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  1. The real reason this low value is placed on the dinar is because the politicians have over time manipulated their money into dollars. This is where THEY want the value to be held. NOT DINARS>>>
  2. Nothing happens in any country until the politicians have a secret reason or doing it. What ever it is must enrich the politicians. They have stolen dollars for years and sent this money out of the country. THEY LIKE THINGS THE WAY THEY ARE.
  3. Thee world must be upside down. Al-Sadar was guilty of all these things he is now against. The no militias thing from a guy who had one of the largest militias. LOL
  4. Soleimani killed thousands of innocent civilians with his terrorist acts. Live by the sword you will die by the sword..NOT A MARTYR..
  5. OMG..Of all people to be talking trash about "ventured into Iraq economy" Maliki is probably the biggest crook of them all. Let's not forget it was him that stopped the RV when Shabbi was ready to make our dreams come true. He and his militia have controlled Iraq from behind the scenes for years.
  6. As far as i know Maliki and his cohorts are still alive and kickin. Speaks for itself..
  7. In Absentia meaning they fore warned him so he could get out of the country. Only tough part of the deal,i'm sure he had to share a heavy percent off what he stole to get that heads up LOL
  8. Really doesn't matter who is in charge. This cesspool will always smell like an armpit and the rich will keep stealing and the poor will keep starving ..
  9. Laid back. I respect your knowledge of how the SYSTEM is set up to minimize political influence but, in reality the big political people in power appoint the leaders of the CBI. Let's not forget the closest we have ever been to the RV is when Shabibi was the CBI chief back about 2011. Maliki was making a killing at the auction and didn't want an RV Soo what did he do?? He issued an arrest warrant for the guy while he was out of the country insuring he could not return. Then he put his own puppet in as the leader of the CBI. So who is in control on paper is NOT really in control...
  10. I call BALONEY. If you look at that crowd of 300 plus politicians,90 percent of them steal from the people on a daily and weekly basis. It's their culture. Stealing is totally approved behavior. Why is Maliki still breathing??
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