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  1. Mtn goat disapeared a few years ago when she was so sure it was going down but didn't. Remember BGG and the back screens. Rates jumping all around the big banks. Lol
  2. This is great news. The timeing of this portal is very interesting. Looks like they are ready for the new year and full speed ahead.
  3. Donziman

    The New Rate Is On WF Screen.

    3 dinars + 3dinars = 6 dinars lol
  4. It was reported last week that the Iranians had a hit ordered on Sadr. Guess we know why Sadr doesn't want certain people heading these ministries. They are on Iran's secret pay-roll to make the GOI fail. Same old stuff.
  5. So according to this artical they haven't been dealing with Iran in dollars since 2012. If you believe that i have some everglades swamp land i think you may be interested in. lol Where do the auction dollars go. Nobody seems to know.???
  6. So nice. After all the only people we can trust is ourselves. Maliki's army, Quds force, and iranian gangs of terror are running all over the place looking for anyone that will give them money to keep fighting. This is how the upper class (politicians) keep the poor,poor and them rich. Proof...1000yrs of the same.
  7. This un-paid loan thing is not new to the thieves of the world. It's done in the states all the time.The bank lends money to friends knowing they have no intention of paying it back. They then foreclose on the collateral to find out it's worthless. Which they knew all along . Called "friends in high places" lol
  8. This is totally laughable. The american tax-payer has paid at least three times to set up the electrical grid and they still don't have 24hr power. It seems like this is is the easiest ministry to steal from. Many ministers and many piles of money have rolled down this road. The good thing is they are forming a committee to look into the problem. Lol
  9. But wait----Before we go we have to vote on the law of "Dead fish farmers" lol
  10. This is right at the top of my list. Can't figure out whose dead, the fish or the farmers ?
  11. This is laughable. I know for a fact that the UN and the tax payers of the USA have paid at leased three times for a proper electrical grid and they still don't have one. Remember Basra was rioting this summer because the A/C didn't work. Lol
  12. I don't think these guys know the difference between a decimal point and a comma,do you?
  13. Hey 10 did you notice what was missing.. They didn't say "We welcome Iraq as a full member [not observer] into the World Bank . now did they ??
  14. Iran would be stupid to try to 'Take out Sadr" Even the US army when on the ground and in his area couldn't do it. Lets' put this on the hard to believe list.

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