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  1. Wondering if this is a branch of CBI ? The Barzani family was probably jealous of all the stealing going on in Bagdad thru their auction and wanted their own money machine...
  2. Lots of committees but it's all talk. Nobody gets punished even in extreme crime. lol
  3. Maliki is smart. He has all the help he needs from Iran and his Popular militia. He has funneled stolen money to support these armies,so Iran will even send help thru the Quds force if needed. Every one knows this and that's why he remains powerful even today...Seems like a little Putin cocktail should be served with his dinner..
  4. Just wondering if these are the normal type of loans made to politicians that never seem to get paid back.
  5. What a joke. This means Maliki (leader of state of law) must give permission to get rid of himself...and give up his pipeline to millions of dollars of corruption. Too funny
  6. I think he understands the place needs a clean sweep. As the Donald would say"YOU'RE FIRED
  7. Horsesoldier, you are so right on the money. Maliki is still doing Iran's work. Always has always will...
  8. When i see an article That starts off written by the deputy of The State of law, you know it's going to tilted toward the interest of Iran. Maliki is still their leader and looking out for them at every turn. Question Why isn't this guy dead ? lol
  9. Recovering money is risky business. No kidding.It's like bringing something up against Bill Clinton. Strange things happen to these people. No worry we're going to get right on this "after the pandemic is over LOL
  10. So now what?? Are we still waiting for some kind of agreement or are the PTB satisfied with the present stealing arrangements??
  11. Looks like pressure is building to find all the stolen money the politicians embezzled . So now they are asked to deposit it in the bank and make interest on this money. Gotta hand it to these guys. The're good at what they do..What ever happened to the "Where did you get this" law ?
  12. BS and bluster from Iran about pay back coming against USA. July 14th Central command in Tampa fla. said Iran could never afford a war. period. They have gotten even more broke since then. We think dinar is toilet paper, try looking up Iran currency ..Lol
  13. Wondering how much Iran is giving them. Begs the question..Do you want to hang out with the rich guy or the broke guy.???
  14. This probably would have been good news a few years ago. The timing is suspicious Just when the oil price is down and business is down leaving very little to steal, now the ministries want to partner up with private industry (spelled NEW MONEY) Scary stuff. Ask yourself, would YOU want to partner up with these guys ???
  15. So in other words, since the government is hurting because of lower oil prices coupled with no business because of covid19 and let's not forget the stealing by many of the Ministries, NO RV IN THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE. imho
  16. This part cracks me up "withdraw the cash mass stored in the community" How do we do this? We offer higher interest rates on deposits. This is NOT FDIC insured accounts. Who in their right mind would give their chunky money to this bunch of crooks? Item #1 sets the tone of the whole plan. Wishful thinking...Lol
  17. Never could figure out IRAN. Were they running toward something or away from something ( like a gutsy Drone strike) Too bad you lose...ha
  18. So where's the good news. It's ok for the US to keep printing more money because there are so many dollars spread around the world nobody feels the effect.Also oil is traded in petro dollars(same as dollars) so we actually have a float sitting in tanker ships. The more money printed the less the actual value. Iraq is not even international. When they print more money the value of the dinar goes down..
  19. The worst case of aliens were the GHOST soldiers under Maliki. When issis invaded from the north the real soldiers were at about 50 percent. Half of them were part time because they paid the commanders part of their pay check. No wonder the remaining on duty guys took off their uniforms and beat feet. lol
  20. Did being an "expert on armed groups" move him to the top of the hit list? I think so. The new PM is about to crack down on all the Militias running around Iraq with their own agenda. Some like the Popular Mobilization are backed by Iran and he is sick of this and wants all armed groups under gov.control.
  21. The man was on the terrorist list of most wanted. He's the one who choose to follow his ego out in public like everyone loves me. Sorry it doesn't work like that. The world has become a better place without him spreading terror around the region. Cudos to Trumpt for having the guts to take him out.
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