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Abdul-Mahdi: Iraq is strong and able to overcome all difficult and complicated circumstance

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01/14 2020 17:27

Abdul-Mahdi: Iraq is strong and able to overcome all difficult and complicated circumstancesعبدالمهدي-العراق-قوي-وقادر-على-تجاوز-كل-الظروف-الصعبة-والمعقدة


Baghdad / Obelisk: Resigned Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, confirmed on Tuesday, January 14, 2020, that Iraq is strong and capable of overcoming all difficult and complicated circumstances.

Obelisk publishes the text of the statement of the Prime Minister's Information Office:

* Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi at today's cabinet meeting: Iraq is able to overcome all difficulties *

The Council of Ministers held its regular session today, Tuesday, January 14, 2020 under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister, Mr. Adel Abdul-Mahdi, and discussed the issues prepared for the agenda and issued a number of decisions.

The Council of Ministers continued its session with the presence of the governors, where the Prime Minister talked about the developments that Iraq is going through and the difficult challenges it faces, despite the fact that the government in the conduct of business and provincial councils has been resolved.

The Prime Minister stressed that Iraq is strong and capable of overcoming all difficult and complicated circumstances, and that Iraq’s external relations are at its best, stressing the importance of respecting the rights of citizens, listening to their views and working in accordance with the constitution and the law to extend the authority of the state, indicating the government's determination to prevent weapons from staying outside the state, And the necessity of continuing efforts to confront the remains of ISIS and thwarting its attempts to exploit the circumstances.

The governors presented in their words a summary of the reality of service, health and security, marketing of agricultural crops, infrastructure projects, energy, schools and the return of the displaced, among others, noting the successes achieved, and a number of vital projects were discussed from the Iraqi-Chinese fund in light of the agreement signed between the two countries.

The Cabinet issued the following decisions:

The Council of Ministers approved the recommendation of the Ministerial Council for Social Services regarding approval of the Azizia sewerage networks project from Cabinet Resolution (170) for the year 2019 with the Ministry of Construction, Housing and General Municipalities coordinating between them and the Ministry of Planning to re-price the remaining paragraphs of the project above,

The following was approved: -

The sale shall be at the real price allowance without public bidding, according to the mechanism used in the Ministry of Construction, Housing and General Municipalities to sell the complexes implemented by it.

According to the approval of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers on the record No. (13) for the meeting of the National Housing Council, the sale will be as follows:

1- Reducing 20% of the housing unit price.

2- The amount of the housing unit is divided into 25 years. 3- Allocating 5% of the apartments to the immigration and the displaced.

4- The Ministry of Construction and Housing undertakes the conclusion of contracts and the collection of funds through the Housing Department in Maysan Governorate.

5- The Ministry of Displacement and Migration handles the distribution mechanism according to the criteria for the beneficiaries and the separation form prepared by it duly.

6- Maysan governorate will manage the service facilities of the housing complex.

7 - List the sale fees for the aforementioned apartments, as a government debt, which will be extinguished in whole or in part in the future.

The session witnessed the approval of the recommendation of the Ministerial Council for Social Services regarding the approval to grant every citizen who does not own a residence in the Busaya district of Al-Muthanna Governorate a piece of residential land area of 300 meters for an amount of 50 thousand dinars, as an exception to the public bidding.

It was agreed that the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Construction and Housing would own the land, the details of which are fixed in the books of the Ministry of Transport located in Basra Governorate, which cover an area of (4,750) four thousand seven hundred and fifty dunums to the Ministry of Transport without an allowance for the purpose of the General Company for Iraqi Railways and the Iraqi Ports Company, one of the formations of the Ministry of Transport implementing two railroad projects Basra Iron-Faw and Al-Fao Residential City, provided that there is no conflict with the basic design of the city and the implementation of Cabinet Resolution No. 431 of 2012.

The Cabinet agreed to amend paragraph (1) of Cabinet Resolution 450 for the year 2019 regarding the completion of the completion of 400-bed public hospitals to become the following: - Approving the recommendations of the minutes of the two meetings (7 and 8 for the Committees of the Diwaniya Orders 45 for the year 2018 and 63 for the year 2019 to follow up the implementation of the decision Cabinet 8 of 2019 regarding 400-bed general hospital construction projects

The governors are empowered to run the daily procedure from their own revenues for a period of three months, renewable.

Media Office of the Prime Minister

January 14, 2020

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Abdul-Mahdi and Al-Halbousi affirmed the strengthening of friendship with countries of the world, including the United States


On Tuesday, Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi and Parliament Muhammad al-Halbousi discussed the issue of the presence of foreign forces and the decision of the House of Representatives on them, while they emphasized strengthening friendship with countries of the world, including the United States.

Al-Halbousi’s office said in a statement that Alsumaria News received, a copy of it, that “Speaker of Parliament Muhammad Al-Halbousi received, today, Tuesday, Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi,” noting that “the latest developments of political and security conditions in the country were discussed.”
He added, "During the meeting, views were exchanged on the various current issues, the repercussions of the current crisis in the region, the issue of the presence of foreign forces, and the decision of the House of Representatives around it," noting that "the two presidents confirmed in a joint statement that the existence of trust between the leaders is enough to solve all issues, Whether internal or external, and that the current crisis is serious, and requires cooperation and coordination, and filling all gaps that can be exploited in these circumstances. "
He continued that they "stressed the importance of continuing to establish balanced relations, not to enter into the policy of axes and penalties, and to establish good cooperative relations with all neighboring countries, and to enhance friendship with countries of the world, including the United States, to preserve the interests and sovereignty of our country, refuse to interfere in its internal affairs, and proceed with any decision It preserves the interests of Iraq, its stability, security, and sovereignty, and avoids future risks, with the importance of Iraq being a point of peace, immune to conflicts, as well as the need for joint action, and addressing all the gaps that ISIS can exploit, and the importance of everyone's cooperation, in order for the state and government to impose its authority Its prestige is to mend Rude Iraq’s interests and realize the aspirations of its people. ”
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