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An American report presents a scenario for the emergence of a new terrorist organization in Iraq

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An American report presents a scenario for the emergence of a new terrorist organization in Iraq

An American report presents a scenario for the emergence of a new terrorist organization in Iraq

 Twilight News    
 12 minutes ago

The American general, Mike Nagata, has revealed that thousands of fighters from the terrorist organization have fled the areas lost by the organization in Syria and Iraq, and are now hiding in the areas where they have taken refuge. 
The US general warned that these fighters could return and pose a new threat that was quite a threat. 
General Nagata confirmed that the number of Daqash fighters reached 40,000 during the period of control of the organization on large parts of Syria and Iraq, but thousands were killed during the fighting, but there are still pockets of organization in Syria and Iraq, and must be eliminated and the end of the mission. 
The general made it clear that what happened in Iraq under al-Qaeda had been brought up in a different way by a hasty organization, and it was very possible that a new organization would emerge as it had before.

Prevent return 
and running General Nagata now the director of strategic planning in the Counter - Terrorism Center, he was speaking during a lecture at the Washington Institute for the Near East, and the face of warnings from the return of the organization Daesh through his answer to a question about what if US troops pulled out of Syria is happening now. 
General Nagata responded indirectly to the question and stressed the need for a party to stabilize the situation on the ground to prevent the return of an advocate or any other organization. 
He pointed out that the only party qualified to play this role is the United States, but the US general did not discuss the issue of the withdrawal of troops directly, especially as this requires a decision from the President of the United States. 
The US general spoke about his country's counter-terrorism strategy.
The general referred to a multifaceted strategy, including the fight against terrorism propaganda, cooperation with social leaders on the ground to help threaten the sources of danger, as well as cutting off funding for terrorist organizations.

The killing of terrorists is not enough 
What is striking is that General Nagata, who has made contracts in the fight against terrorism, pointed out that one of the methods of combating terrorist organizations, whether al-Qaeda or other or other, is to kill the leaders of these organizations and eliminate the volunteers in their ranks, The killing of terrorists alone is not enough, and it is true that efforts prevented a similar attack to the 11 September 2001 attack, but terrorism proves to be resisting survival. 
General Nagata called for more funding for counterterrorism programs and for more dialogue to help populations in the United States and abroad because they can detect risks in their ranks. 
He also called for the development of ways to counter extremism in cyberspace, which terrorist organizations exploit to spread their ideas. He pointed out the need to prevent funding for these organizations and to prevent the travel of its members among countries.
It was also remarkable that the US general questioned the validity of any counterterrorism strategy and called for the American approach to combat this phenomenon to be "experimental" because no one has a definite plan to reach a strategic victory over terrorism.


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Thanks Yota...This has Iran and Maliki written all over it...Iraq needs to get their government set and go after the political corruption that's been the demise of Iraq's prosperity....jmho 

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I agree skeetdog. A lot of these information pieces are really

just fake news. i think the solution to these groups is in the banking system.

It takes a ton of money to field an army. Follow the movement of the money

and stop these organizations before they start.

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