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  1. Commander in chief of all the corruption. He knew of all the "ghost" soldiers,because he was getting his share of the kick-back money off the payroll from local commanders. All that needs to be done is "follow the money" you will soon Know who was in on this very costly scheme.Can the lives lost even be measured ?? Hang um High.
  2. I agree yota. They would have refused to disband and turned against the regular army. This was our mistake way back when Bremmer disbanded the defeated iraq army. all that accomplished was to turn loose a lot of unemployed men whose only skills were how to shoot rifles and blow up things.mercenaries ready to be hired by anyone.
  3. Wondering if that Diwani order, orders the popular forces to join the Iraq army or disband. I think that idea was passed a few months back. ??
  4. It's easy to see how complicated this issue is. First bagdad control is in the hands of the Sheite who just about hate the Kurds.For these politicians to give even an inch to the Kurds would be considered weakness.Where there is money involved in this land of crooks it's even worse . We ourselves have the same situation with the Dems and republicans. Socialistic ideas sound great until you run out of other peoples money.Lol
  5. Thanks jg1 As someone who has over 3900 posts i can respect your advice. As for the two newbies, this section is for rumors, so by it's very nature is not to be believed.....Turn off your computer and have a beer..
  6. Maliki and friends probably told the cbi if they stop the auction He and his friends that have billions in stolen currency would start their own auction. LOL
  7. Somehow i think the above comments are missing the point. Nowhere did i see them say they were reducing the value of the dinar. When they say reducing the dinar i think they mean the total dinar outstanding in circulation... The CBI has been working on this for the last couple of years and the amount of dinar outstanding has gone down substantially .. This fact can only be good for us..
  8. The value of the dollar goes up and down weekly. This is a fact. The iraq dinar Will react accordingly. When we follow the charts,even on forex,We find this a natural thing. The dollar is not a rock it is a benchmark.
  9. Thanks fellow DVs I think the IMF was requireing Something like FDIC in their last report. Any way you look at it this is a GOOD thing.!!!
  10. These politicians and business men in Iraq are shockingly slow at everything. I hear they reviewing the marriage license between Adam & Eve for a vote by the GOI in the coming days !!! lol
  11. Soo computer list of 800 numbers giving out "codes" are hand carried half way around the world to Reno. I can't stop laughing. Nevada has some of the most advanced computers in the world. Ever hear of block chain? Ever hear of Bitcoin? Ever hear of online gambling? Seriously that is really funny....
  12. Palestinians suffer every day because of the paid proxy of iran, Hamas and rich muslums who want to keep this thing going to no end. Money is always the the deep reason. Everyone knows isreal is backed by the US and is never going to lay down or go away,so why keep this sad situation indefinately.
  13. This is an opinion piece. You can bet the author of this paper spent more time writing this opinion than the house of reps did doing their elected job,between vacations.
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