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  1. Banks don't smuggle currency,people do. These general statement reports always fail to name names. What happens next is extortion making for more corruption so the names are not revealed. This keeps the circle of corruption and power going round and round and round. It's just the way it's done. imho
  2. Getting rid of economic problem of social dimensions. Wow if that isn't political speak i guess i never heard a lot of talk and promise with nothing but nice words that might allow for more study of the problem. Iraq has plenty of income but the ruling class steals it all but a few crumbs left for the people. We see it all over the world. There seems to be no limit to GREED. lol
  3. Abadi may be the answer to the demonstrators hope of a new nationalism . I never did figure out why he didn't win the last election after defeating Issis. Maliki still had a lot of power then and he spread his money around just enough to get his puppet in as a compromise .
  4. This guy knows what he's talking about. Hope he doesn't end up in one of those mysterious fatal car crashes. He's right about the religious leaders too. This is why Iran is in their messy economic situation as well. jmho.
  5. Ron thanks for sharing. i noticed the Market rate holding within 2% is going to hit one year on Nov 14 . This would show anyone interested, stability.
  6. This looks like a whole lot of words to describe what many have known for years. There are model countries all around them to emulate.Prosperity for the people will come from stealing a little less and caring enough to share the wealth. imho.
  7. So true Calijim. and thats why it isn't changing anytime sooon lol
  8. Yes fellow DV ers We have a fixed exchange rate. 1290 dinars = 1 dollar. Sorry but that's the way it is...
  9. The COM is talking about their retirement law when the citizens have few jobs , very little clean water and part time electric. wow!!!
  10. Once again parliament did nothing to help the citizens. The meeting to vote on reforms didn't happen.
  11. Don't really understand this. Seems like this is like the Ghost soldiers scam. Contracts are made with ghost that never perform.ha imagine that. I'm shocked.
  12. Funny how the State of law with Maliki at the helm always seem to get away with this stuff. The "Popular" forces are bought and paid for by Maliki, so of course he wants them to kidnap and rob. How else is he getting his money back. If the US< tries to do anything about it he cries interference . We need a sniper....
  13. Hey Breitling i know you deal with Warka. Please let us know whats up
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