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  1. The headline sounds like something is happening. The article sounds like AL-Kaabi is wishing something would happen.....
  2. Takes quite an organization of Arab countries and bankers to process and count all that AMERICAN MONEY!!!!!
  3. I'm kinda wondering if anyone ever writes down what they vote on. still voting on proposals 1958 and 2003.? The other thing jumps out at me.. Do they need less inspectors or more inspectors to take bribes or report shady bookeeping.
  4. I'm with you LB. Seems like they're always alluding to international but never quite getting there.
  5. I hope nobody turns over their Dinar at an exchange center other than a bank with the promise of access to funds 36hrs later. Could be bye bye dinars.
  6. Great timing. Hey MD11 funny you mention MOAB. I was just thinking yesterday we should put a half dozen of those earth shakers on the Taliban in afganistan.
  7. If i recall correctly,the federal police did most of the town clearing of Issis anyway. Those guys were courageous
  8. I agree with DOD. Is the reserve 72 billion or 53 billion. Only a mere 19 billion difference . Maybe the 72b was before Maliki , Abadi and the Barzanis.Took their cut. You couldn't make this crap up for Hollywood.
  9. Can't believe Barzani's family hasn't wiped out this newspaper for publishing the truth.
  10. Russia playing both ends against the middle. Supply Iran and the Quds force and supply iraq stir up some trouble,and let the fun begin. Of course making the US look like a bunch of stupids in the process. Putin wins again without breaking a sweat.
  11. Although WTO has strict rules on currency and fair value in trading,these rules are often broken. China has under valued their currency for many years and it has helped them to the giant status they have in the trade world today. This is one of the things that Trump is trying to correct and should have been dealt with years ago.
  12. Did you check out the so called picture of the explosion ? That pile of junk is so rusted (in a desert country no less) it's got to be over twenty years old. Talk about Fake News,this has got to qualify.....ha
  13. Hey Iran ,You just got hit with a RIGHT HOOK..keep the pressure on Brian.
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