elections need a law Complete human resources and cash ready. 

He explained that "the second and important primary element for achieving early elections is the dissolution of the House of Representatives, as it is not possible to hold early elections without dissolving the House of Representatives." 

A member of the Legal Committee pointed out that "the House of Representatives cannot be dissolved except with the political will of the large blocs to be the one who has the say and separation because dissolving the parliament needs a vote of 166 deputies to dissolve themselves."

He added, "When Parliament dissolves itself, elections must be held within 60 days. This is an explicit and clear constitutional text, and the government becomes a caretaker."



Edited by DinarThug
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Parliament intends to host Finance Ministry officials


25th July, 2020

The Finance Committee revealed, on Saturday, its intention to host Ministry of Finance officials to reach acceptable treatments.

Al-Hamami told Mawazine News that he participated in the parliament’s parliamentary committee meeting using the “zoom” program, noting that “the electronic session witnessed the members of the Finance Committee discussing the amendments presented by Magda Al-Tamimi and the proposals presented by others.”

He added, "It was agreed to set a deadline for my site meeting next week to host the Deputy Minister of Finance, the Chairman of the General Retirement Authority and the Director General of Accounting."

He pointed out that "this hosting aims to negotiate with them about the proposed amendments for implementation in preparation for the exit of acceptable treatments and convincing solutions from the practical, financial and functional aspects."

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Hhmm. . . looks like more of the same foot dragging, sand bagging with a healthy amount of verbal diarrhea to keep stringing everyone along.

These folks ain't foolin' anyone anymore. There's just great big blobs in their heads full of Cheese Whiz occupying the space where a brain ought  to be. 

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America begins arresting and liquidating residents of the areas surrounding military bases on the Syrian-Iraqi border

10:56 - 26/07/2020

Information \ Baghdad ..
The Syrian opposition observatory revealed, on Sunday, that the international coalition forces "and SDF" raided and arrested residents and displaced people in areas surrounding Al-Jazeera base that reached the Iraqi borders, noting that the international coalition had launched operations to clear the area and spread in the base.
In a report seen by “The Information”, Al-Masr said, “Over the past months, Qasd carried out several raids with the participation of the international coalition, among them a raid in the Al-Shahhabat School in Al-Hawaij village in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor with air support from the international coalition aircraft over the area, where Arrest of internally displaced people from Al-Mayadeen residing in the school.
He added, "There was no information available on the reasons for this arrest. The "Syrian Observatory" was aware that the American forces are conducting secret visits to the military base of the island, located on the outskirts of the city of Raqqa. According to reliable sources, the American forcesShe has made extensive visits to al-Qaeda, amid information about her intention to return to station there as part of her effort to re-establish her influence in the east of the Euphrates.
The report stated that, "despite the lapse of 16 months since the official announcement of the international coalition to eliminate ISIS as a controlling force east of the Euphrates River, and despite the developments that took place over the past month, silence continues by the coalition and the SDF on the issue of the kidnappers of ISIS.Without providing any answer about the fate of thousands of the kidnapped, and the results of the investigation with thousands of members of the organization who were arrested by Qasd and the coalition east of the Euphrates, where fears continue about the life and fate of the kidnapped, including Father Paolo Daulio, Bishop John Ibrahim and Paul Yazji, Abdullah Al-Khalil, a British journalist, Sky News and journalists Others, in addition to hundreds of kidnapped people from the Ain al-Arab region (Kobani) and Afrin, in addition to the sons of Deir al-Zour. ”Ended 25

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Newspaper: The Americans moved their theater of struggle to the Syrian-Iraqi border in Nineveh


