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Hi, I would certainly like to know what's going but it's clear there is no way of gaining credible information. I am working on the assumption the cash has gone, so any update or positive news is a bonus. 


I started this journey as one of the first Warka account holders, also proxy share investment. 


I hope I'm wrong but I feel this one has gone.


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I have emailed the International Monetary Fund to report Iraq's unethical banking practices.

Does anyone else give a hoot in regards to our Warka Bank accounts? No access.

I have called and emailed many times to a lot of different email addresses and phone numbers.


Maybe it's Iraq. Maybe our gov is blocking access. I know it is not just me. So, what the heck people?

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On 11/26/2021 at 8:23 AM, NMP2017 said:

Just so everyone knows: Warka has renewed their domain name for another 2 years until 30 Nov 2023.


Sadly the website is still down and no one responds to requests for new passwords still.

Does anyone know anything more about there warka bank accounts? I'm wondering if we could report the issue with the International Monetary Fund, an attorney, or what?

Any suggestions, thoughts, or ideas?

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