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  1. Dear Yota,thanks for all your work. Work i'm sure must be very rewarding in one way or another. I say this because of the latest nineteen post you put up eighteen of them. Must make you soo happy.
  2. This volume of dinar sales is back to the good old days of tricky invoices and even trickier corrupt politicians. They must have figured out how to sell high volumes of dinar on the street at the higher price. Same old stuff..
  3. Just wondering if Hunter Biden was in on this deal ? LOL
  4. Reminds me of when Maliki convinced the Iraqi people he had their best interest in his heart. Especially when he had an arrest warrant made for Shabbi.
  5. Fake news. Just look at these so called NEWS outlets. Leftist all writing fake news just to promote their agenda..
  6. As we see by studying the mid-east countries.the people in power slowly take away the money and freedoms from their people. New laws and control of the media is really all it takes. Now the media is saying voter I.D. is somehow prejudiced against minorities. I don't get that. I need an ID to get a fishing licence When they started voting under the new form of government in Iraq they put a finger in an ink well. One person one vote. No dead people allowed
  7. Economist know that to have a market economy they must have under valued money China is the best example. There under value has allowed them to sell world wide to the extent they now have the second biggest economy in the world.Iraq wants to stop importing everything and stop relying on oil 95%
  8. People,people...The banks stopped buying dinar because just like the last time the newest exchange rate will DE value the dinar. It will take more and more dinar to buy the dinar. I'm guessing the rate about 1500 dinar = 1 dollar
  9. My prediction....We will have fewer and fewer dinar vet followers when people realize we were took by a long shot investment.. The truth always hurts..
  10. No doubt Greedy. Iraq is a failure. How can we tell? To start with billions were stolen by the politicians that are more like competing gangs. Maliki took over the CBI after the arrest warrant for Shibibi. He shared this stolen money with Iran to support the Quds force and the Popular Mobilization militia.
  11. I've got to say,you guys are the most optimistic group in the world today. Facts hit you in the face and you lick it off like its lemon pie...Lmao
  12. Some of our readers here have short memories. Back when Shabibi was in charge it was him that had the power to change the rate. Maliki didn't like that so he issued an arrest warrant for him while he was out of the country. Then replaced him with his own puppet.
  13. Arrested for saying bad things about the politicians. Guess what,this will be coming to good old USA in the near future.
  14. I would agree with you but remember the Pope just met with the supreme leader.
  15. We're all tired of this "all talk and no action" but in our own country it took over 40 years to get the southern states to join in with the northern states and truly become the United States...
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