 July 28. 2020 - 6:47

Baghdad: Sumer News The New Arab newspaper revealed, on Tuesday, that the international coalition led by America has established its presence in the southern countryside of Hasaka, which includes oil wealth, indicating that the region is not far from the Syrian-Iraqi border from Nineveh. "Not far from the Syrian-Iraqi border, the Americans are consolidating their military presence in the southern countryside of Hasaka, which includes oil wealth, which indicates Washington's intention to stay long in the area east of the Euphrates," the newspaper said in a report seen by Sumer News. Under the leadership of the United States of America, during the past few days, expansion of the airport of Al-Shaddadi in the southern countryside of Hasaka began, indicating that the coalition brought experts and engineers to the airport, and excavations began at the place that includes a major American base. She indicated that American helicopters landed several times inside the base, coinciding with the arrival of a coalition convoy carrying mechanisms for paving roads and potholes, in addition to cement regulations and building materials. Al-Shadadi enjoys a distinguished geographical location, linking Hasaka and Deir Al-Zour Governorate, as well as its proximity to the Syrian-Iraqi border.
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Khamenei: America's killing of Suleimani contributed to deepening the unity between the Iranians and the Iraqis

2020-07-31 | 04:19
Khamenei: America's killing of Suleimani contributed to deepening the unity between the Iranians and the Iraqis

On Friday, Iran's Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, considered that America's killing of Qassem Soleimani contributed to deepening the unity between the Iranians and the Iraqis.

Khamenei said in a speech on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha, "America's dream to achieve its goals through sanctions and exert maximum pressure on IranIt will never be achieved, ”

he saidIran Strength and made it self-sufficient, "stating that" an economy should not be dependent Iran On oil exports, andIran It will resist bullying and American pressure. "

Khamenei stressed, "Iran Its ballistic and nuclear programs will not stop as America demands, "noting that"IranIt will not negotiate with America that seeks to limit our regional influence and put an end to our progress. ”And

between,“ America’s killing of the GeneralQasim Soleimani It contributed to deepening unity between the Iranians and the Iraqis. "دوليات/353432/خامنئي-قتل-أمريكا-لسليماني-أسهم-بتعميق-الوحدة-بين?src=rss&utm_campaign=rss&utm_source=Rss-articles&utm_term=Rss&utm_medium=Rss-353432

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    • By DinarThug
      CNN. Broadcasting While ‘Advising’ The Iranian Puppets In Parliament - That They Have The Right To Be ‘Silenced’ !
      Trump's adviser talks to Shafak News about new US sanctions against Iraqi figures

      2020-08-09 23:53 A- A A+ Shafaq News /
      Gabriel Saouma, a member of the advisory board of US President Donald Trump, revealed today, Monday, that the US administration is planning to impose new sanctions against Iraqi figures. 
      And the US Treasury Department previously announced sanctions against a company based in Iraq and two Iraqis for smuggling hundreds of millions of dollars of weapons to Iraqi militias supported by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. 
      This was followed by sanctions against leaders of the Popular Mobilization Forces, Waad al-Qaddo, Rayan al-Kaldani, as well as the former governor of Nineveh, Nawaf al-Sultan, and the former governor of Salah al-Din Ahmad al-Jubouri, linking them to files of corruption and violation of human rights. Soma told Shafaq News, "Frankly, until now, we do not know who are these new Iraqi figures that could be included in the US sanctions, but there is a tendency for the American administration to impose new economic sanctions against Iraqi personalities, because they are also involved in corruption operations, and others."
      Trump's advisor indicated that "Iraq has many political and governmental figures involved in corruption and has links with international bodies that also have sanctions, explaining," This matter will motivate Washington to impose sanctions on these figures. " 
      And Soma added that" American laws allow the president or the US Treasury Department. " , to impose sanctions on any personal or party, carried out corruption in his country or violated human rights and international law. " 
      Under the US sanctions freeze any assets or potential assets in the United States of individuals and entities concerned, and denial of access to the international financial system.
      Unless The application of exceptions, as any foreign financial institution that deliberately facilitates the conduct of important transactions for individuals or entities designated with sanctions, they may be subject to US sanctions.
      On April 8, Washington included the "Revolutionary Guard"On the list of foreign terrorist organizations. 
      This decision is the first of its kind; The United States has never classified any foreign governmental entity as a "terrorist organization".
      Tensions are escalating in the Middle East region, between Iran on the one hand and the United States and its allies, especially Israel and the Gulf states, on the other hand, against the backdrop of the Iranian nuclear program and Tehran's support for armed groups in Arab countries.
    • By DinarThug
      CNN. Broadcasting While Eavesdropping In On The Talks - I Wonder If They Can See My Size 22 Clown Shoes Sticking Out From Beneath Those Curtains To The Right...
      Baghdad and Erbil to resume dialogue

