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  1. Soo they put out the rules book after the year is over..Sheese
  2. AL=Shammari better pay these guys because they are the best organized and best defense army iraq has. They are the force that keeps the Quds militia from taking over the country side in Iraq.....
  3. Developing the crooked mind-set of a branch manager...Do we send the guy with the shortest criminal record or the truly professional crook. imho lol
  4. Well if we put the answer to Horsesoldier question since 2007. Of coarse in Iraq'time it was just yesterday. Each ruling party has to have their turn at the feeding trough until they are full and pass the issue to the next entitled crooks. imho
  5. The laughable part of this is PMF says, (Maliki) big supporter,who is Iran''s puppet thinks they can take on Israel. Israel has every kind of plane,rocket,bomb.nuclear weapon that the US has. They are trained and have a draft system that trains every citizen even the women.As UMBer say. Ain't never,never happening Somebody's drinking too much mushroom tea. big LOL
  6. And the authorities slapped them on the wrist and said "bad boys and girls,don't do that again or you will have to stand in the corner " then they all went on vacation. lol
  7. Bama Girl Thanks for putting our feelings in print. You are 100% correct. To advance this pile of snakes to a world economy the corruption has to stop, however nobody knows how to business in a normal fashion which means you and i are SOL. Thanks for all your contributions over our long journey... lv ya..
  8. This is soo funny. What else did anyone expect. The real story will be when someone steals the treasure from the thieves....The snakes keep on eating each other...
  9. Decision made in 2008. What a crock. This is bs talking about 12 years ago. Talk about slow wheels of accountibility . This is exactly why the country is stuck in limbo. The crooks like it this way so they can keeping milking the cow.... lol
  10. This is about a story told to Iran's old leader Ayatollah Khomeini to make him feel good. These so called advisors tell the man what he wants to hear.
  11. OMG are we hearing from Okie again..Did your food stamps run out? It was bad enough when MTN G came back. Trump says there are plenty of jobs out there. Do we really have to re-live all the hog wash ? Thugs please save us LOL..
  12. Pitcher, i always enjoy hearing from you. Although this idea of the US taking charge of the country has already been tried and failed miserably . Remember Mr Bremmer and the US pick Prime minister Maliki. We will never understand the mid east culture. Our own so called democracy is barely working as we speak. We are in no position to teach how a country is supposed to be run......imho..
  13. Many private banks in Iraq have opened for the sole purpose of stealing through the CBI auction. If the commission was serious they would stop the auction and a lot of these banks would close their doors shortly thereafter
  14. These figures are always misleading. Most money is spent for equipment and personnel What this means is the money goes to American companies and American fighting men and women. If this money is then spent within our borders it goes round and round to keep our economy running. imho.
  15. What they have to offer is graft money and unreported stealing through the auction. These jokers in parliament don't care a hoot about the people in the street. Also they speak the same language and have the same religion. Somehow they have forgotten the time when Iraq and Iran were in a very bloody war. Money has strange bedfellows. lol
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