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  1. Am i reading this right? We get to keep bases in Iraq only because we have corruption dirt on most of the present leaders.
  2. Come on now DB you know the hidden money goes to the ministries head man. This is business as usual. This is why so many people want those jobs. imho
  3. And he added We take gold,diamonds.and real estate to hurry your licensing application
  4. Hopes.Dreams forgiveness.and no amount of American money will change the culture of the Iraq power structure. imho
  5. Mahdi ran on economic reform.....Sounds like every american running for president. what happens after election Only president Trump has done what he said he would do. I don't like the guy but he sticks to what he ran on.Lol
  6. The stopping of the auction would imply they are a seperate entity and makes their on policy. {they claim this,but not true} Do we remember when an arrest warrant was issued for Dr Shabibi ? He said they were independent and Maliki sent him out of the country never to return. The auction will not stop. It is to easy for the men of power to steal from. IMHO
  7. The Lebanese newspaper ??? Wonder who owns that. I smell Maliki in there some where He is a news paper owner you know. So who is the bad guy.the briber or the taker of the bribe ??
  8. Donziman

    CBI News 02/11/2019

    Thanks yota691 for all your hard work. I believe we haven't seen the RV because the top officials in Iraq have stolen american dollars in very large quantities and sent the money out of the country. If they increase the value of the dinar against the dollar they would loose millions in spending the funds back in Iraq. These crooks could never let that happen.. IMHO of course.
  9. Don't think the new rate will be in the budget. We go through this every year with great hope. The whole budget process is a fight from beginning to end. If the contenders had to deal with a rate increase at the same time it would never get done. imho of course ...
  10. Wow that reaching out with the tin cup never gets old with them
  11. Donziman

    CBI News 02/04/2019

    OMG did Lugi write this article ? Crypto is way to complicated for the schmucks of iraq to work with. They can't seem to walk and chew gum at the same time. Remember the election of May 2018? They still haven't even settled that fiasco....
  12. This looks like a desperate move by Iran to get Maliki and his buddies to help against the US sanctions.
  13. Good thinking. We have tried draw downs before and it creates a vacume that that is soon filled by the bad guys of every color. We are the people every one loves to hate. It diverts these sub groups from going to war with each other. imho
  14. The US never learns..We supported many leaders that turned on us to amass vast fortunes. Prime example we actually Know about is Panama's Manual Noriega. He flew tons of drugs directly in to our country for the drug cartel and when caught switched over to money laundering. Thank the CIA for that move....

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