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Next Saturday .. Abadi will announce the liberation of Mosul in full

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2 hours ago, 10 YEARS LATER said:


Sadly, I also remember my Ex's B-Day - Along with all the other horrors associated with that 1st marriage, One does not, no matter what Vulcan Mind Control exercise you employ, you cannot forget that day . . . For me, the date lives in Infamy. February 2, ( 1957 ) - Ground Hog Day, Folks. 11 years of Ground Hog Days, Ladies & Gentlemen. YOU DONT FORGET THAT DAY. :eek:


I remained single for 18 years before I re-married. This time it's the Best !!!!!!! :twothumbs:

My Groundhog Day was, fortunately for me, much better.  In 1977 on GH Day, I met the young lady who would marry me.  Our 38th anniversary is in June.


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On 4/27/2017 at 4:11 PM, genx4me said:

Send em 10YL! I'm sending them too!



...I am sure many of us at DV will say, "Me too!!"  Myself, included.  GO RV!


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Is Daesh out of Mosul? It's liberated right? Abadi shot the last bullet right? Not so fast! Abadi's visit is symbolic there is about less than or equal to 10% of Mosul still occupied by Daesh / ISIS. The explanation was Mosul was too dangerous in certain areas Abadi chose to do this now instead of later. This is putting the cart before the horse. The RV is said to happen when ISIS is out of the country. It's not out of the country and this symbolic liberation some would say is just a formality. Tell that to the US Soldiers who have died. Tell that to the Kurdish soldiers or Iraqi soldiers who have died or will die in the coming days. No matter how symbolic this is, Mosul will not be liberated until ISIS is completely gone and there are no active campaigns to remove them. Formality? Death is a finality, not a formality.

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