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  1. Wow..Up down up down up down. Wondering how strong the dollar is going to be when they open the auction again since the NYSE shot up Friday..The US economy is coming back strong.
  2. Not to change the subject but, I have been in this dinar arena for over ten years and really enjoy the folks on this site. However i'm starting to feel the walls closing in due to the increase in pop=up ads and outright full page block out ads. Are the site managers getting greedy for more revenue?? I for one don't like this trend. I'm sure i'll get some flack for bringing this up. peace out...
  3. Wondering which 6 months? We are in June now i think it's a little late to start over...
  4. Does Iran think there new toys are rocket proof? Our Navy and naval aircraft have more firepower than the entire country. This is funny....ha
  5. Nothing new here. Everyone in finance knows this has been the cash cow for the fake banks which are owned by many politicians. This is why Maliki issued an arrest warrant for Shabibi back when he tried to stop the auction. After that bold move,nobody ever tried to reform the system again..
  6. Poet Fuzuli (16th century) greeted the court but they would not except his greeting because it was not a bribe....that is too funny. Hard to change that culture.
  7. I think the man on the street would have a different set of priority. First, work on recovering all the stolen billions the politicians have taken out of country. Maliki alone is said to have about 80 billion.
  8. No mystery here. Many of the politicians own the banks in question. They partner with other politicians in buying into the banks so they can control any regulations that might curtail the stealing. The fox is guarding the chicken coop. ha lol...
  9. So where does anyone think the Trillions of dollars the USA government is handing out to people and businesses comes from. Twenty percent unemployment means no income tax coming in to the treasury. The states are in trouble because they count on sales tax. Guess what,no one is buying expensive items.My grand kids are going to be paying for these hand outs for most of their lives....PRINT PRINT AWAY...
  10. Nice photo of President Rouhani. Are we to believe the president's office still uses a phone with a coil cord attached? LOL
  11. These guys can now go to their true country. IRAN here we come...
  12. Thanks for the update. I'm not sure i get why anyone would need dollars to buy a supposed ton of imports when most business is closed due to virus Maybe Iran is really in need of dollars since their money is worse off than the dinar.?
  13. These people don.t want a functioning government. All hot air and no action. Remember the crack down " Where did you get this? That was hot for a while but faded out just like every attempt at reform. Wow what a Shites storm
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