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  1. Typical over reaction buy this Dvets crowd. The vote to remove Usa troops was a total photo op moment,put on by the iranian supported politicians in Iraq. The Kurds and Sunni did not even show up. There was no quarum and nothing was binding. I doubt that they even wrote it down in the record. There is a status of forces agreement in effect that is binding...We are going nowhere
  2. What has been written many times in this forum ,the dinar will rise in value as investors come in and start to rebuild and invest in the country. If the USA is forced to leave that will be the end of any chance for the value to rise. imho. over& out...
  3. Probably not a lot of corruption under Sadam. If he didn't get his share it was the firing squad....
  4. If American service people are killed it's all over for Iran and if Iraq wants to join them on the soup line then that's the way it is. We are not leaving Iraq just because Iran's puppets want us to....
  5. Wow this is great news. The Quds force has killed many friends with arms supply and roadside IED. I am surprised Trump took credit because it's usually the CIA. Soo the big statement from their Leader saying "Trump can do nothing" looks kinda stupid now.
  6. We may as well face it, Iran is very skilled at these diplomatic games. They know what strings to pull to get their puppets in iraq to side with them in any pushing match with the USA. Ask yourself why iraq let the Quds force make themselves at home on iraq soil. I saw this coming months ago. Trump is not going to war with iran. It would not surprise me to see missile bases built in iraq after we with draw our troops. Time will tell.
  7. Karsten,You are correct in your thinking. The problem is the people in power know whats wrong but are making too much money the way it is. They will keep promising to weed out corruption while at the same time keep on stealing. You can see this when it is announced a law is passed and it is a law purposed ten years ago. ha
  8. Money( in this case oil) is the root of evil. Mix in 3or 4 large religious groups and a large dose of corruption and this is what you get. lol
  9. Was that a plane coming into the station or a train coming in for a landing ?I forget.
  10. This is too funny. Russia wants to support the freedoms of the people in the street? They don't even allow demonstrators in their own country.What a snake pit Putin and Maliki could create together.Scary stuff.
  11. Wow that is really some powerful smoke you're token on... Have you been talking to luigi1. Shabs barely escaped with his life when Maliki fired him while he was out of the country. No way would he come back to the snake pit. imho
  12. Thans 3n1. looks like things are going from bad to worse. Kinda makes sense though because a large part of the iraqi government are covert Iran supporters anyway...
  13. They discovered fake invoices written to fake companies for the purpose of trading at the CBI currency auction and it only took them since 2004 to discover this.That's only 15 years. Must be a bunch of slow thinkers.... lol
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