      4th August, 2020

      The Iraqi PM Spokesman Ahmed Mulla Talal has revealed in a press conference today that the discussion between Kurdistan Regional Government and the Federal Government will be resumed soon.
      “Dialogue is the only choice for two parties to make an agreement that confirms the constitution. The government will hold its sessions in all governorates without distinction”, he explained.
      Adding that “The government will find a financial and legal solution to help the contract staffs and day workers”
      “A committee led by the Minister of Water Resources was created to manage the issue of water and dams with turkey”, he said, revealing that “the Minister of Water Resources will lead a delegation to Turkey to discuss the share of Iraq according to the international conventions”.
      “The PM ordered to hold a session to discuss the next school year, in order to prevent the same complication that happened at the beginning of Covid-19 pandemic”, he added.
    • By DinarThug
      CNN. Broadcasting From A Swanky Restaurant In Erbil ! Barzani Party - Ur Table For 487 Is Ready ! But Please Return All Of The Silverware That U ‘Borrowed’ The Last Time...
      Barzani party member accuses Baghdad of breaking with previous agreements with Erbil: We need a comprehensive agreement

      Policy 07/20/2020 15:47 407     

      Baghdad today - Kurdistan
      Member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Imad Bajlan, confirmed today, Tuesday, that the lack of implementation of the constitution by the federal government is the basis of the dispute between Baghdad and Erbil.
      Baglan told (Baghdad Today), "In every meeting between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the federal government in Baghdad, the region demands the application of the constitution and asylum to the Federal Court in contentious issues, but different governments in Baghdad apply it selectively." 
      He added that "any agreement between the two governments will be temporary, because all previous agreements are not implemented and Baghdad will soon be disavowed due to the failure to apply the articles of the constitution." 
      And he stated, "We need a comprehensive legal agreement that guarantees the rights of citizens in the region, as well as the rights of Baghdad, and this matter will not be applied through visits or relations between two governments because it will soon end as it happened with the previous agreement in the government of Abdul-Mahdi, for that constitution is Al-Faisal." 
      Before that, Baglan confirmed that the Kurdistan region is owed 27 billion dollars because of Baghdad's failure to pay the region's dues. 
      Baglan said that "the Kurdistan region was delivering 250 thousand barrels according to the 2019 budget while receiving half of the agreed amount and not more than 450 million," stressing that "the Kurdistan government does not take a share of the petrodollars like the Iraqi provinces." 
      He added: "In the days of the war against ISIS, the government borrowed 65 billion dollars and did not give it a dollar to the Kurdistan Region in the face of terrorism and now deducts part of the payment from the region."
      He stressed that "the Kurdistan region owes $ 27 billion, which is because Baghdad stopped paying the region's dues at a time when it was fighting terrorism and saving the salaries of its employees forced." 
      A delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government is preparing to visit the capital, Baghdad, as a prelude to completing negotiations on an agreement to deliver oil and revenue from border crossings in exchange for the federal government sending financial dues to the region's employees.
    • By DinarThug
      CNN. Broadcasting While Sounding The Iraqi Battle Horn Kazoos - Which Is Sure To Strike Epically Paralyzing Fear Into ‘The Shiite For Brains’ Iranians !
      Al-Kazemi responds to Iran's provocations with the Battle of the Land Ports

