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  1. Forced into retirement until he came up with Dirt on those forcing him out. More blackmail and corruption .In other words business as usual. Remember they were in the top five of democracy countries. What a joke. ha
  2. I think one of the indicators of democracy must be modeled after the USA. Who can Buy the most votes ??? Ministries going to the highest bidder..
  3. This looks like a way to make sure all the oil exported will be accounted for. This includes Kirkuk ,Basra and the Kurdish region. If this figure of (all) the oil is close to accurate, it makes the HCL much easier to divide up the percentages cut out for the Region. This is great imho
  4. Soo anything over the 60 dollars per barrel (as of today=72) the ministers get to steal and send out of the country. lol
  5. Donziman

    Announcement of the largest bloc

    Translation Will reach an agreement. Will reach for an agreement. likely to reach an agreement but some posts will remain empty but the blocks remain difficult.Maximum of three months. What a bunch of bull LOL
  6. Let's put this guy on the official pumpers list .....
  7. Looks like more and more empty seats there. Are the fed police waiting for their immunity to expire? The missing must already be headed to Iran
  8. So anyone know who this guy is? Sounds pretty optimistic. Talks like he knows the deletion of the zero's is a done deal. Should this be posted in the rumor section or is this just his opinion ??
  9. My God this gives me the creeps. Like visting with Hitler after he gassed his own people. Hundreds of thousands of ordinary citizens killed by Assad just so he could cling to power. shissh
  10. Gregp i think you are exactly right on. Alak probably is all ready the agreed upon Gov. After all he was honored as one of the Best governors in the mid-east Many would agree he is the man for the job.Now we have his name printed on the new currency. This hoop-la is all smoke. Do we realize that even at ten cents 10k dinar is a thousand dollars. Kinda hard to buy anything in the local market with a thousand dollar bill.
  11. Big deal over nothing. Queen of england's picture is on their money and even Sadam's picture was on the Dinar. Let"s bring that dinar back to it's former glory
  12. Please send 1 Dinar to cover the cost of 800# ha
  13. Three trillion dinars for emergency fund from a cabinet that will soon be replaced. Could this be the get out of jail fund. Just business as usual in Iraq. LOL
  14. Donziman

    Announcement of the largest bloc

    I think this is a positive move. Abadi never did do anything about Maliki. Ever ask yourself Why? I think Maliki has something on him that allows him to continue to walk the street and breath air. The Dawa party is now done and hopefully we can move past all the graft and stealing. GO IRAQ GO RV
  15. The new PM has himself in the very definition of a FUTURES market.

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