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  1. What did he say? Ensure the failure of slipping in the shaft of corruption...
  2. Here we go again. Another curve ball to once again delay reform. What a bunch of morons .I am shocked to hear that "everyone is out for personal gain" OMG this really changes things don't you think . Thugs. let's hear from you.....
  3. I always thought it was a foolish idea to export our form of government. It barely works here in the USA. Lately it doesn't even work for us. To go to a country that has many powerful religious groups that have been killing each other for many generations,and think they will play nice and pass laws for the good of the country is just not realistic. Couple this with their culture of corruption and we find futility . Just remember **** Chaney reminded us WAR is good business.Connected people get rich and the poor die fighting . Never changes. imho
  4. God bless Ryan. He answered the call,and paid the price. My prayers are with mom and dad.
  5. In that first picture Abadi has his pen and pencil handy to write down (note to self) where are my glasses and what am i doing here?
  6. Their is a simple answer to this problem. Banks should not be granted a license unless accounts are insured. The laws have not been passed that require Something like FDIC in this country. Their private banks are like good old boys club that launder ill gotten gains for their friends (gangsters) and suck profits from their CBI auctions.
  7. The defeat of issis was brought about by many sects working together nobody knows this better than Abadi. He was surprised when these people didn't come together and want to rebuild the country. Maybe his message is now being heard. Let's hope Abadi wins out and gets things moving right after Ramadon.
  8. While delaying the rest to another time. More pay for doing nothing. Goof balls unlimited..
  9. PS.....Further more if one of the people in charge of their ministries was caught stealing his hands would be chopped off....A small deterrent
  10. This brings forth a myth preached by every Guru. Iraq has more oil and natural resources than most of it's neighbors but their currentcy is no where near the value of Kuwait or others. The basic reason for this is the other countries are ruled by a kingdom and a tight family group. They know how to get things done and don't argue about it month after month year after year. IT'S called STABILITY....
  11. Me too Peaks view. That plane landed right on top of the train coming into the station and wouldn't you know it i was late cause the wife wanted some morning love.
  12. These projects get stalled for one reason...Fear has struck the people that GREASE the wheels. Everyone in a power position is waiting to see if the corruption laws are enforced or ignored. jmho
  13. Providing the unemployed youth with loans to start projects. Lol sounds like the west virginia coal mines thing in debt at the company store.never get out.
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