      - 4 Hours Ago  

      BAGHDAD - Baghdad responded strongly Saturday to indications indicating Tehran's intention to stimulate hostile security activities inside Iraq, when the Armed Forces Command in Basra, in the south, announced direct drilling of a trench in the vicinity of a border port to cut off drug and arms smuggling from Iran.
      Pictures showed mechanisms operating under the guard of Iraqi army soldiers to cut off irregular dirt roads used by smugglers linked to armed militias, to introduce drugs and weapons from Iran to Iraq and transfer the US dollar from Iraq to Iran.
      And the sale of Iranian drugs in Iraq generates big profits, after this country turned from a mere passage of this substance to other countries, to a consumer.
      Iran depends on selling drugs in the southern Iraqi cities, exchanging the return for the American currency, then returning it from the borders.
      Iran also provides weapons to its militias and sells to all clans and those willing to possess all the weapons and ammunition they need.
      Most of this material is introduced through dirt roads near the Shalamcheh border crossing between Iraq and Iran in Basra Governorate.
      Military sources said that the Iraqi army forces received direct instructions from Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to stop smuggling operations between Iran and Iraq urgently, confirming that the Basra Operations Command has started since Saturday morning the establishment of a trench protected by an earthen shield that runs along the flat area near the Shalamcheh port, where it was built Militias are dirt roads.
      This development comes after the Iraqi authorities announced hostile security activities - believed to be carried out by pro-Iranian groups in Baghdad and southern cities - targeting American interests.
      It also came a few days after Al-Kazemi ended a visit to Tehran, which was surrounded by widespread controversy, and leaked from her that the Iraqi Prime Minister rejected an Iranian request to facilitate Tehran's acquisition of the US dollar.
      The Iraqi and Iranian governments are reluctant to disclose the nature of the relationship between the two countries now, and whether they are really tense, against the background of the failure of Al-Kazimi's visit to Tehran.
      Al-Kazemi’s directives did not stop at the level of stopping the smuggling of drugs and weapons from Iran to Iraq through the Shalamcheh outlet. Rather, it extended to include 13 other outlets, the most prominent of which is with Iran, including one with Saudi Arabia that was not opened mainly.
      The Joint Operations Command, which is the highest military formation in Iraq, said that Al-Kazemi issued directives to “seize all border crossings, enforce the law in them, combat abuses and corruption and waste public money,” announcing its initiation of “allocating security forces to all outlets and the size of the assigned security force according to the nature of each Outlet, where protection responsibility has been defined for all outlets on the Iraqi army’s parts. ”
      The leadership indicated that the forces empowered to protect the port and the customs sanctuary are “empowered with all legal powers to hold accountable any violation and from whomever it was.”
      Sources say that this type of measure directly affects militia activity linked to Iran within Iraqi territory.
      The government's actions reveal a clear plan to tighten control of the road linking Iran and Syria, via Iraq.
      And if Iran uses its ports with Iraq in Basra and Diyala to introduce weapons, then it uses Anbar outlets to transfer weapons from Syria to Iraq.
      These measures may provide a picture to answer the question that arises in multiple circles regarding the nature of the relationship between the Kazemi government and Iran.
      But Al-Kazemi, according to observers, does not want to enter into an all-out war with Iran's arms in Iraq, which is besieged by the stifling economic and health crises.
      Therefore, Al-Kazemi moves slowly and chooses files that do not raise media hustle, with the aim of strengthening the state’s influence versus that of the militias.
      Observers say that without the support of the international community, Al-Kazemi may find himself powerless to cope with the tremendous momentum that Iran can manufacture in Iraq, through forces that view the country and its organs lightly.
      The Arabs
    • By DinarThug
      CNN. Broadcasting A Talking Watermelon On The Last Line - Wait For It ...
      The Ministry of Foreign Affairs for “Al-Sabah”: The aim of Al-Kazemi’s visit to Riyadh is to find an umbrella for investment

