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  1. Not so confusing. We know these guys always mix-up when to use comma and when to use period. No transfers more than 400,000 dinars in one month or it's equivalent in US dollars. period not comma.
  2. Doesn't take a genius to make plenty of moola buying at 1190 and selling at 1255. The auction has to go by by...
  3. For some strange unknown reason we vets choose to recognize that a strong and prosperous economy will raise the value of the currency to combat inflation not the situation in Iraq... sorry..imho
  4. It could be the twenty-fifth conference on oil and it would have the same zero results. This is just a paid vacation where politicians fly around the country on the tax payers money pretending to do business. MARK MY WORDS***
  5. The only difference between us and them is we are bigger. We keep printing money every month. Soon a loaf of bread will be 5.00 dollars...
  6. In other words...The US has made many mistakes,has no over all plan and made a mess of the whole thing. What cracks me up,is the fact we go around the world trying to inflict democracy on other countries and our own country is barely holding together and some would say really not working as it has in the past. This whole thing is a failure just like Viet Nam. A giant waste of money and effort. imho.
  7. Taxes are generally taken out before the check is given to the employee which would make the middle class and poor people even poorer. Soo one of two things is happening. The government is broke and as usual they beat the slaves harder or they are going to raise the dinar value to get more tax money ,but more importantly get some of that chunky money out from under the mattress and into circulation . just guessing...
  8. Wondering what the form ask for. I'm thinking it may help in the "Where did this money come from" idea floated a couple years ago.
  9. Im wondering how many Ghost employees they had in 1927. This is a relatively new ploy used buy officials to steal money from the ministries. After all the checks are printed and deposited in bank accounts with nobody having to show up on payday to show ID or sign anything. These bank accounts are in banks owned buy the politicians. Pretty nice and clean way to steal millions. Ain't life grande...
  10. Wow we're all the way up to voting on a 1979 law. We really seem to use our time wisely. Next up we will vote on the 1980 dog leash law, if we can get a quarom to show
  11. State of law is really "State of out laws" headed by Maliki. This party should be made to account for all the millions and if they don't they should be disbanded and given jail time..imho..
  12. Must be a good thing. I say this because a leader from "The State of Law" doesn't like it and says it's upside down. This is Maliki's party. Stands to reason if the biggest thief in the country is against it,then maybe there is true reform on the way...
  13. What a bunch of nothing. Iran should have been told to bring there Quds force and other militias back home and keep the hell out of Iraq
  14. Love the law that says "a conviction of a crime that would mean jail time can be paid for and allow the offender to buy his way out." Guess these guys can see the justice train coming down the track and are setting themselves up to buy their way out.
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