      Monday 20 July 2020

      Baghdad / Al-Sabah / Muhannad Abdul-Wahab Hazim Muhammad Habib     Iraq is launching in its external relationship its permanent affirmation of the need to move away from the policy of axes and conflicts, and to adopt constructive dialogue in dealing with crises in a manner that enhances the chances of peace in the region, and to obtain the support of the international community in preserving its sovereignty, security and stability, and in this context come the two expected visits of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Iran, as well as the visits of foreign ministers of countries in the region and the world to Baghdad, as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed that the most important files that will be discussed during the visit of the Prime Minister and the accompanying ministerial delegation to Riyadh today, and his discussions with leaders The kingdom is to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries and discuss political, economic, energy and agricultural issues.
      The ministry’s spokesman, Ahmed Al-Sahaf, said in an interview with “Al-Sabah”: The visit by Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi and the ministerial delegation to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and his meeting with Saudi leaders will have repercussions on the economic and political conditions and the expansion of Saudi investments in Iraq, noting that the delegation The minister accompanying the Prime Minister is multisectoral and includes the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Minister of Finance Ali Abdel Amir Allawi, Planning Minister Khaled Battal, Health Hassan Al-Tamimi, Agriculture Muhammad Al-Khafaji, Youth and Sports, Adnan Darjal, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers Hamid Al-Ghazi, in addition to other officials in different sectors.Al-Sahaf added that the delegation will hold in-depth meetings and dialogues whose primary goal is to find an umbrella for investment in the energy, agriculture, and youth sectors and to enable and integrate it, indicating that the visit will provide multi-arm interests, as well as the political and diplomatic side of the visit, which is to affirm Iraq's openness to all parties, within the framework of the awareness of its constitutional reference and the laws in force And his awareness of his internal national needs, with the aim of maximizing the nature of the governmental response to the needs of the Iraqi society and the popular demands. The press, which noted that Iraq has great strengths that need real flexibility and rationality in managing interests, stressed that the government seeks to find multiple balanced partnerships and openness to all parties in order to diversify Economic and investment portals to Iraq, indicating that the visit to the Islamic Republic will be in the same address and content as the visit of the Saudi Arabian Queen.
      To that, the deputy of the Kurdistan Democratic Party bloc Diar Barwari stressed that the visits of foreign ministers of countries in the region and the world to Iraq and the visits that the Prime Minister will make, are important to strengthen the bonds of diplomatic relations and distance from the axes policy, indicating that Iraq needs the cooperation of neighboring countries to enhance security and control borders Revitalizing the economy and avoiding regional conflicts.
      In an interview with Al-Sabah, Barawi added that the Iraqi government always affirms in its speech its sincere desire to build relations based on common interests and respect for its sovereignty and lay the foundations for peace and security in the region and the world, pointing out that Al-Kazemi’s visit to Riyadh and Tehran because they are two central capitals that have their weight and influence In the area.
      Prurai pointed out that the establishment of balanced relations with all the surrounding countries will secure the borders of Iraq, especially since the border tensions are continuing with the countries surrounding Iraq, indicating that the Turkish violations of the borders with Iraq require a national position that leads to the protection of the borders in a way that is in the interest of Iraqi society and does not constitute a threat to neighboring countries And reassure the neighboring countries that Iraq does not constitute a threat to anyone and is ready to protect the borders, which are considered security operations and linked to the federal authority.
      For his part, the deputy of the Iraqi Forces Alliance Ahmad al-Mashhadani counted the mutual visits between Iraq and the countries of the region and the world as "positive" aimed at drawing diplomatic policy, opening new pages and building common interests between Iraq and the surrounding Arab, regional and international levels.
      Al-Mashhadani said to “Al-Sabah”: The diplomatic steps taken by the Prime Minister and his visit to Saudi Arabia, Iran and other countries indicate a new era of economic openness and communication by building a network of interests away from conflicts, indicating that Iraq is establishing its relations on economic and political cooperation, which constitutes steps Positive in opening up to the world. In the same context, the leader of the Al-Fateh coalition, Ghazanfar Al-Battikh, in a press statement, the visit of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazimi to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is important and has many dimensions, especially in relation to the economic and financial side, due to the difficult situation Iraq lives. The watermelon said: LINK
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